Take Action: Oppose Increases to Striped Bass Commercial Harvest

In the interest of rebuilding the coastal stock of striped bass, oppose increases and transfers of commercial harvest between states.

Chris Megan Holding Striper

The Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission (ASMFC) has proposed management changes for Striped Bass that would allow states to voluntarily transfer unused commercial quota from a state with surplus to a state in need. Currently, commercial quota transfers are not allowed for striped bass and now is not the time to allow quota transfers because it will likely result in increased commercial harvest at a time when striped bass is overfished and in a strict rebuilding period.Using the TAKE ACTION button below, send a message to the ASMFC today telling them that you oppose allowing commercial quota transfers because it will jeopardize rebuilding the striped bass population and its iconic fishery by the 2029 rebuilding deadline.


For a list of ASMFC hearings by state and by date, click here.

28 on “Take Action: Oppose Increases to Striped Bass Commercial Harvest

  1. Dwight

    We have had a close season for two years now. For all rec fishing. Tired of the bs.

  2. Christopher

    This is so unfair it’s big money killing the little guy

  3. Philip Fischer

    In New Jersey we have made our striped bass laws as such that they are totally recreational within 3 miles of the beach. There is no commercial fishing in New Jersey it is a game fish. Why the other states from the Carolinas to New England refused to make them a game fish is asinine you want to see reproduction in a good way and make them a game fish. That status keeps the commercial sector off the beaches within 3 MI where most of the stripers come into spawn and leave from this morning

    1. Anthony Debacco

      commercial fishing kills more fish than anything else

  4. martin burke

    i can only hope that they stop this idea because it will wreak havic on the chance for the bass to recover fullly. once they see dollar signs the greed sets in!

  5. Tom Krajewski

    No commercial fishing for striped bass. Commercial fisherman will deplete the bass population. Just like they do to every species they fish for.

  6. John

    Why do you have a problem with the quota that’s already in place being used what does it matter what state uses it some states like New Jersey have zero commercial Harvest that was given to the recreational Fisherman’s I guess you think that that’s fair too recreational fishermen are greedy they push for all these regulations and then when the regulators are done regulating the living s*** out of the commercial fisherman they turn and start regulating the recreational and then all of you cry no one is asking for additional quota and no one is taking anything away from the recreational fishermen if the fishery isn’t that bad of shape maybe they should ban recreational fishing for them also because like you said it would be the best thing for the fishery so I vote for a ban on all recreational fishing

  7. Curtis Lee Smith

    So let me get this straight, we want to over harvest in another area and deplete those numbers so that we can send them to another area that was over harvested. Doesn’t make any sense to me as a matter of fact sounds like this idea doesn’t even deserve to be thought about in the first place.

  8. JG

    With all the science and years of data we have about Striped Bass behavior and migration patterns, it’s hard to believe we are having this debate. Perhaps there should be a crazy high price on the surplus poundage that the commercial guys have to purchase in order to harvest after the quota is met? Make it so it’s not economical to the commercial fleet to transfer the quota.

  9. Jp

    I don’t know about striped bass being overfished. Its one of the most regulated fish there are. Theres more in NJ than ive ever seen in my life. In fact it has created an imbalance to the point that the weakfish have slowly but surely dwindled and become scarce over the last 2 decades because the bass eat them all. I have a trolling lure that looks like a weakfish that absolutely slays bass. I think all of our human meddling is what creates these imbalances.

  10. john crowley

    Are we going to keep pushing it till they are gone? We can err. on the side of not enough taken …We cannot err. on the side of too much!! No increase please!!

  11. C. A. Kruger

    Again this is a clear indication fishing regulations favor the commercial side. Why should all regulations be against sports? This is an unfavorable situation and shows that money talks. With their contributions they buy votes to favor their interest. This is not right. Regulations should be for preservation and conservation, not for profit.

  12. John Stavrakas

    We should not allow transfer of commercial quotas of striped bass between the states. We are in a strict stock rebuilding period and the biomass is under too much pressure. It runs counter to the efforts to rebuild the stock.

  13. John N. Costa

    No transfers of quota. No increase in commercial quotas. If nothing else put a total ban on all striper fishing as in the 80’s and Please have US and State Marine Fisheries on the water and ban all gill netting up and down the Atlantic seaboard. That would reduce the bycatch mortality of Striped Bass. I know as I have seen hundreds of Stripers killed by a Plymouth boat on the backside of Cape Cod and may not be the only one doing this!

  14. Elijah Wilson

    You bunch of sport fisherman kill more take more and destroy more in one year than commercial fisherman do in 5 years. The sportsmann should have to pay as much as commercial men do for a license and have to tag and weight in every fish like the commercial fisherman or face Federal charges like commercial fisherman do.

  15. Frank J Maniaci

    Please stop commercial harvest and increase the fines for poaching.

  16. Steve

    I agree with Phillips comment, “In New Jersey we have made our striped bass laws as such that they are totally recreational within 3 miles of the beach.” Make that for all states.

  17. James Boyd

    Commercial fishing and sustainable fishing are incompatible. They rape and pillage the ocean.

  18. G Walter

    To make this effective, most organizations offer a template to send or email, and links directly to the places the letters should go. Posting complaints here does nothing to protect striped bass!

    1. Matt Haeffner

      A quick click of the big “Take Action” button in the article will do just that; it provides you with a template to email the ASMFC directly. Thanks for reading!

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