Deer Island Fishing Pier Now Open

A brand new fishing pier in Boston Harbor is open and ready for anglers of all skill levels to enjoy.

Photo Credit: Mass. Division of Marine Fisheries

Recreational saltwater anglers value access to high quality fishing locations along our coastline. Access can mean a boat ramp, sandy beach, rocky jetty, fishing pier, and even artificial reefs. In keeping with the mission of continuing to provide and protect that access, DMF, along with the Department of Fish and Game’s Office of Fishing and Boating Access (FBA) have constructed a brand-new fishing pier in Boston Harbor. The Deer Island Pier is open and ready for anglers of all skill levels to enjoy the phenomenal sights and target a variety of species, including striped bass, mackerel, and winter flounder. You can check out the new promotional Deer Island Pier video here!

A fishing pier providing access to Boston Harbor was first conceived by the Marine Recreational Fisheries Development Panel back in 2012. This appointed panel provides advice to the DMF director on recreational permit revenue fund spending. At the time, with several successful pier projects on Cape Cod and the Islands either completed or in the pipeline, panel members stressed to DMF that seeking out an urban opportunity for a future large-scale fishing access project would benefit a wide range of anglers. The land on deer island provides unmatched views of the skyline, Boston Harbor and the Harbor Islands, Broad Sound, and Logan Airport!

This project is funded by the Marine Recreational Fisheries Development Fund which is financed through the sale of recreational saltwater fishing permits. One third of the fund is dedicated to providing anglers with public access to saltwater fishing opportunities. To purchase a saltwater fishing permit, click here.

2 on “Deer Island Fishing Pier Now Open

  1. daniel ward

    I havent been yet, but Ive been told that the pier is land locked, on dry land, during low tide. Im not sure why they decided to do that.

  2. RF

    Don’t believe everything you hear…l have visited and was surrounded by deep water.

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