New Jersey Conservation Police Officers Bust Striper Poachers

NJ Conservation Police striper bust

As anglers take advantage of the ongoing striped bass run, New Jersey’s Conservation Police Officers have been busy enforcing the size and creel limits for this popular game fish. Calls to the 877-WARN-DEP line concerning violations have directed the officers’ attention to individuals whose illegal activities did not go unnoticed by law-abiding sportsmen and women. The officers have also been checking in on past trouble spots.

Between April 8 and April 11, Conservation Police Officer Robert Driscoll and Lieutenant Joseph Kuechler, with the assistance of Deputy Chief Frank Panico, continued their enforcement efforts of the striped bass regulations along the Hudson River and Newark Bay Complex in Hudson and Union Counties. They issued a total of 67 summonses for violations of undersize and over the limit striped bass with potential fines amounting to over $15,000.
Meanwhile, on the Raritan Bayshore, Conservation Police Officers Robert Henderson, Ed Klitz, Christopher Moscatiello and James Woerner patrolled the evening hours of April 9 and apprehended five individuals with multiple striped bass violations. In total, more than 20 sublegal striped bass were seized for undersized and overlimit violations.

On the evening of April 10 and into the early morning hours of April 11, seventeen Conservation Police Officers from across the state participated in an overt and covert operation focusing on the harvesting of illegal striped bass along the Raritan Bayshore in Middlesex and Monmouth counties. Nearly 100 inspections were made resulting in over thirty summonses issued for a variety of striped bass-related violations. The possession of undersized fish was the most common violation.

The Division of Fish and Wildlife’s Bureau of Law Enforcement plans to continue targeted enforcement of striped bass fishing activity as long as the schools of “linesiders” continue to tempt unethical anglers.

Striped Bass regulations can be found in the Division’s free New Jersey Marine Digest available at many sporting goods stores and online here:

Anglers may catch and keep one striped bass per day. The striped bass must measure between 28 and 38 inches. Recreational anglers aged 16 or older must obtain a free annual Saltwater Angler Registry certificate if they are fishing in the marine or tidal waters of the state. Additional regulations apply. The fine for possession of undersized or over-limit striped bass is $100 per fish plus court costs.

28 on “New Jersey Conservation Police Officers Bust Striper Poachers

  1. Chris

    Just sickening. these fools know the rules. the brazen nature and disregard for fish and fellow fishermen is disgusting

  2. Dan Guenette

    I hope this continues up the coast. Great job to the wardens!

  3. Rob F.

    “The striped bass must measure between 28 and 38 inches.” – should be; from 28″ and less than 35″ correct?

    1. Glen Campbell

      New Jersey did not about adopt the same 28-35 inch slot limit as most of the others states. They used “conservation equivalency” to game the system and kill more fish.

  4. John LYNCH

    Way to go, Jersey! Keep up the good work enforcing fisheries regulations! Thank you for the effort.

    1. Albert Thomas

      They know the regulations. I hope the judges award maximum sentencing guidelines for the perpetrators. Make my day.

    2. Peter Walters

      It’s about time the president fund’s the sustainable fishing. What a joke, It’s time to control the on going neglected of ocean sustainable fishing. Time to employ thousands of people for this job to make a difference.

    3. James Prince

      Make it 10k per fish and this crap will stop. The striper population is struggling because of this stuff

  5. Kth

    Get them poachers. More stripers can head north to ct during migration. Catch and release for me. Hate to say it but their are alot of people from different countries illegally poaching stripers everyday. Without a care in the world. I see it all the time Keep up the good work. Get them poachers.

  6. Joseph Gabriel

    Meanwhile you have a governor who stated that the constitution is above his pay grade

  7. Scott

    28-35 keeping size I know is for Maine. Some states may have different sizings.

  8. Salvatore Romano

    Let’s get the striper suit on these boy and give them 3 to 7 , 3 yrs min and maybe next time they’ll think twice

  9. Mark J Kushner

    Question why don’t they post the names of these poachers hmm can’t understand?

  10. Peter Kerch

    Great job officers! It’s sad that there are so many poaching dirt bags out there!

  11. Tom Haes

    From what I’m hearing this poaching has been going on daily around the Raritan. The fines and court costs aren’t enough of a deterrent though. I will be unpopular but perhaps its time for a saltwater license too. So in addition to the fines and other costs these piachers will lose their fishing privileges as well.

  12. Thomas Gordon

    I cant stand idiots that cant follow rules you better believe I will be watching. I dont keep any fish I catch keeper or not. Leave them for another catch. I think they should ban commercial fishing so close to shore. The landbased fishing would be so much better

  13. Wizzles

    Wish they would come to Elizabeth port guys over there take home any size fish and most fish are like 22in or less and they keep taking them home fml wish the game warden was there everyday checking ppl cars

  14. Glenn Kerkhan

    That $100 fine per fish is not enough. It really should be much steeper than that. I love that fish but you really should not eat them. I believe in catch tag and release. Thank you officers for doing a fine job and I have your number to call.

  15. Keith

    How about some stiffer fines like lobsters make it hurt to be a poacher un sportsman like conduct must not be tolerated

  16. Kenny

    Treat them like the criminals they are. Creat a wall of shame and post their name and faces

  17. Juris Labrencis

    They need to tow and impound the vehicles these scum bags came in, let them walk home.

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