Rhode Island Pre-Stocking Trout Opportunities

Freshwater systems that are not stocked or posted can be fished year-round.

Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management

ATTN Freshwater Anglers! Looking for ideas while waiting for trout season? There’s still a lot of fishing opportunities out there! Below is a list of popular lakes and ponds for year-round fishing that are not stocked with trout. Freshwater systems that are not stocked or posted can be fished year-round.

A mere 0.83 % of the rivers and streams are stocked with trout, and 27% of the lakes and ponds are stocked with trout (orange). The remainder of RI’s freshwaters are available for anglers to fish in during this period, unrestricted! Anglers can fish non-stocked waters starting today (March 1) with your 2021 freshwater fishing license!

While you’re waiting for trout, you can still enjoy fishing and being outdoors! Thank you to our anglers for your continued patience and understanding.

List of ponds + lakes:



Bowdish Reservoir

Burlingame Reservoir

Chapman Pond*

Echo Lake

Carr/Gilbert Stuart-Camp Nokewa

Gorton Pond*

Indian Lake

Johnson Pond

Keech Pond

Locustville Pond

Roger Wms. Park*

Smith & Sayles Res.

Spring Lake

Upper Slatersville Res.

Wakefield Pond

Wilson Pond

Asa Pond

Carles Pond

Clarkville Pond

Georgiaville Pond

Stump Pond

Worden Pond

Union Pond

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  1. Garbani Meckler

    What about the upper bembroke tributary? Stockin them with Brooks? Bos?

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