2021 New Jersey Recreational Fluke Season Options

Voice your opinion on the upcoming New Jersey fluke season by sending an email to the Marine Fisheries Council.

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Make your voice heard by commenting on the upcoming New Jersey recreational fluke season.

What’s your preference?

  • 121 days – May 22 to Sept. 19
  • 124 days – May 28 to Sept. 28

Press Release

The New Jersey Marine Fisheries Administration is accepting comments for the 2021 Recreational NJ Summer Flounder Season. All minimum size and possession limit regulations will remain unchanged, including the Island Beach State Park and Delaware Bay special management areas. The possible options are an open season from;

1) May 22 – September 19 (the same as 2020)

2) May 28 – September 28

No other options are available for the 2021 Recreational NJ Summer Flounder Season.

Please include in your written comments the following:

  • Your preferred option (1 or 2)
  • The state and county you fish in or from
  • Describe the type of angler or general public category that best fits you (shore angler, private boat, party boat owner/captain, fishing industry, other).

Please make sure to include “2021 NJ Summer Flounder Options” in the subject line when providing comments to the following email address; NJMarineFishPublicComment@dep.nj.gov.

The comment period will close on February 26, 2021 at 12:00 PM. Comments will need to be received prior to that time to be included in this management decision at the March 4, 2021 Marine Fisheries Council Meeting. When available, webinar information for this meeting can be found HERE.

7 on “2021 New Jersey Recreational Fluke Season Options

  1. ROBERT Szal

    I support options for 2021 summer flounder season. I fish ocean county n.j.

  2. David Strock

    I support option two. I am a shore fisherman and fish mainly in Ocean County.


    I support option two I think 2 -17 INCH FLONDER SHOULD THE REST THE SAME AS LAST YEAR

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