Massachusetts DEP Busts Lobster Poachers

Environmental Police found two divers in illegal possession of lobsters on the north shore in early December.

Mass. Environmental Police found two divers in illegal possession of lobsters on the north shore in early December.

Photo Credit: Massachusetts Environmental Police

On the night of Friday, December 4, 2020, Massachusetts Environmental Police received a complaint that divers were in the water at Lane’s Cove in Gloucester without a dive flag, as required by law. Upon arrival, Officers encountered two divers leaving the area. After a brief interview, Officers conducted an inspection of their gear. The inspection resulted in the discovery of 18 lobsters, 16 of which were undersized and 2 were egg-bearing females.

The divers were subsequently issued criminal summonses for failure to display, taking lobsters at night, possession of undersized and egg bearing lobsters, no dive flag, and other permit violations. The lobsters were seized and returned to the waters of the Commonwealth.

It is illegal for lobsters to be harvested at night by any means. Furthermore, recreational permit holders are only allowed 15 lobsters per day per permit, and divers are required to measure all lobsters in possession prior to surfacing. The taking or possessing of undersized or egg-bearing female lobsters is strictly prohibited.

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11 on “Massachusetts DEP Busts Lobster Poachers

  1. Mike

    Good job to the people who are aware of their surroundings to stop this behavior.


    Poachers are criminals who are generally treated way too lenient by the authorities. They should lose their diving or fishing gear and their boats, the vehicles the drove the area they poached or launched their boat or place they parked to fish from shore. . That would stop them . Most are repeat offenders. . Particularly down at the Canal

    1. Frank

      I totally agree. My kids used to fish under a student license off Rkpt, and swore that divers were poaching out of their pots. I used to think that they were being conspiratorial, but over more recent years, I’ve become not so sure. Those sons of guns need their as$es kicked.

  3. Kevin

    Kudos to all involved in busting the bozo poachers. We are blessed with bountiful waters so there is no need for illegal poaching like that. Rules and regulations are put in place for good reason. They are meant to help maintain the health of our waters. I m glad to read that the jokers appear to be getting what they deserve.

  4. Squidy

    Let this be a warning to all poachers. Lanes cove is home to many commercial lobster men and they will not put up with poaching. These divers couldn’t have picked a worse spot, they are lucky someone called MEP.

  5. John N Costa

    I am hoping they do not get away lightly. Hit them in the pocket book, (Pandemic or no pandemic). If they have families, my heart goes out their children and their wives if they hadn’t any knowledge of their husband’s misdeed.

  6. Pcuzzupe

    It’s time poached have their pictures posted.we all know what lobsters look like.a little humiliation goes a long way

  7. Jeff

    Your comment is racist and shouldn’t have been posted
    Bad on you and equally bad for on the water mag. Try some editorial discretion

  8. Perfect Leesure

    There should be supervision of comments to make sure they are not offensive.

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