RI DEM Busts Striper Poachers

RI DEM seized stripers and tautog

Yesterday while on routine patrol, an Environmental Police Officers from DEM’s Division of Law Enforcement spotted two men walking back to their vehicle, which was parked near Brenton Point State Park in Newport, carrying buckets and fishing equipment. When the officer turned back to check them, one of the buckets had disappeared. Quickly searching the area, the officer found the bucket hidden behind a stone wall containing several undersized tautog as well as one of the men’s cell phones. The officer also found several undersized striped bass in the bucket the second man was still holding.

Both poachers were found to have extensive histories of warnings and arrests with Division of Law Enforcement for past fishing violations. They were charged with exceeding the daily limit and possession of undersized striped bass and tautog. The seized fish were returned to the water due to their condition.
Help us protect what is yours for future generations. Report violations to our 24-hour dispatch center at (401) 222-3070.

72 on “RI DEM Busts Striper Poachers

  1. Marc

    I hope they get huge fines and have their equipment taken as well.

  2. will

    again no names faces nadda…slap on the wrist so they can go back to doing again ..trucks cars gear all should have been taken ..repeat offenders will keep repeating unless you hit them where it hurts…

    1. Steve

      Post their names and photos like they do in FL. If you can’t put them in jail, at least shame them.

    1. Jeffmo

      Take their equipment and make them clean the shoreline with black and white striped shirts with the word poacher across them to embarrass their asses. Repeat offenders. Lol

  3. Ron P III

    Why is it that you can read the name of suspected criminals in the newspapers and internet but when it comes to environmental crimes the alleged perps stay anonymous?
    That said, good job DEM. Rat these poachers out.

  4. Boufa Des Kneutz

    The only time they ever remotely come close to naming names is when the offenders can actually pay their fine and it will be enforced.
    Seems that time and again, those without licenses are the ones who are always caught time and again.
    They’d be labeled racist if they started naming names every time they busted these poachers.

  5. Ron

    I’ve kicked in the water many of BUCKETS of undersized fish!! From the piers and rocks . Thanks for those who follow the rules! Don’t be a PUSSY !! Call DEC or KICK THE BUCKET!!

  6. Eric S Gallagher

    Im glad someone noticed this also. The fine is a 100 dollars a fish. They should impose the fines that are enforced on Bluefin Tuna. Im all for it. See how many repeat offenders there are then. I was told because certain ppl dont understand regs and arent fluent to English its there out. Well they should have to understand the regs. If not they dont get a liscence. That would make sense to me.

    1. Mike P

      They did it before and will do it again.The fines need to be real big to stop this shit.

  7. Russ

    Clearly, the fact that the names are deleted is intentional. Are they illegals? You bet they are. Prove me wrong and post the names. Further, repeat offenders should lose their fishing privileges.

    1. Mike

      Even if they lose there fishing rights that will not stop them .Jail time or big fines.

    2. Mark

      You can spot an “illegal” by their name? Check your racism bro.

  8. Marc Kovalchik

    If people continue to repeat these crimes a 5th grader would tell you they are not being punished severely enough. Time for the fines to be increased and the government to take a stand.

  9. Jacob

    Great job to the officers that busted these guys, but maybe show a picture of the poaching scum next time so the law abiding sportsman know who to keep an eye on. Those bastards are stealing from all of us, including our future generations. That should warrant more than just a slap on the wrist.

  10. Brandon Keys

    Why in the hell would the officer waste the fish. Says he returned them to the water. To me they looked dead as shit. Yes they where in the wrong, so do what u have to them, but don’t waste the food. Give to a homeless shelter or something. Thats the second thing wrong with this. Wasteful people.

  11. Brian

    I agree with Eric!
    If it were you or I that did this we would be prosecuted to the max!! So tired of seeing this again and again!!!!
    Great job fish and game. Ht them as hard as you can!!!

  12. Joseph Gittleman

    Do they returned dead fish to the water! Would have been better to donate them to a good bank.

  13. Donna Desrosiers

    They should get the max fine possible! Also confiscate their equipment!

  14. Mark J Dally Sr

    The fish were returned to the water due to their condition. Did you read that . Which means they were alive. Ain’t no conservation officer going to throw dead fish back in the water

  15. Coach Keith

    California they would have taken most of their equipment fined heavily, I hate when people don’t abide by the rules when it comes to fishing, like other hobbies don’t hurt our ability to go have fun fishing. Coach Keith

  16. Jon

    Good they caught them! But what was the actual penalty??? I follow the fishing laws to a T, I say up the fines to a ridiculous amount and enforce them!

  17. Jon

    They usually do but I bet the fish were in buckets with no ice and the heat got them. It’s a sad waste.

  18. Charles Fortier

    These violations have to have “real” financial consequences to deter them and others from violating the laws. Give the DEM’s real teeth to fight back with!

  19. John Lynch

    Guys like that should be arrested and have their vehicles seized as well as all their fishing equipment.

  20. David Whalen

    I say we all stopped buying my next year how

    I say we all stopped buying our licenses next year

  21. David Whalen

    I say we all stopped buying my next year how

    I say we all stopped buying our licenses next year

  22. Mike

    People who do this are just blatantly disrespectful to nature, the rules that protect it, and to the rest of us who do care and try to enjoy it responsibly. There should be steeper consequences. I also don’t buy the fact that foreigners who do this “didn’t know” they were completely capable of getting the vehicles, gear and whatever else it took to catch the fish. The regulations aren’t that hard to find.

  23. Danny

    Bad stuff like this will never end until we stop it. Reports will always help.

  24. Maurius Klorpen

    Public shaming should be employed. Mugshots posted online.

  25. Joseph Cipriani

    Show the names! Repeat offenders should be publicized and be fined the maximum amount allowed. Disrespectful the rest of us that do it legally!

  26. kyriakos evangelou

    Lets put you in jail for voting for biden!
    We spend thousands of dollars for fishing equipment boats ,gas, bait for all day trips and then these **** say only one striper. I say take what you want but release anything over 36inches due to having massive amounts of murcury.
    I only east bass under 26in and that is what I look for **** them and there sizes!

  27. Richard F Robens

    We need to hold these law-breakers accountable. For those of us that abide by size, species and season laws, it disrespects all of our efforts to see our grandchildren have a sustainable fish population. Increase penalties for these repeat offenders.

    1. chiponthecape

      Typical response from a whiny liberal. How much are they also stealing from the state’s welfare progra

  28. Michael L. Stephens

    These are difficult times, many have lost their source of income and are trying to feed their families. And all you people can think about is fining or jailing them. SMH.

  29. Ryan L

    Why would it matter to the public what their names are? They should have all their gear taken, fishing license suspended, fined and given 100hrs community service where they can clean up the shoreline. They obviously have no respect for the regulations and why they’re set in place. This just shows lack of conscious and surely they leave behind a bunch of garbage when they fish as well. If they can’t pay a steep fine in a given time period of fulfill their community service then give them a couple months in prison. If they fish while under suspension then they should be locked up

  30. Jorge Medina

    I see this all the time it’s a shame. Our dec officers arent around as much . So these guys go on a poaching binder when you approach them they suddenly dont speak English

  31. C.C

    I dont get why people feel the need to not follow laws . ..freaking poachers!!!! it’s unfortunate. so many of us practice catch and release to help build up Striper numbers..then you have jerks like these guys. pisses me off !!

    1. Ken

      The fishes still die even you practice catch and release, the only way to build up the stock is to ban recreational fishing and commercial fishing for a few years.

      1. Ken

        Ban recreational and commercial fishing for a few years. It will build up the stocks to a healthy level. I never understand why commercial legal sizes are shorter than recreational? Commercial tog size is 15, recreational is 16. That 1 inch difference make a huge difference whether you will have a keeper or not. It should be the other way around. Recreational from shore and from boat should have different rules.

  32. Dan

    The reason they are repeat offenders is because they never get punisher harsh enough to make them stop poaching. Something has to change with the system and harsher penalties.

  33. mal

    Make an example of them. Publish pics and their penalties. Take their equipment and right to fish for 5 yrs + community service. Repeat offenders have harsher penalties. Make them teach kids fishing regs and have to confess their “mistakes” to them.

  34. tom

    Limits on size of striped bass 28-36…..Limits on Quantity 1…..
    Bunch of Hog Wash if you ask me !
    2 law enforcement Officers $ 200,000 with Benefits,
    1 patrol car add another$ 50,000 all Total $ 300,000
    to catch two fisherman?…….. there is the Real Crime !

    1. fishnphreak

      uh-tom; you do realize that the 2 DEP officers do a lot more than catch 2 poachers in a year. That’s a few hours out of a day to do that. Its like saying 2 cops make one arrest in a day and that’s all they do for a year’s salary. Not too bright, are you tom?

  35. Pete


  36. Matthew

    If I commit a crime I’m sure I would get a fine, confiscated fishing gear my name all over the paper or news. Not understanding English or the rules is no excuse . hats off to the officer’s that caught them but please enforce the penalty’s to the fullest

  37. Richard Paulo

    if u can afford bait and equipment go to the fish market and buy dinner

  38. Richard

    Should post photos of these miscreants so that they can be watched by real sports fishermen..

  39. Bobby m

    I have to agree with most here. Names should be published as accused poachers. Also I’d have to say those fish looked pretty dead to me! Not sure why they would be thrown back. I guess the EPOs didn’t have anywhere to take them for donation. It’s a damn shame is what it is.

  40. Jake

    Seriously? who didn’t pay the dollar for the Saltwater fishing license?

    A license fee does not excuse the disrespect.

    It would be nice to know if the fish were still alive, but it would seem hard to catch that many and have them still be alive in my opinion.

    Maybe not knowing how long they were in the bucket makes the food bank not want them?

  41. Geo

    Heavy fines. Lifetime ban on fishing in the State. Name and faces posted. Community service to clean up shoreline fishing spots across the state.

  42. Gary

    Confiscate the fish and the gear. Fish go to a local soup kitchen. Gear goes to kids who need it. Perps are fined as per regs. !00 bucks a fish seems about right.

  43. Bayangler

    BUST these guys BIG TIME. Giant fines in the 500-$1000 range will be what is needed to stop this shit.

    multiple Repeat offenders? put wheelocks on ’em the truck.
    Also POST the pictures of thes clowns and LET US KNOW who is screwing the fishing for the rest of us.
    Embarrassment is part of the penalty. Race? DOES NOT matter, there are law breakers and Law Abiders in every group. DO NOT FEAR to post their picture.

  44. Kurt

    They were warned several times and fined previously? Guess it wasn’t much of a deterrent. ?

  45. Erik

    Poachers should be fined more than $100 a fish and all fishing gear confiscated on the first offense. 2nd offense, double or triple the fine and take their equipment again and give them jail time. Or make them walk the roadways picking up trash on the roadways since these are probably the same assholes who leave their garbage on ground at their fishing spots. And their names should be published every time! These guys are laughing and going right back out the next day and poaching again because all they get is a slap on the wrist. Penalties must be tougher on these scum bags!

  46. Don DeNardo

    Thank Goodness! They should get huge fines and banned for life. They are repeatedly breaking the law

  47. bob

    If they have extensive histories and warnings than that tells me the fines aren’t large enough. You have to give these people a reason to never poach again. Impound their vehicle. That’ll get them thinking if it was worth it or not.

  48. Jay

    Violators should be in a registry that Identifies who they are and were they live … no different than a sex offender!!!

  49. George

    They weren’t keeping those fish for themselves, they were selling to some restaurants, follow the thread and bust the buyers also!

  50. Ken Spicer

    Last Sunday fishing from boat off of the Watch Hill Lighthouse with other boats on a large pod of small Stripers, one boat was snagging and dumping in their cooler. We called and reported to DEM who were receptive but said they did not have a boat in the water. I agree that stiff fines must be imposed to not only protect our fishery but would also supply funds for additional DEM employees and boats.

  51. Joe

    Apparently, the penalties are not severe enough.
    It is necessary to make an example of repeat offenders and they should be incarcerated.
    without probation.

  52. Paul

    Anyone pulling that crap up here in NH gets their buttocks nailed….I have seen it and followed up on such angling crimes.

    Some of our more zealous, law-abiding anglers have been known to deliver maritime justice on the spot without calling the law.



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