Tautog Poachers Busted in Rhode Island

Yesterday while on a National Marine Fisheries Service boat patrol Environmental Police Officers from DEM’s Division of Law Enforcement boarded what they thought was a recreational fishing vessel. During the boarding officers discovered that the operator and only occupant of the vessel possessed a MA commercial fishing license.

illegally caught RI tautog

The operator was also in possession of 27 tautog, 22 of which were found to be undersized. All 27 fish were seized and donated to the Amos House in Providence. The poacher was charged with exceeding the daily limit of Tautog and possession of undersized Tautog.

Help us protect what is yours. Report violations to our 24 hour dispatch center at (401) 222-3070.

69 on “Tautog Poachers Busted in Rhode Island

  1. Moose

    Fkn losers………..pigs……..and all they get is a slap on the wrist…………pathetic

      1. The Squidder

        Think this creep needs to have his rec/comm licenses suspended, plus a nice dose of community service time

      2. Steve Anderson

        I’m a New Englander and have lived in NC and now Florida for the last 12 years. In the south people are always named, and often pictured, regardless of age.

  2. todd

    Should include permanent forfeiture of commercial license.
    Maybe the next guy will think twice.

  3. Peter Pietraroia

    People you commit these crimes need to made examples of, this is a consequence of low education poverty and poor recreational fishing programs, everyone is at fault here, nonetheless is severe punishment is required

  4. Jason Zambrana

    And that’s why i haven’t caught any! Those guys are keeping them all.

  5. Dan

    Have them work free at Amos house cooking the poached fish they caught ,fine them sell all equipment and boat at auction

  6. John

    Maybe the guy was just trying to feed his family so he do6have to go to the food bank? Tax dollars hard at work

  7. George

    Probably has to do with one of those civil rights. Innocent until proven guilty in a court of law……pesky issues to contend with.

  8. George ferreira

    These assholes should be doing jail time fines not anuff make them lose all their fishing stuff post there photos online for sure

    1. Da Rickster

      Just think if da Don was re-elected. There would be no fish in the ocean that were clean enough to eat. Hell, he already did away with the (Clean Water Act). Bunch of fools!

  9. Ruthie Johnson

    Poachers sea and land are lowlife scumbag’s. They should lose their boats and gear, with a large dollar figure fine plus everyone on the boat should not be able too acquire licenses for fishing or hunting for 10 years. F-Them

  10. John Grzymko

    Release their names for public record so everyone can be on the lookout for these assholes and report them

  11. Nick caspoli

    We’ve been fishing for thousand years, it’s a way of life, can’t even fish anymore it’s the open ocean for crying out loud, give it a rest…and people want to nail them to the cross,we have important things to worry about other than 22 fish christ sakes…

  12. Charlie Lepre

    If they poated names and pics it would be alot easier to spot these dirtbags the next time there spotted in our waters!!! Unusual cause they always do

  13. LOU


    1. william

      yes lets all imagine, or we can realize the shitstorm we are already in

  14. Jack Gordon

    That’s right because illegals have commercial MA fishing licences..!! What an ignorant jerk..!!

  15. Eric S Gallagher

    This happens every year. Ppl from out of state. Babys with a machine gun. Why should they care. They dont live here. Ill go to mass and just start taking everything. Nobody gets it. We are all in this together. Wake UP!!!!

  16. Jd

    He was probably an American citizen and this goes on all the time d e m needs to start boarding more boats and they’ll find more at the end of Narragansett Boulevard in Cranston they’re down there filling their trunks with undersized stripers it’s been reported and I don’t see anybody getting arrested

  17. Charles Hughes

    What they should do is concentrate on the commercial boats off our shorelines. I’ve never heard of one being checked on and they’re raping the ocean. They charge us to fix it. Wtf are these other countries fishing our waters?!?!

  18. Dave

    They have done it before and they will do it again we don’t punish anymore nation of pussies!!!!

  19. Wayne

    Really Lou, what does your commet have to do with the situation.

  20. C

    1) retribution
    2) retribution
    3) retribution
    4) retribution
    5) retribution
    6) trump is a liar. Poaching isn’t political. Move along.
    7) retribution.

  21. Joe

    I would understand if he was trying to feed his family with the fish …but you own a boat most likely you have money .. The biggest thing is he has a MA commercial fishing license ..it should be taken away or at least suspended pending. A hearing… I do not think anybody should over fish. never take more fish than what’s needed no matter what …you’re out feed your family I understand that part

  22. Angel

    Bunch of racist anglos
    We were here before all of you came Over from europe.


  23. Cabman

    The problem in RI is there so stapled for cash they can’t afford the DEM officers to patrol. Nevermind what happens from boats, it’s twice as bad with illegal catches from shore fishing. Report these people!!

  24. Tom

    probably takes illegal fish every freaking day. Gets caught once. Gee I wonder why our fisheries are in trouble. I like the comment auction off his boat and donate the proceeds to well people who need help.

  25. Mark

    Went out yesterday with fish brother we caught 10 quality fish threw over 30 back nice day. If these assholes( let me rephrase that the hole ass )keep doing this and getting just a fine instead of banned from fishing . Fish brother and myself are not going to have too many more nice days . It bad enough out here Dont be robbing the cradle whole ass.

  26. JAC

    Why do we never get a follow up on articles like this. All the people who comment assume that there was little to no consequences for the poachers. If we had a good story to tell about a guy who got a large fine or equipment taken from him it would spread like wildfire through the fishing community and make people think twice about this kind of stuff.

  27. Ed Piechocki

    In the past, in Ontario, Canada, if caught fishing illegally, your boat, fishing equipment, vehicle and trailer (if being boat is trailered) is seized, and can be sold at public auction. To get it back, you may bid on your own stuff, even if you still owe money on it. This is besides losing your license, being fined and/or jail time. Hang ‘Em High!

  28. T.Darren Johnson

    Man it makes no difference whose elected. You think it was an illegal that owned that fishing vessel? I would be willing to bet that it was a good upstanding citizen. Biden, Trump their all the same. In fact, I would also be willing to bet that Trump has had his share of illegals working for him. Especially in the area of construction. Efficient work at cheaper rates.

  29. Frank Leone

    I agree, they should be outed and punished. There names should be listed and their gear confiscated.

  30. Pablo Colon

    Hello I’m from new York. You should take the boat and put them in jail.

  31. Bill

    Not surprised, all day every day these people taking these fish from our waters.Enforcement pretty much non existing. What a shame!!

  32. Vince

    Only occupant = 1 Poacher. Headline is as misleading as the fake news media!

  33. Jeff

    The comments posted here exemplify why fisherman will never conquer the sustainability problems our fisheries are up against. Instead of well articulated responses to poaching and sensible solutions its nothing but vitriol and comments that are racist and border on racist. I’m wondering if there’s any editorial discretion among the magazine and why publish comments that are not respectful? Poaching is definitely an emotionally charged topic but rein that in. If we accept that some amount of poaching will always exist, put pressure on our local fisheries enforcement to target large scale poaching and organize ourselves and educate about the real threat to fisheries rather than this negative back and forth , we’d be a lot better off.

  34. ronald r gervaise


  35. Chaz

    “Dirt bag “ it’s sad that people don’t respect the rules. Great job officers.

  36. Roman

    Unfortunately, we have crappy laws and even crappier judges who seem to give the criminals more breaks than the law abiding citizens. Who are the losers? We need to get real judges who will throw the book at these scum bags. Law enforcement is catching them and the judges are letting them go. Maybe it’s time to find candidates that stand with the fishing community!! The judges don’t like to be told what to do, but they should be doing their job.

  37. Bobm

    People broke the law, punish them
    It doesn’t matter where they got a license from, where they live, who someone supports or derisively continues to divide what is left of our country”…… this is our world… obviously respondents love to fish…. we need to protect our environment so our children and grandchildren have something we leave to them. Poachers, law breakers, regardless of political affilitiation…. my god I can’t believe politics has intruded into a discussion on this site. Take a breath… do something constructive.. quit fighting

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