Commercial Striper Fisherman Arrested on Cape Cod Canal

Officer on patrol located a trash bag containing 8 striped bass.

On the evening of Monday, July 20, 2020, Massachusetts Environmental Police Officers conducted a striped bass enforcement patrol of the Cape Cod Canal. At approximately 11:15 p.m., Officers observed an individual in possession of commercial-sized striped bass; the individual was further found to be a commercial striped bass permit holder. The Cape Cod Canal is currently closed to commercial striped bass fishing. The party was subsequently placed under arrest and charged with commercially fishing on the Cape Cod Canal. The suspect’s catch and gear was seized, he was then transported to the Bourne State Police Barracks for processing and booking by the Environmental Police Officer.

Another Officer on patrol located a trash bag containing 8 striped bass hidden along the Canal where a large group had been fishing earlier. Located beside the trash bag was a black pellet gun that was a near exact replica of a semi-automatic pistol.
Officers also found five individuals actively fishing on posted private property. Officers evicted the men from the area, seized their fishing gear, and issued each of them summonses for the charge of trespass.

The 8 abandoned and 1 seized striped bass were donated to the Plymouth Area Coalition for the Homeless.

40 on “Commercial Striper Fisherman Arrested on Cape Cod Canal

  1. Berhaw Middling

    Why don’t the MA EPO’s post names which all local and state cops do when there is an arrest? Out the poaching scum to the public. Good to see the EPO’s out there patrolling at night especially at the seven mile slum.

    1. Fish4Fun

      Put their pictures up on the poles down there. Let everyone see them.

  2. Vince

    Only solution is to shut down fishing in the Canal. Poachers now intimidating people with replica guns!?! This is getting out of hand. People will end up getting hurt if not killed if fishing continues.

    1. Philod

      Huh… I read the article 3 times…. I don’t see a mention of anyone being intimidated by the pellet gun… I’m guessing they saw the EPO’s, and were afraid there might be more waiting for people trying to leave in a hurry so someone ditched the pellet gun along with the catch. Don’t be a drama queen to push your agenda. Kudos to the EPO’s. Keep it up.

  3. Logic 1.5

    Need to it a stop to all commercial fishing in MA for stripers.

    1. Strper King

      People are still taking ,”OVER SLOT” size fish…Greed always factors in when these rule adjustment are imposed…I hope a large fine was also imposed with the arrests!

  4. Don Rainville

    Recreational fisherman should be able to buy one $50 permit in advance to tag a trophy fish like Florida does for tarpon

  5. Roman

    I am glad to read that finally someone actually got arrested. Great job to those officers, keep up the great work. And to those other people who tried to smoke the system, I hope they get jail time. We all need to keep an eye and report things. Hopefully, this will start to make people think.

  6. bob

    wish the epo’s would show up at douses and other spots ,so the word gets around.

  7. Christopher A Bourget

    this time it was a pellet gun . How many jackasses on the canal have real ones can’t imagine having to carry legally to fish what use to b one of the safest places but I will

  8. Steve Weaver

    These idiots ruin things for everyone. Kudos to the officers patrolling.


    Put his mug shot up that all tackle stores in New England!!!

  10. Anthony Lobo

    Town of Dartmouth posted a NO FISHING 9 pm-6am sign on Pandaram Bridge (Covid 19) Only one trucker told a cop “Leave him alone ” Cop stated I can’t fish I told him stay six feet away and leave a warning or fine atop of the cooler With my pole in the water I continued to fish I like to thank the trucker for speaking up xo13 Lee

  11. Qui

    Progress. Hopefully word gets around so everyone accepts the rules.
    Keep up the good work and enforcement.

  12. John Silva

    Taking their gear and booking them isn’t enough. Take their vehicle and make the fines 1000xs what they are.

  13. Bob Fee

    There have been some issues with poachers in NH. Their guns are met with our guns. Poachers and child molesters are the same people with the same mindset. If you want stripers to truly come back, it is time to stop commercial fishing and impose crippling fines and jail time for those who poach to sell.

    Intimidated by a pellet gun… That doesn’t work in NH.

    If you did not restrict guns , there would be nobody intimidating you with one or a replica. NH is open concealed carry, has a stand your ground law, and has a castle law. Poachers like that might die of lead poisoning in NH.

    1. Charlie

      Are u on some type of medication? Child molesters and poachers ?
      Go get some meds
      If u aren’t on any

  14. Tom

    Stop Commercial fishing, Not. How about stop all you people catch and releasing fish and just catch one keeper and go home and eat one. Or maybee stop all fishing for them. All you people catching 20 plus fish and releasing them.How many die. Stop torturing them. Selfish Basturds.

    1. Ken

      I am 200% agree with you, all lures should be single hook, no more treble hooks.

  15. Markyv

    Yet it was fine for the division of marine fisheries to sell thousands of rod and reel commercial permits this year when they were totally awRe of forthcoming canal closure
    I would have been arrested for fraud if I perpetuated that scam.

  16. Frank

    Listen guys the poaching in the Canal is nightly every night there are scumbags taking illegal fish and if you don’t believe me go there and watch . I have witnessed it and called EPO on violators problem was by the time EPO got there they were long gone . I am not blaming EPO they have their hands filled and are so short staffed . What is really needed is an EPO patrol just for the canal we need an officer or 2 to constantly patrol the canal . Maybe that would deter some of the poachers . Or start a neighborhood watch just for the canal I know I would donate time from my schedule to help . Believe me the poaching is every day and every night at the canal and it is really horrible .

  17. Justin

    Ban fishing at canal…..f off
    Just because of a couple jerks
    Stupid idea….u must be related to liz Warren

  18. Markyv

    Sean, seriously fish are people too?
    I have killed thousands to eat over my life
    Am I a criminal?

  19. NotPatLibitz

    Way to go! Love when poachers get busted. Following the rules takes integrity.

    Anybody else agree The fishes B hole is the bestest tenderest part. #bhole

  20. Capecodder

    I think some of you are missing the fact that people are fishing and carrying fake guns for what purpose? I see it as intent to intimidate someone to not report the illegal catch. So obviously this individual has done this before, and apparently it’s worked. Imagine if this guy brandished this on an undercover epo or cop. I would call that a justified shooting. But he was a good guy just trying to feed his family.

  21. Carl Moberg

    Good to see the EPO out there enforcing the regs. Lets see just as much enforcement on the recreational days, and the arrest and seizure of all equipment as was done in this case, What is good for one group is good for all, a poacher is a poacher recreational or commercial. If it is obviously intentional the enforcement should be …..Arrest, seize property, and fine word will spread.

    1. Andrew Posfai

      But people that dont speak Enlgish and keep coolers full of undersized stripers is just fine.

  22. Gabor Phaneuf

    They should impound the vehicle as well. The penalty is not high enough. You have to hurt them in the wallet.

  23. Andrew Posfai

    But people that dont speak Enlgish and keep coolers full of undersized stripers is just fine.

  24. Fish4Fun

    Put their pictures up on the poles down there. Let everyone see them.

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