Rhode Island Tautog Poacher And Crew Busted

RI DEM tob poaching bust

Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management Busts Poacher And Crew With Illegal Tautog

Last week Environmental Police Officers from DEM’s Division of Law Enforcement conducted a recreational boarding on a poacher well known to officers. The poacher and his crew were found in possession of 46 tautog, 41 of which were undersized. The poacher was charged with the violations and the seized fish were donated to the Amos House in Providence.

Help us protect what is yours. Report violations to our 24 hour dispatch at (401) 222-3070.
For more information on recreational size and possession limits see: http://www.dem.ri.gov/programs/marine-fisheries/mfsizes.php

44 on “Rhode Island Tautog Poacher And Crew Busted

  1. Dee K.

    a well known poacher still has a crew and boat?! Take away everything he has!

  2. John

    Post his picture to Shane him and his crew.

    Then a fine of $1000 per fish and on top of that, a $1000 fine for every short.

    Take gear, car, boat, give court summons, auction off everything taken…

    It’s that easy EPO’S
    Wanna get revenue? Make those suggestions a law…

    1. Rozziebo

      John you’re spot on. If DEM doesn’t do exactly as you say, these POSs will be back next week.

    2. bill

      exactly…yet they still dont post face or name..well known means will do it again increase fines or add jail time

    3. Greg vespe

      You do realize that the EPO’s don’t make the laws yes? All those suggestions you have just made about fine amounts, taking gear, seizing boats… those are laws , and have little to do with the guys enforcing them. It’s the state legislature that needs to act… EPO’s are doing best they can with the current laws as written…

    4. Aaron D

      He should be well known to everyone. Maybe he won’t show up at tackle shops. Post it at the registers. Maybe Fisherman’s mag can start a wall of shame page

  3. amurray

    Well known and still has boat and fishing gear?

  4. Jim Bailey

    Take the fish and his equipment including the boat and his vehicle. That’s how Canada would handle it. I was fishing Bob’s lake in Canada and a Doctor from the US had a barrel full of walleyes. The took his boat and truck. I’m not sure how he got back to his stateside home.

  5. George

    Sounds easy, don’t forget they get lawyers and then go to court where short fish doesn’t stack up to armed robbery and overloaded judges may consider the case more of a nuisance they cut deals, think how the Leo’s that did the boarding feel when they see there “buddy” on the water again

  6. Tyler

    “Well Known” that’s frustrating… that leads one to believe he has been busted before… if so I really hope what John says happens. DEM really needs to step up the fines and punishment. Either way good on them for getting this POS! Keep up the good work. Hopefully if the fines and punishment increase it will really start to deter some of this.

  7. R D

    It keeps happening! How about good old fashioned vigilante justice? Just a thought.

    1. Roman

      We need lawmakers to look at this and do the right things. We have elections coming up. Anybody ask them where they stand on these issues?

  8. Roman

    It doesn’t seem like the punishments are working. We need stronger punishments. Let’s try taking gear, vessels and vehicles away or automatic jail time and see what happens.

  9. bob

    Another poacher busted but we don’t get to see who it is…. Any little thing and people’s pictures are all over the news. This, nothing. One or two fish close to under size… maybe it’s a mistake, this should be $1000.00 a fish!

  10. Bob

    This story repeats itself all too often, completely agree with stiffer repercussions, this generation will be leaving a legacy of nothing to our kids, most likely the poachers don’t even acknowledge this sense of anger and frustration on the part of true sportsmen and women. I wish I had a solution, keep vigilant report it when you see it, just a few fish saved and a couple less scum bag poachers is a step in the right direction

  11. Yousumday

    Granpa what was catching fish like?
    Why are they all gone? I wish I could catch one.

    a tear forms in the corner of granpas eye….

  12. craig a parker

    what a shame you know about this loser and dont take him down!theres something wrong here !

  13. Mark kus

    Right a poacher well known????!!!!!
    This guys fishing hunting license should be revoked permanently!!!
    Seize his boat The DEM in RI as far as I have fished there is non existent never see them out and about??!!

  14. Gunner McSad

    Why is this guy still in business? Take his boat, sell it at auction!
    He can go work at Wal-Mart if he’s that hungry.

  15. Chuck

    Well known to officers ,obviously these idiots haven’t learned …officials can post people names in local papers for speeding but can’t post offenders names or name of boat here why???? Take everything they use boat ,gear,truck,trailer, post that a couple times then idiots get the point……..

  16. Knot Local

    Must be nice to be a well known Captain and Crew of Poachers, and still be able to conduct business as usual!!!
    Bigger fines with our license fee’s would help to hire a lot more DEM and EPO’s including more resources to help our fishery’s!!! But that would make to much sense I guess.

  17. Fran Flaherty

    Easy solution to this problem you do essentially to them what they do to repeat drunk drivers you make them install a blow device with facial recognition to start their boat that alerts EPO’S He or she is on the water now they know you know they are out there and were they are they will think twice before they poach again. Only if they don’t confiscate the boat and equipment first.and I’ll tell you what happens the EPO’S go into court with all intentions of confiscating boat,truck,and equipment but liberal judges don’t care to much about fish and game laws and feel its overreaching on behalf of EPO’S and in most cases the interpreter for the defendant explains to the judge that they are only feeding their family of 14 and have no other means to do so. I say judge tell them sell the everglade,the escalade and all you accurate reals and go to stop and shop.

  18. Lynn

    Sadly the fish are dead and cannot be put back in the water to reproduce or grow. Glad to hear that they went to be used for food and not thrown out.

  19. BeezeChurger

    Let’s strip these poachers butt ass naked and publicly tar and feather them in Town Sqaure

  20. Frankenfish

    How can we get law makers to create stricter laws with heavy fines and loss of fishing rights as well as confiscation of gear , boat , and vehicle ? Tautog is one of the slowest growing fish it takes years for a fish to just reach keeper size of 16 inches . These blackfish poachers are killing our future in tautog fishing . EPO is doing what they can but , if the laws don’t change this will never end . We need more EPO officers in the field there is not enough to cover the amount of territory we have . We need more politicians lobbying for stronger laws pertaining to fishing . This has gotten way out of hand and we only see the ones who got caught never mind the larger number that are getting away with it .

    1. Dan P

      You are dead on however politicians are more concerned with impeachment and transgender bathrooms than preserving our natural resources. Remember that next time you vote.

  21. Pissed off!

    This gives me an idea, Maybe i should start poaching, any reason why not?

  22. Scott Mackinnon

    Nice work guys. We have commercial fisherman working under their own guidelines that they pay for dearly if they violate. If you want to legally keep large amounts of fish to sell or whatever, go through the process to obtain a commercial permit. Don’t tar the reputation of the rest of us rec guys, we like to enjoy time on the water and keep a few for the kitchen and we’d like to preserve that.

    1. Frankenfish

      I am a commercial fisherman who fishes for Tautog but there are strict guidelines for us as well . My crew and myself adhere to all the rules and noticed a decline in larger tautog this year . Poaching is partly responsible for this .

      1. Van

        You’re obviously fishing the wrong spots. I’ve been maxing out in less than an hour. Got a 10 pounder last trip! The only thing I find short are my fishing trips. Word of advice, rather than fishing the beaten path, you should get structure scan and fish isolated rock piles.

  23. Uncle BOB

    As mafia regulates all fishing industry, it is very difficult to fight the poaching.

  24. sawfish

    As recreational anglers we face increased regulation,licensing,slot limits,fees,closed seasons,marine sanctuaries,shore access battles-
    And then there’s this guy.
    Mr.”Well known Poacher and crew”
    Boat and gear impounded and towed on the spot.Vehicle,too.
    That’s what would happen for an unregistered/uninsured/other motor vehicle violation.
    Also required:Disclose his secret numbers on the plotter 🙂

  25. DON D

    Well now, business as usual in Rhode Island. Anywhere else, The boat would be named and taken, much like in a drug deal. The perks would all be named, fined and maybe do a little time in a local facility, relative to the bounty. All gear taken and put up for auction along with the boat and the money given to the Vets Home.

  26. Rick L

    It’s bad enough we have to put up with the draggers within 300-400 feet of us constantly, now these jerks as well?

  27. Hugh Harp

    I appreciate what the EPOs do and want to thank them for their service. One the other hand ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!!!!! I hope these poachers aren’t the same poachers busted at Tempest Knob in Wareham last year where they poached over 200 illegal fish. Take their stinkin boat and tackle NOW!! Have the judge put them in Jail for a few months and confiscate all their fishing equipment and Boat. If busted before, they must have lost their licences for life. Did they?? The EPOs are waisting their time with these people. Give them jail time. Then the EPOs can spend more time busting other poachers. I’m sure they are not the only ones. This time of year, there are only fisherman out on the water. Most of us are honest and obey the law to the fullest. It should be easier to bust more poachers if they get these jerks off the water. Why are the same people out there??? I’m sure the EPOs are sick of this as well. To enforce punishment it’s up to the Judge or Magistrate.
    Is there a way to send a message to the judges and Magistrates that sentenced them before and ask them to DO THEIR STINKIN JOB AND TO DO IT NOW!!!!! I don’ type fast and I’m getting PISSED by the minute just knowing the judicial system doesn’t care about the multiple citations these poachers have received. We NEED an ENVIRONMENTAL JUDGE to enforce major penalties for this. Any one have any ideas how we can have our own judge and jury?? I’m sure all the sportsmen on and off the water would like to join in and be part of the jury with these loosers

    1. Vince

      So, if there aren’t enough environmental crimes… You’re saying this environmental judge gets paid a six figure salary on taxpayers dimes? I personally would like to sign up for that job to potentially do not much to nothing on a daily basis.

  28. Vince

    I’m pretty sure that this poacher is a boat-for-hire captain and his crew are his clients. It’s hard to book a tautog trip to fish your limits, so captains usually go for a keep all you want type deal. The good news is, that homeless people will be eating some good fish. Hopefully some Portuguese Fish chowder… mmm mmm!

  29. Frank J. Ravosa

    All you people bitchen . The officers did their job period. Only one of you posted anything factual . A” hired captain allowing his fare for the day ” to keep their catch . The only thing that makes sense . Who makes up the stupid laws ? Why is it a commercial can take a 14″ but we have to (with a single line) take an 18″ flattie. El wives being destroyed by fisherman with the allowable take of 25 per day. Yet the draggers are allowed to drag the mouth of the river (no more 3 mile rule) where every fish in the world gather to make the run. Think people and open the other eye. Only if you pay the right person do you get ahead ! Ask yourself — Do they stock the ocean ?

  30. Sara

    Easy at least a $46,000 fine 10 years in jail. What so hard? “a known poacher”
    COME ON MAN!!!!

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