Bill Threatens Future of Fishing in Maine

smallmouth bass

Titled “An Act To Require Biodegradable Hooks and Lures for Freshwater Fishing,” this new bill would ban all hooks, and all lures containing plastic or rubber, by the year 2024 unless they are biodegradable.

Therefore, likely every hook and lure in your tackle box would become illegal!

Biodegradable hooks simply do not exist. Any biodegradable materials would lack the tensile strength required and would rust quickly.

In addition, requiring all plastic and rubber in lures to be biodegradable is unwarranted and would be a huge burden on anglers.

Please contact your state legislators today and urge them to oppose this de facto ban on fishing.


PUBLIC HEARING SCHEDULED: Wednesday, February 27, 2019, 9:00 AM, Cross Building, Room 206

(L.D. 695) Bill “An Act To Require Biodegradable Hooks and Lures for Freshwater Fishing ” (SP0208) (Presented by Senator DAVIS of Piscataquis) (Cosponsored by Representative MASON of Lisbon Falls, Senator BLACK of Franklin, Senator DILL of Penobscot, Representative MARTIN of Sinclair, Representative STEARNS of Guilford)

17 on “Bill Threatens Future of Fishing in Maine

  1. Mark Mancuso

    Hope this foolish bill does not pass. I fish in Maine and obviously, these “representatives” do not fish or know about fishing.

    1. Charles Beall

      No different than Gun Laws being enacted by Firearms Stupid children, who were raised by Firearms Stupid parents.

  2. Michael Gough

    Can you imagine if Maine lost 50-75% of its fishing tourism? For the last 35 years I spend at least 2500$ a year in Maine primarily fishing. It’s taken me 3-4 years to filter all the lead out all the while seeing more Loons than ever on the lakes I fish. Now this! That 50-75% number could be even higher!

  3. Rick G.

    Hilarious. This bill would make fishing with non-biodegradable hooks a Class E crime in Maine. Prostitution is a Class E crime in Maine. The legislators in Maine are really taking this hooking thing seriously.

  4. Eric Pierce

    Looks like the Maine Democrats are taking lessons from Calif. or maybe visa/versa…which ever way it is they sure do need to be educated for sure…

    1. Dan Kimmel

      The present of the bill is Republican. 3 of the 5 sponsors are Republican.

  5. Black LAb 1

    waste of time the bill and reading about – focus what man can do to restore habitat and clean water

  6. Randy wilber

    That is stupid just ban plastic and rubber baits/lures. gonna have the same issue with biodegradable rusting that’s so good for fish and other species that live in the water “NOT”… Come on people use ur brain specially if u work for the government oh wait them people don’t have a brain or common sense

  7. Jeff Lamb

    As a registered Maine guide, this bill is a disaster. Come on guys help us not hurt us.

  8. R J Labrecque

    This is really just thoughtless. The practically of implementing compliance is truly astounding. How can compliance be tested in the field? I tie my flies and I do use mostly all natural materials but the tread is synthetic and a truly biodegradable hook is highly problematic to the sport.

  9. Fishnhunt

    I have to completely agree with them on the rubber and plastic idea. Needs to be biodegradable sooner than 2024 too!! Way too many fish we see full of plastics…it cannot be good for their growth rate and even survival!!

  10. Ken King

    As a fisherman I think this proposed bill is far from a good thing. It will cost the state millions in lost revenue from out-of-state fisherman. I personally know at least a dozen fishermen who come to Maine to camp and fish who are very likely to stay home and fish where their hooks and lures are legal.
    Maine should be doing everything it can to encourage people to come to our great state and spend money here, not everything the legislators can do to drive them, and residents, away.

    1. Stephen Sorrow

      The effect on plastic baits on fish is terrible. The plastics start to break apart into smaller pieces and eventually exist as microplastics. The microplastics then absorb tons of petrochemicals in the water making them extremely toxic. When the fish ingest the microplastics the toxins leak into the fish’s flesh and organs causes a lot of damage and makes the fish’s meat inedible. I don’t why anyone would want to use plastic baits if they know the damage it causes to the animals. I am a fisherman and I am guilty of using soft plastics but I will not use soft plastics anymore because I am aware of the damage it causes and I love and care about the outdoors and the fish I’ve caught and held ever since I was a kid.

  11. Troy

    Cmon… wake up and stop worrying about the money. plastic is ruining environments and they’re wildlife, everyone with a half brain has got this already! Look at the big picture, your fishing ain’t gonna be worth much if the plastic pollution continues. Do some reading, times are a changing!!

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