Striper Migration Map – May 18, 2018

2018 Striper Migration Map

Spawning seems to be finished in the Chesapeake, and large post-spawn fish have reached New Jersey this week, joining the fish leaving the Delaware Bay. Spawning is at its peak in the Hudson River, and keeper stripers, with some up to 20 pounds, have made it to Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

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Chesapeake Bay Striper Report

Water temperatures in Chesapeake Bay are still in the striper’s preferred zone, so rather than a mass post-spawn exodus, stripers seem to be trickling out of the spawning rivers and down the bay.  Large post-spawn striped bass are being reported along channel edges in the upper, middle, and lower bay regions as they slowly make their way toward the ocean.

Delaware Bay Striper Report

Lost-spawn stripers are steadily leaving the bay, and are being reported along the beaches in Cape May county. Some keeper-sized stripers remain in the Delaware River, but for the most part, the spawn in the Delaware has wrapped up.

New Jersey Striper Report

Big stripers are moving along both the central and southern part of the New Jersey coast, with a mix of Delaware River post-spawners continuing to round Cape May and Chesapeake fish hitting the waters off Long Beach Island and Island Beach State Park.

Large bass are still being caught in Raritan Bay and around Sandy Hook.

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New York Striper Report

Keeper fish continue to increase in number along both shores of Long Island, with some 20-pound-plus fish showing in the ocean and inlets off the South Shore. The largest local bass are up the Hudson spawning, but should be dropping out, and moving through the sound, within the next week.

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Connecticut/Rhode Island Striper Report

Connecticut and Rhode Island saw both an increase in the number and size of stripers this week, with 20-pound fish being reported all the way to Naragansett Bay. 

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Cape Cod/ Massachusetts Striper Report

The majority of the fish moving through the Cape Cod Canal this week were shorts, but there were enough keeper-sized fish to make it interesting. Schoolies and keepers filled in along the South Side of the Cape, and more schoolies are being reported along the Outer Beaches and throughout Cape Cod Bay. Some keeper-sized bass have set-up shop under mackerel schools in Cape Cod Bay. 

Fish to 30 inches have been reported as far north as the Merrimack River, but the vast majority of fish fall short of keeper-sized.

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40 on “Striper Migration Map – May 18, 2018

    1. eric

      went out in Hampton and threw everything from clams and sea worms to jigs and umbrella rigs and got nothing. usually something from that combo will trigger a bite but there was nothing. Hampton harbor mouth on the outgoing.

    2. Ian

      Watched a 26” get pulled in live lining in Portsmouth. Mackerel are in.

  1. Martin

    Casio Bay Today Friday, fished high tide 2 to 4 PM with bloods, still nothing. Martin in Freeport

      1. Martin

        Hey Dan, picked up some monster bloods at Johnson’s, tried out Casco Bay from 7 to 8 tonight, got a nice hit, but no hook up. Going back for tomorrow morning incoming, around 8AM.Martin in Freeport

  2. Jacob

    A southern Maine river is full of herring and big shad water temps almost perfect for some topwater action! Next week things should be solid here in Maine.

  3. Scott

    Clams and yozuris…zilch. SBT has a sign that says they are here, I have not heard of anyone catching one. I think the map on this site is wishful thinking at best.

    1. Ed Giordano

      Not yet- the winner will be chosen and announced on May 28

  4. Mike

    Tried some of my favorite spots in the Piscataqua River, Portsmouth NH – but nothing yet –

  5. Mike

    tried blood worms, clams small plugs, and small bucktails on the incoming tide at the saco today, no luck.

      1. Ron

        On What Days do you post the Striper migration Map

  6. JAMES

    Plumb Island fishers out there?? Making my first attempt today. Any big boys yet?

    1. Joe

      Maybe some schoolies, They are just making it near me and I live next to Salem mass

      1. Fishman

        Fished at plum island yesterday had nothing

  7. Dana Charbonneau

    A young friend of mine took a 24 pounder in the Connecticut River this past week.

    1. Stripers

      Ive also caught a 24 pounder out of the ct river in chicopee ma on may 15th

  8. Justin

    Headed south to Hampton Harbor and was throwing my entire tackle box for hours in the rain on Saturday with no hits or even sign of stripers. Birds were working some bait but that’s it. I’m hoping this week shows signs of linesiders in Portland!

    Justin in Maine

  9. Oliie D

    Just went out of Portsmouth, NH…. 25 in followed my Rapala X Rap in.

  10. Sass

    Fished seabrook and hampton clams and plugs 0 fish not even a hit

  11. Jon s

    I’ve caught a few smallies in the Piscataqua (southern Maine) but the fish are extremely hesitant and in very small numbers. Every day there seem to be more and more fish in the water…

    Anyone seen mackerel yet?

  12. Jon

    I’ve caught a few smallies in the Piscataqua (southern Maine) but the fish are extremely hesitant and in very small numbers. Every day there seem to be more and more fish in the water…

    Anyone seen mackerel yet?

  13. Ron

    Ill be up in the Scarborough area for memorial Day and will have my fly setup. Any tips or knowledge?

  14. Barry Zell

    We fish the Kennebec River here in Maine where we fish the Waterville area I and have been reading in hopes of catching a heads up on fish just south of us. I understand the schoolies are in Maine now so hopefully they’ll be heading up the river soon. Best luck to all. BZ

  15. Ollie D

    *UPDATE* – Just caught my first Striper In New Castle NH!!!……..24′

    1. Mike

      Ollie, where and when we’re? I’m new to the area and never seem to have any luck in new castle. Tried a few times this week with 0 action.

    2. Michael

      Ollie d. I live in the area but am new to all these locations. When are you going next? I need some pointers!

  16. joselito rivera

    has anyone caught anything around lynn.revere,Winthrop. going out this weekend.

  17. Chris

    Sunday Providence River at slack tide at 1PM. Only took about 10 casts because I was with my girl, as such, far from ideal fishing conditions. But did catch about an 18 inch healthy schoolie on a small swim shad. Right off the public dock boat launch at Gano Street Park. It engulfed it right by the wood pilings about 10 feet from the dock.

  18. Luis Javier Rodriguez

    Fresh squid has been the ticket here in Providence Rhode island fish up to 35 inches all over.

  19. Zac L

    I didn’t hear anything exiting out of Hampton or Salisbury yet. I’m gonna see what’s in Merrimack mouth after long weekend

  20. Martin

    Casco Bay, 8 AM, water 51 degrees, nothing to talk about. Mike tells me Socko River has some Schoolies. Going to try again tomorrow morning high tide 9 AM. I’ll keep you posted.

  21. Kevin M

    From CT but going to Bakers Island, Salem, MA tomorrow. Anyone have any news/ info/ tips? Appreciate any advice.


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