Striper Migration Map – May 11, 2018


2018 Striper Migration Map

Spawning activity continues in the upper Chesapeake, but most of it is completed in the major rivers and big post-spawn bass are moving back down the bay toward the open ocean, where they’ll be taking a hard left toward the Northeast.

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Chesapeake Bay Striper Report

Striped bass are finally spawning in the Susquehanna River and Upper Bay. Those trolling in the upper bay have been picking up a few large striped bass recently near traditional steep edges of the shipping channel, reports the Maryland DNR. There is still a bit of spawning going on in the major rivers, but most of it is over, which means post-spawn striped bass are moving into the bay and headed south along channel edges. Large post-spawn striped bass are being reported along many of the traditional channel edges in the lower bay region.

Delaware Bay Striper Report

There are a mix of pre-spawn, spawning, and post-spawn fish in the Delaware River and Bay right now. Reports of long, skinny bass, some up to 47 inches long, have been reported around Cape May, suggesting that some of the Delaware River spawners are leaving the bay and heading North.

5 May

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New Jersey Striper Report

Besides the big bass rounding the Jersey Cape, and the big bass in Raritan Bay, most of New Jersey has only keeper-sized fish, with the exception of a few 20-plus pounders taken around Barnegat Bay, both in the bay and along the beaches. These could be some of the early-arriving post-spawn Chesapeake fish or post spawn fish from the Delaware.

More of the Raritan Bay fish have been making their way up the Hudson, but there are still plenty of fat, egg-filled females feeding in the bay.

There are more stripers showing up in the surf, and keeper-sized fish are a possibility just about anywhere from Cape May to Sandy Hook.

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New York Striper Report

More big, egg-laden bass are moving up the Hudson River, and by now, some should be spawning around West Point on the upcoming new moon, with stripers continuing to spawn in the Hudson into mid- and even late May.

Keeper stripers have made it as far as East Hampton on the South Shore according to some reports, and schoolie stripers are all around Long Island right now.

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Connecticut/Rhode Island Striper Report

Bigger bass have moved into western Long Island Sound, and 30-inch class fish are filling in along the Rhode Island coast and in Narragansett Bay. The migration is really picking up steam, and fishermen expect the new moon to move some more large fish into both Long Island Sound and Narragansett Bay. 

Lunch break. First Bass of the season.

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Cape Cod/ Massachusetts Striper Report

Schoolie stripers continue to spread out around Cape Cod, with reports of fresh fish in Cape Cod Bay and on the South Shore of Massachusetts.

Keeper stripers hit the south side of Martha’s Vineyard and Buzzards Bay this week, while big schools of small stripers were reported in the Cape Cod Canal. The striper reports from the South Side of the Cape have been a little more sporadic, but favorable winds next week, combined with the new moon, should help move better numbers into the area.

North of the Cape, schoolies have been reported all the way up to Duxbury this week.

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38 on “Striper Migration Map – May 11, 2018

    1. James

      It that I heard I live in Biddeford and did the Saco I haven’t heard anyone catch any schoolies yet, I’m going to go out Sunday morning and see if any schoolies have made it yet

      1. Jakai LaRoche

        Dude this report is for schools of fish based on what other people have caught. This guy was was looking for help as all of us are. Don’t need to be rude as some fish travel faster than others for various reasons

    2. Chris

      Yea, schoolies are in the Scarbough marshes. The migration is usually about a week behind, not accurate.

      1. Jay

        Hey Chris have you actually seen them in the marsh ? I’ve been looking around daily but yet to see anything.

  1. Jay

    Nothing in Maine yet. If they are here it’s in very small numbers in a few areas and the bites is slow. I’d say we’re about 10 days behind from last year. I caught my first fish on May 9th last year.

  2. Trev s

    Millions of schoolies hit Cape Ann last week. Schooled up in the marshes.

  3. Dan

    Anyone heard of the striped bass and bluefish run in ocean city NJ/South Jersey, is it picking up at all? And how big are the strippers?

  4. Joe rocca

    Any action in the north shore area like deer island or Gloucester ?

    1. Jeppe

      Small schoolies are moving into Boston harbor and ive seen seen some boats out around Spectacle island

  5. Tom

    Has anyone heard about the bluefish in South Jersey and how big the stripper are down there?

  6. Mirjana

    We fish in Great kills from the shore so from April 10 til now May 12 there are no bass or even blues like last year other than sea robin in big numbers are showing up is something going on is there a delay of bass showing up?

    1. Nick

      I have noticed the exact same thing. Plenty of robins but no stripers. Caught a small striper there a few weeks back but none since.

    2. Nick

      I have noticed the exact same thing. Plenty of sea robins but no stripers. Caught a small striper there a few weeks back but none since.

  7. Cody

    First schoolie caught in Lynn on the beach yesterday. Plenty of boils on my topwater. Most fish too small for my plug.

  8. Bennett

    All the stripers up north in Maine and NH are probably “holderovers”. There were schoolies caught under the PI bridge but the stripers haven’t come in to the Merrimack River and they were a muddy brown color so they were holdovers

  9. Luis Javier Rodriguez

    This weekend on fire in Providence plenty schoolies and 30 inchers landed by lots of anglers they are chomping down on squid.

  10. John S

    Has anyone caught stripers in or around Maine?

    I’ve been going out recently and haven’t seen any stripes but a lot of bait in the water…

    Thanks, John

  11. Adam Clancy

    Go out and fish hard. Yeah, decent sized “keeper” stripers are already in southern Maine. No joke! Not big numbers yet, but it you know where to fish…. These stripers migration charts are for the weekend warriors!

  12. Martin

    Casco Bay temp about 50 AND Johnson’s in Cook’s Corner has blood worms…that means schoolies will be here soon. I’m gonna try CB again Wed/Thur. Martin in Freeport

    1. Jacob

      There should be some decent sized fish south of Portland within about 3 weeks. Schoolies should be here any day now! I will get out Friday and hopefully some solids signs of things to blast open. Last year was a crazy start and caught decent sized fish from shore up until the end of July.

  13. jack

    Didn’t catch any stripers on Plum island last Saturday (12th) off the beach used bone colored SP minnow and white buck tail. Nothin!!

  14. Bs6440

    Can I leave my number and someone text me where they caught stripers in Maine, what kinda bait, what they were wearing, what road they took, where did they park, GPS coordinates, their wife’s maiden name, etc…

    Screw it – I’ll just do it myself!

    1. Daddy

      Seen some herring wearing some Levi’s and white t-shirts I was catching them on a sock with hooks fishin with my pool noodle rod. Give me your moms number and I’ll give her my fishin spots and some tender tube steak.

  15. Dylan Green

    Schoolies arrived about a week ago in Boston harbor, none over 22 inches though.

  16. Martin

    To Jacob/3 days ago, I went out Thursday to Casco Bay with bloods, hour before high and stay till hour after low but no action. Some birds chasing bait but no Schoolies yet.

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