New Record Carp Caught in Lake Champlain, Vermont

Darren Ouelette of Shoreham, Vt. with the new state record 44-lb. 6 oz. carp he caught recently in Lake Champlain.
Darren Ouelette of Shoreham, Vt. with the new state record 44-lb. 6 oz. carp he caught recently in Lake Champlain.

A Shoreham, VT angler took a new state record carp on May 20 from the Vermont waters of Lake Champlain.

Darren Ouelette was bow-fishing for carp with Taylor Patterson in a backwater area of southern Lake Champlain when Darren spotted a very large carp cruising just below the surface in some flooded trees. Drawing quickly and taking aim, Darren arrowed the 44-pound 6-ounce giant, and then fought for over 20 minutes to land it on his fishing-modified compound bow.

“I knew it was a pretty big fish when I first saw it, but I didn’t think it was as big as it turned out to be,” said Ouellette.

“When Darren finally got it in close, I tried to net it but I could only fit its head in the net,” added Taylor. “I ended up just grabbing it in the mouth by hand and swinging it in. I was shocked at how heavy it was when I went to lift it.”

Darren’s fish eclipses the previous state record carp by nearly two pounds. That fish was taken by bow-angler Jeremy Ballantine in May 2013 on the Connecticut River and weighed 42-pounds 8-ounces.

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10 on “New Record Carp Caught in Lake Champlain, Vermont

  1. mike d

    caught??? more like shot??

    thats not catching!!! thats hunting and shooting!

    1. brian

      wow! great catch! mike d who care how it was caught? Pretty impressive being able to bow fish

  2. Paul

    That sucks. Shooting a spawning female is not impressive its blood lust. These fish are regarded as the worlds greatest freshwater game fish and in America we treat them like garbage. Paul from Carp Fishing NY Guide Service.

    1. Nick

      Paul these fish are invasive and pollute water so props to him for getting that garbage fish out of the water before she could lay her eggs. A common carp will lay 1-2 million eggs per year.

  3. R

    It’s hunting not fishing. It’s also disgusting to me. What he did warrants nothing to be proud of.

  4. greenfield carper

    Wow what a waste to kill such a beautiful fish. Idk why anyone fishes with a bow and kills such beautiful craters for fun and then just waste them. Catching these creators with a rod and real is way more exciting and release it back for others to catch. So sad to see a very nice fish get killed like this. Any1 can hit a fish in Shallow waters but who would want too. Bow fishing is pointless to just shoot amd waste fish. Shoot all the big ones and then only left with small one for others to enjoy so sad. I wish the DNR would outlaw bow fishing for good as no one would like to see bass shoot with a bow and it against the law to anyhow. So it should be that way with common,mirror,buffalo, grass carp. Only a single jumping carp should be allow to be bow fished. Make common,mirror,buffalo and grass carp.a sports fish so everyone can enjoy catching the big ones. Carp are the carp anglers bass. So stop killing these beautiful fish.

    1. jam

      Carp breed like mice… Not to mention to create problems in the lakes with milfoil because they’re digging for grubs on the bottom they pull up the roots and transfer the weeds so I say Kill Em All

  5. Bob

    Do that in the uk and life would not be worth living, we carp fish rod and line great sport 10 lbs line but a bow ha ha that’s not fishing mate.

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