GIVEAWAY – Free Membership to Tackle Grab

UPDATE: And the winner is:  “Justin” whose favorite lure is the Zara Spook. Congrats Justin and let us know what you think of the monthly lure packages! Stay tuned for another give away in October.


A few months ago, I met with a couple of passionate fishermen from Massachusetts who were  launching a new company with a very cool concept. For a membership fee, Tackle Grab will send you a box every month filled with lures, high-end baits and terminal tackle. Each delivery will include a mix of products from well-known companies and under-the-radar brands that correspond to your individual fishing profile, helping you discover the best in fishing tackle and supplies.

To help introduce Tackle Grab to On The Water readers, we’re going to give away a 3-month membership to one lucky winner.

Just comment below with the name of your favorite fishing lure and we’ll randomly pick one answer to claim the $42 prize.

Or, if you think a membership to Tackle Grab would make a great gift for a fishing buddy, pick one up at their website and be sure to enter coupon code OTW20 to get 20% off!

117 on “GIVEAWAY – Free Membership to Tackle Grab

  1. Nick Verducci

    Catch 5 Mirrolure. Have done real well using those for bass, weakies and specks.

  2. Mark Nobrega

    One word , CASTMASTER . You can catch any fish in the world with one of those!!

  3. Anthony

    white andrus jettycaster bucktail (1oz – 3oz) tipped with an uncle josh porkrind strip

  4. Brian Florek

    I love fishing needlefish. There are too many types which all have different applications to name one specific company.

  5. Andrew Errickson

    My favorite lure has to be a big 7-9″ pencil popper in the fall for big striped bass.

  6. George Kourkoulis

    Storm Wildeye jerkin’ minnow. Sadly discontinued but caught schoolies like it’s going out of style!

  7. paul spinola

    10″ high with weighted swimbait hook. (If there are no bluefish around!)

  8. Thomas pelto

    Right now it’s a northbar bottle darter in black and purple.

  9. Michael Boudreau

    I think that the most productive lure ever conceived is the RonZ; any of them.

  10. Richard Thompson

    Favorite fishing lure is a Chrome Krocodile. The 2 ounce casts a mile amd the Bluefish can’t leave it alone.

  11. Jim Crowley

    Red Bomber hand made from a buddy of mine seems to grab ’em everytime.


    Slug-Go’s in the 9-12″ size are great for almost anything in New England waters, Stripers, Blues, tuna,even the odd shark every now and then. I rig then in just about any configuration. Best goto lure in the boat.

  13. Capt. Charlie Richmond

    Hairball Jigs–Red/White-4oz—Deadly &, they don’t shake the hooks..

  14. Travis Schoonmaker

    One eyed shrimp! Under the right circumstances and positioning it a sure thing for bunker

  15. Paul Aquipel

    Black and purple after hours needle, work the whole water colume top to bottom.

  16. Anthony Hagerty

    Still cant beat a gold phoebe or a silver kastmaster for most everything

  17. Tristin Robb

    My favrion bait owuld have to be a black and blue L.P. Jig (black and blue) witha spparie blue paca chunck for a trailer.

  18. Loi Luong

    Zingamajig 3 oz jig. Switch out the trebble to a single hook with a curly tail teaser.

  19. Robert Boka Sr.

    A twenty pound fluke would be my pick, having only one keeper fluke this past summer. With the commercial netter's raping our oceans it would be a sight for weary eyes.Commercial and illegal fisherman are taking undersized, out of season fish, and are leaving by catch to die at an alarming rate.No longer is it just the japanese commercial fleet that is causing massive harm to our fish stocks but now it seems other countries as well as our own have limited time and resources to contend with this serious problem.We all must be held responsible for our actions. Write your local representatives on this subject, and lets all ask for more funding and education on these matters.

  20. Evans G. Jerry Olwell

    Mambo minnow, been very consistant over the years for stripers.

  21. Tavis McKee

    Scum frog is my best lure catching me a 8lb large mouth in the nashua river in NH. You don’t need the expensive lures to catch the big boys just some skill and Patience. I call him big green.

  22. Ronald Emond

    The J and B buck tail is a true
    Performer and have a lot of luck with it when others fail.

  23. timothy

    Yo-Zuri livebait minnow jig assorted sizes
    Max casting distance looks real hooked many with it

  24. Mike Razz

    I like all these lures but my favorite is the fisherman’s outfitters 13″ squid bar

  25. Dustin

    I cat h about 400 a year on creek chub striper strike in white. It sinks thats the key a few pops and when it pauses it falls back to the fish.

  26. Steve Langevin

    Mepps # 3 Gold Plain Aglia catches anything and everything LOL have caught seven different fish in a single pond.

  27. neal hart

    Rapala husky jerk. All sizes. All color patterns. Have done extremely well in salt and freshwater with silver/black 4″. Best fish, 37″ striper on a 6″ mack pattern on 10lb test freshwater setup on the rocks in Nahant!

  28. Charles cullet on

    I would like to enter the free box of lures cause I am the best caster of all time but I don’t catch a lot of fish which gives me lots of practice can’t wait to get that first box of goodies!,

  29. Scott Elliott

    Stan Gibbs pencil poppers any color.
    And Acme silver and blue Kast master with a single bucktail hook in the 1 1/2 oz . weight

  30. Scott Elliott

    After having all my tackle stolen about 2months ago..Starting from scratch I would appreciate any help from any where. My best fishing partner has gone Above and beyond to help me. Any help you guys could send this way would really make a difference.

  31. Lisa Burbage

    So many favorites….I like my yo-zuri color changing rattle trap and my sebille crankster and any swim baits for hard plastics and revolution frog or spittin wa frogs for topwater and senkos, brush hogs, and segmented swim baits for soft plastics.

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