Must-See Short Fishing Films this Winter

Beat cabin fever and get excited for the fishing season ahead with this collection of short fishing films from the Northeast.

In the winter along the striper coast, it becomes easy to succumb to cabin fever. Bustling early mornings and late nights in pursuit of striped bass, bluefin tuna, and false albacore are replaced with restful moments—like enjoying your first cup of coffee along with the lulling hiss of a heating radiator or preparing for a good night’s sleep. As much as we bask in the fervor of the peak season, the offseason provides time to recoup, reorganize, and reflect upon the driving forces behind our 3 a.m. dock departures and late nights in the surf. To alleviate cabin fever, our staff compiled this list of must-see short fishing films that reflect our shared passion for being on the water.

YETI Presents: The Captain 

In Rockport, Maine, lobstering is a way of life, and YETI fully captures that lifestyle in “The Captain”. Following in her father’s footsteps, Captain Sadie Samuels reflects on her experience as the youngest and only female captain in her home port.


Simms Presents: Bleed Water 

Produced by the folks at Simms, this film follows Dan and Tom Harrison—two brothers that have been forging their own path on the rivers of Massachusetts after cutting their teeth guiding on western trout waters. Their bold, boundary-pushing approach to exploring New England’s waters via raft has made them some of the most sought-after guides in the Northeast.


AFTCO’s Ode to the Cape 

This film by AFTCO captures the culture of Cape Cod that has made it a destination for nautical types for centuries. Though only two minutes long, it will leave you scanning the calendar for a peak-season pilgrimage to this storied destination.


Costa Marlin Fly Project 

Though filmed outside the Northeast, this offering from Costa features Northeast anglers like Joe Gugino traveling to Magdalena Bay, Mexico, for a research mission where fly anglers and scientists worked in tandem to study the incredible striped marlin fishery there.


Old Town Watercraft Presents: Native Brookies 

The Moosehead Lake region of Maine hosts thriving populations of brookies, and in this film, Old Town Watercraft’s Ryan Lily highlights the conservation efforts that have helped this fishery thrive in remote freshwater ponds and streams.


And, of course … On The Water Media

We’ve been putting out more videos than ever before, from new series like From the Surf and Kayak Fishing The Coast, to how-tos, recipes, fishing reports, and more.

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