Modifying Striper Lures with Inline Single Hooks

Conserve stripers by making the switch to single hooks.

Why switch from treble hooks to inline single hooks?

Switching out the treble hooks on lures for VMC inline single hooks is becoming popular among anglers, primarily for easier catch-and-release fishing that does less damage to fish.

It’s estimated that 9% of striped bass do not survive being caught and released, so anything anglers can do to reduce the damage caused by hooking and landing a fish will help with conservation of striped bass.

This simple lure modification also comes in very useful when targeting bluefish or when they are a problematic bycatch. An inline single hook makes life much easier when unhooking those yellow-eyed devils.

When switching from treble hooks to inline single hooks, it is important to note that the sizes do not always match. For example if a plug takes size 3/0 treble hooks, you want to look two sizes up to a size 5/0. This is a good rule of thumb if buying inline single hooks online.

Make sure the single hooks are facing away from the plug as seen in the photo above. This will give you the highest chance to hook up. If you have the hooks facing the wrong way, you’ll more than likely miss the fish.

When fishing a pencil popper, you may want to avoid using an inline single hook on the belly hook hanger. With the side-to-side action and narrow profile, it’s very easy for the hook to wrap around the plug, ruining the action. However, a single hook on the back hook hanger will work just fine and be easier on the fish.

9 thoughts on “Modifying Striper Lures with Inline Single Hooks

  1. Michael Byers

    Look I get this. I would love to start replacing all my plugs with single inlines, but please tell me why these hooks have to be 7 and 8 dollars a piece for a 5/0 hook???

  2. Jackson Read

    I assume you are talking about VMC hooks. That’s the price for 5 on Amazon.

  3. Tabanus sp.

    You go through all the bother of changing hooks or simply squish the barbs down with pliers. Works great, fish stay hooked and easy to unhook a fish. We been doing this for years.

  4. Michael Byers

    I stand corrected. The Amazon listing I saw was not clear that it was a multiple pack. I did find online elsewhere whereas it was listed more clearly. Thanks for the heads up.

  5. Jackson Read

    I found that replacing trebles on walk-the-dog surface plugs really enhances the walk. I think the trebles just have a lot more drag and tend to keep the lure straighter.

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