Massive Record Carp Caught and Released in Rhode Island

The fish would have easily shattered the official Rhode Island state record

From OTW Contributor Dave Pickering:

Today the unthinkable happened. I landed what I believe is the first 40-pound common carp to be landed in Rhode Island waters. The massive fish weighed exactly 40 pounds and was 40 inches long. It was caught on a hair rig combo bait that was made up of a kernel of maize along with a white, artificial, plastic corn. This combo bait has been a killer for me all spring.

Thirty-pound carp are rare here in RI. There are a few low thirties landed every year, but 40 pounds is a mark few sharpies would have ever thought possible. My previous biggest carp in RI was 36 lbs., a fish thought to be the biggest ever taken up until now. This 40-pound carp would have easily shattered the official RI state record of 32 lbs. But, to claim that record in this state, the fish must be taken to an official weigh station and weighed. Knowing this fish would have died, I chose to release it in good shape after a few photos. Note that had it been caught in many other states, I could have easily claimed the record with the info I had. The fish was weighed on a certified Reuben Heaton scale, I got a measurement, I had a witness and I had a photo.

A fish this size is a female capable of producing eggs that will produce offspring that could grow to enormous sizes. No way I would keep a fish like this just for the official record. In my mind, I also will dream about meeting up again with her some day!

17 on “Massive Record Carp Caught and Released in Rhode Island

  1. peter okeefe

    think of the endorsements and $$$ you could have put into maintaning fish everywhere…..this fish weighed and recorded could have helped alot more. BUT your decision and it was right for you…well done

  2. terry p

    now thats a true sportsman, not many would have done that. i take my hat off to you//////

  3. Frank

    Way to go! You used a net made that is easy on big older fish that doesn’t cause the amount of stress that even a large aluminum frame net with a handle would have. Plus you let her go so she can continue to lay eggs that have her DNA so that years from now one of her offspring would grow to her size or maybe bigger , a lot of people would have kept her to show her off but what do you do later with a dried out 40lb carp? Nice fish!

  4. Kevin J Olivieri Sr

    Well done Again Dave…. It looks like the same spot You Caught the 36 lb’er..

  5. Eric Summers

    Congratulations Dave! What a fish! There should be awards and prizes for catch and release fishermen like yourself. I would also buy more from any company that endorsed a catch and release hero like you. It would be great if more striped bass fisherman would do what you are doing.


    Way to go! Good things happen to people who help other. Your writing and articles always a must read to me even if I don’t fish for crap your article always keep me intrested.

  7. Marc Berard

    Nice job Dave! You set an example for how we should respect the incredible opportunities we have in our area. I wished more felt the same.

  8. Bill

    My 8 y/o son and I live in RI and would like to get into Carp fishing. Where are some spots we could have success? Thank you.

    1. Matthew grevelle

      I am truly wondering the same! Hair rigs boilies plastic corn with liquid scent runner reels. Patience and time put in.. not much to show for it. Man I don’t want to publicize in any way a spot, but I just need a bit of guidance please… Desperate and frustrated at this point just don’t have an much tube as I’d like as a single father. Please any help I’d appreciate more than I could ever show.

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