Massive 77.4 lb. Striper Weighed In!

We’re gonna need a bigger pin.

After fishing the tournament three years in a row, Peter Vican didn’t get around to signing up for the Striper Cup in 2009. That was when he caught the Rhode Island State Record, 76-pound, 14-ounce striped bass. After a little razzing from OTW’s general manager, Neal Larsson, when signing up for the 2010 Striper Cup, Vican predicted, “You’re going to have to make a 70-pounder pin.”

He was right.

77.4 pound Rhode Island Striped Bass
Peter Vican and Don Smith pose with the new Rhode Island record 77.4-pound striper.


The weigh slip arrived this morning at OTW headquarters. The fish, a leviathan among striped bass, outweighed the previous largest Striper Cup weigh-in by nearly 10 pounds. The fish, a stocky 52-incher, outweighed his previous fish by almost a full pound. The fish, at 77.40 pounds, was one midnight snack away from being the biggest striped bass ever caught on rod and reel.


The weigh slip for the current Rhode Island State Record Striped Bass.


5 on “Massive 77.4 lb. Striper Weighed In!

  1. Mark Jenkin

    Very nice fish! Congrats! I guess I have to hope for a second place weekly prize. I cuaght my bigest ever Saturday the 18th. 52 pounds. I can’t belive that your fish at 52 inchs is only 1 inch longer than min but 25 pounds heavier. Thats 1 fat fish. Congrats again.

  2. miller

    it’s all in what they eat his bellies has a half dozen pogies in it plus what ever else he ate

  3. Chuck Young

    These days you see fish like this once in a life time if your lucky!
    Outstanding! love to see a toad caught once in awhile,
    Chuck Young

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