Local Rodmaker: Ted Zack – Aquidneck Island Rodbuilders

“It’s kind of like a chop shop – for fishing rods.”

Ted Zack Custom Rods Rod Art Aquidneck Island Rod Builders

That’s how Ted Zack describes some of the work he does for anglers looking to customize their fishing rods and add their own style to them.

Ted’s rod-building company, Aquidneck Island Rod Builders, branched out from Crafty One Customs, where he and Ralph Craft made “functional angling art.”

The work Ted does is truly spectacular. After painting the entire blank a certain color or adding marbling or flames, the finished product is, for lack of a better word, bad-ass.

Ted Zack Custom Rods Rod Art painting

Ted says the paint doesn’t affect the action of the rod one bit, and he’s painted everything from small fly rods for the Wood River to 11-foot surf rods for the Rhode Island surf. One project at Crafty One customs involved painting an entire offshore trolling rod in mahi-mahi colors.

Aquidneck Island Rod Builders will be exhibiting at the New England Saltwater Fishing Show (March 9 to 11) with Wood Boat & Motor. Wood Boat & Motor is their West Bay center for repairs and custom work.  Finished rods will be for sale along with specials on repairs and custom art.

Ted Zack Custom Rod Builder Flames


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8 on “Local Rodmaker: Ted Zack – Aquidneck Island Rodbuilders


    Capt BJ Silvia makes some of the best well known fluke rigs, maybe do an interview with him ? you can contact bj at 401-529-2267. You can find a link for his fluke rigs under his site. BJ has spoken at numerous clubs and will be speaking at the RISAA Show this week.
    Mike Littlefield

  2. Tom Houde

    Ted nice job with the rod repair, it’s better than new! Glad your weekend at the RISAA show is a success for you.

  3. Liz Goodheart

    Congrats on leaving the Marriot and doing the rod building
    Wondering if you are still a member of the Tiverton ROD and Gun club?
    Do you know a Mark Constance?
    Please let me know ~ Thanks

    1. Ted Zack

      Hey Liz,
      Still at Tiv R&G.
      I do not know Mark.
      Tried calling your cell earlier in the week.
      All static. Give me a call. 401.662.6052

  4. Robert Conrad

    Hi Ted-bought fishing pole at RI Fishing Show-inner ceramic rings cracked in three guides due to unfortunate accident-guides are in excellent shape-Can ceramic inner rings be replaced without having to put on new guides?-either way can you repair rod-have another of your rods as a spare-best rods for sensitivity and customized fishing on the market-thanks.

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