Keep Your Cool on the Water

A marine AC unit on your boat can keep your cabin comfortable during the hottest days of summer.


With heat waves growing longer and more intense every year, hot, humid weather is becoming the norm during boating season. Whether you’re fishing with friends, cruising with family, or overnighting in a distant port, the option to escape into an air-conditioned cabin can keep you out on the water enjoying your boating experience.

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If your marine air conditioner is outdated, noisy, or underperforming, consider upgrading with a drop-in replacement unit. CTM offers self-contained marine air conditioners that can replace other major brand units and connect with old controls for a relatively easy upgrade. They are available in a wide range of capacities — 6k, 10k, 12k, and 16k BTUs — ready to heat and cool boats of all sizes. You can expect greater efficiency, quieter operation, and most importantly, a more comfortable cabin.

CTM Marine CT Self-Contained marine air conditioner
The CTM Marine CT Self-Contained marine air conditioner offers powerful, quiet, and efficient cooling and heating. Titanium circulating coils, stainless steel bolts, and stainless steel structural pan with ABS tray to ensure long-lasting, corrosion-proof performance in even the toughest of marine environments.

A drop-in replacement marine air conditioning unit can be surprisingly affordable, and if you purchase a quality unit, you won’t be paying for expensive repairs down the road. CTM’s units feature titanium circulating coils alongside stainless steel bolts and structural pan, to keep corrosion at bay. With a standard 2-year warranty, CTM will handle any repairs that do arise.

CTM Marine Split-System air conditioner
The CTM Marine Split-System air conditioner consists of two separate units. A condensing unit (CX), an evaporator unit (EV) and a refrigerant gas circulating through both. The CX unit includes a compressor and a condenser coil, while the EV unit consists of a blower fan and an evaporator coil.

If your vessel is longer than 40 feet, you can cool multiple rooms or spaces with a split-system marine air conditioner. Split gas systems consist of two individual units, a condensing unit and an evaporator unit, connected by refrigerant gas lines. The condensing unit, typically housed in the engine room, contains the compressor, seawater condenser, and electrical components. The evaporator unit, installed in the living area, includes the evaporator coil and blower. This multi-room construction ensures an even quieter system with better breadth of coverage across larger watercraft, with platforms available in 16k, 24k and 36k BTU sizes.

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For the largest vessels, CTM is currently formulating top-of-the-line chiller systems to the same rigid standards as their air-conditioning units. These systems use less electricity than a traditional AC unit and have no limit on how many handlers can make up a chiller system nor the distance between chillers. This allows for a fully customized cooling system.

Keep an eye on your current marine air conditioning equipment. Is corrosion creeping in? All units firing correctly? All piping laid efficiently? Before shelling out money for repair work, it’s worth it to look into the options offered by a dependable manufacturer like CTM. You can find their products through their large network of dealers or through the Citimarine Store.

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About CTM Marine Air Conditioners: With a constantly expanding suite of products and nearly a decade of experience in the marine industry, CTM caters to boaters because they are boaters. With a list of improvements born from experience on the water, CTM’s engineers set out to recreate the marine AC unit. The result was a corrosion-free, stronger, quieter marine AC unit compatible with all major thermostats and cables. CTM’s ultimate aim is boater comfort, and an important part of that is peace of mind. CTM Marine Air Conditioners boast a 2-year warranty and are distributed by a large dealer network just as dedicated to their boaters as CTM.

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