Keep America Fishing: Action Alert!

Support Management Reform for Flounder, Scup, Black Sea Bass and Bluefish

Summer flounder, scup, black sea bass and bluefish are prized sportfish because they are incredibly fun to catch and great to eat. However, these fisheries are in need of management reform! TAKE ACTION AND CLICK HERE!

The Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission (ASMFC) and the Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council (MAFMC) are jointly considering changes to the process for setting recreational management measures like bag limits, size and season.

The current process has proved to be frustrating for anglers, mainly because it only considers recreational harvest data when setting measures. The proposed alternatives consider evaluating more information like how healthy the species is to help establish measures that better match the condition of the resource. Another goal is to bring stability to the regulations so that bag, size and season limits don’t change every year. Take the opportunity to tell managers that recreational management reform is needed today! TAKE ACTION

Other Ways You Can Help:Recognizing the importance of this action and the complexity and technical nature of this document, Keep America Fishing has created a guide to help the recreational fishing community participate in the public input process.

Using the guide, you can attend a public hearing to share your comments with your state representatives on ASMFC and the MAFMC members.

1 thought on “Keep America Fishing: Action Alert!

  1. Lyndon J Mayers

    Reduce minimum size on sea bass. Reduce bag limit if necessary. My catch last year saw 40 “shorts” to 1 keeper. Did all 40 shorts returned survive-hope so but not likely. If 10 percent perish why not reduce the size limit and urge anglers to then target scup or trigger fish. Sure wish the fluke would come back. Even short sea bass love clams and young lobsters. Most commercial shell fisherman I talk to cringe every time a short bass goes back. Thanks for all you do and thanks for the opportunity to have input. LJ Don Mayers

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