Introducing the New Shimano Stella SW Spinning Reel

When it comes to saltwater fishing, the right reel with the right features plays a big part for a successful day on the water. Shimano’s thorough understanding of this ‘right reel’ is made clear with the new, re-designed Stella SW 8000PG, 8000HG, 10000PG, 14000XG, now being introduced at sports shows from coast-to-coast and soon to be available from select tackle shops in mid-March.

The new reels will be at the centerpiece of Shimano’s product booth at the World Fishing & Outdoor Expo in Suffern, NY this weekend, the Saltwater Fishing Expo in Edison, NJ on March 15, and the New England Saltwater Fishing Show in Providence, RI. on March 22.

Joining Shimano’s proven cold-forged HAGANE Gears for lasting durability and smoothness and ultra-durable HAGANE Body, the four new Stella SW reels introduce Shimano’s new Infinity Drive technology and HeatSink Drag to serious saltwater anglers.

Shimano’s Infinity Drive improves the winding experience of these new Stella SW reels “through the use of new main shaft supporting structure to eliminate friction within the pinion gear,” explains Trey Epich with Shimano’s product development staff. “We are able to optimize the winding torque by 26-percent, taking these reels to the next level of incredibly smooth and light rotation when fighting a big striper, sailfish, tuna, or roosterfish.”

Especially when fighting bigger fish like yellowfin tuna and 50-pound-plus class stripers, anglers will quickly notice the advantages of Shimano’s HeatSink drag—offered on the Stella SW 10000PG and 14000XG. “With this new technology, we able to dissipate the heat build-up when hooked into a big fish to a special ‘heat sink’ insulation sheet, keeping heat away from the spool surface and drag washer where it can cause the drag to not function as needed,” said Epich. “Plus this also keeps heat off your line so you’ll see less line breakage.”

Below: See the Stella SW reels in action, as Captain Blaine Anderson – who’s appeared on OTW TV and on the cover of OTW magazine – as he puts the new Stella SW to work on marlin and grouper in Mexico.

Featuring Shimano’s proven Cross Carbon Drag, the Stella SW 8000 size reels, both the 4.9:1 gear ratio PG version and 5.6:1 gear ratio XG version, are designed for use with braided line only. “With the drastic reduction in weight to these reels over past versions with our new lightweight spool design, braided line won’t spread and retract like monofilament,” Epich explains.

To handle the effects of saltwater on the reels, the new Stella SW models feature an IPX8-reated waterproof body. “When you add in the reliability from Shimano’s cold-forging capabilities with our HAGANE Gear and HAGANE Body design, durability from our IPX8 waterproof body and our X-Protect labyrinth design construction that offers exceptional water resistance and prevents water intrusion, along with power from the HeatSink Drag and smooth operation from our Infinity Drive, anglers easily can see why we say our Stella reels have no rivals in the saltwater fishing world,” said Epich. “We aim to excel in three key areas – durability, power and operability, and this new Shimano technology and design features found in the Stella SW 8000PG, 8000HG, 10000PG and 14000XG all come together to reach our goal in developing the most durable and strongest reels in the fishing industry.”

Both handling up to 215-yards of PowerPro braid, the Stella SW 8000PG reels in 37-inches of line per crank, while the faster 8000HG cranks in 42-inches. Thee Stella SW 1000PG has a 4.9:1 gear ratio to retrieve in 40-inches of line per crank and can handle up to 215 yards of 80-pound PowerPro or 220 yards of 20-pound mono.

A size known for its popularity among Cape Cod Canal anglers, the Stella SW 14000XG has the capacity to handle 240 yards of 80-pound test PowerPro or 260-yards of 20-pound mono and has a 6.2:1 gear ratio to pull in 53-inches of line per crank.


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