ICAST 2019: Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 360 Series

Hobie MirageDrive 360

Introducing the 360-Degree Rotating Pedal Drive and Kick-Up Fins on 2020 Hobie Mirage Pro Angler™ 360 Series

Hobie MirageDrive 360 Technology Delivers Full-Circle Power

Two decades ago, Hobie revolutionized kayak fishing with the invention of the original MirageDrive. The radical engineering feat was met with worldwide acclaim and leg-propulsion became the new standard for kayak fishing locomotion.

Hobie knew improving on its revolutionary MirageDrive wouldn’t be easy, but they weren’t deterred. Six years in the making, for 2020, Hobie is proud to announce the 360-degree rotating pedal drive—an all-new paradigm in kayak fishing boat control, complete with a nearly 100-page patent registration.

Put simply, the remarkable new Hobie MirageDrive 360 propulsion system is a 360-degree rotating pedal drive that allows anglers to easily maneuver their 2020 Mirage Pro Angler 360 12 and 2020 Mirage Pro Angler 360 14 fishing kayak in every direction—backwards, forward, sideways, diagonally—or even effortlessly spin on its own access. Upping the ante with all-new Kick-Up Fins, which automatically retract upon impact, the new MirageDrive 360 delivers precision boat control and close-quarter maneuverability. With the MirageDrive 360, anglers go where they want and fish how they want with total control and complete confidence.

Boat control is brought to an entirely new level, affording anglers the ability to surgically position themselves to make the best cast and presentation to the fish, as well as staying right on top of fish once found, shallow or deep or anywhere in between.

The MirageDrive 360 allows access to tighter quarters and more fishing scenarios. Imagine being able to turn on a dime in every direction. It also allows you to follow shorelines or underwater structure in a way kayak anglers have never experienced.

“The MirageDrive 360 completely changes how you engage with your boat and the environment,” says Philip Dow, Lead Design Engineer for Hobie. “For example, if you’re fishing along a shoreline or highly contoured underwater structure, you can follow those nuances exactly with boat placement. Similarly, with the Kick-Up Fins, shallow and structure-filled waters become far more manageable. Hobie’s MirageDrive 360 completely redefines boat control.”

He continues: “In the same way a trolling motor can hold an exact point, you can do that with the MirageDrive 360. You can hold an exact location and direction against a wind or a current, too. Previously, when you drifted out of position, you had to pedal in a circle to point the hull in the right direction between casts. Now, when you’re sitting idle, if you turn the drive and start to pedal you’re immediately turning. It’s extremely effective for place-holding in an exact location. You feel like a sniper. If you want to swing the bow past a rock, you can do it exactly and make your next cast without any unnecessary boat movement.”

Designed to accept Hobie’s vast array of accessories, the Pro Angler 360 series fishing kayaks can be easily outfitted with additional angling equipment.

“In every environment there’s the need for better control in order to position yourself to present your bait to the fish in the most natural way possible,” says Morgan Promnitz, Hobie’s Sr. Fishing Brand Manager. “Whether you’re fishing offshore, inshore, or freshwater, the benefits are numerous. We’ve tested the boats in a multitude of fishing environments and our test team response has all been the same—the MirageDrive 360 gives anglers a huge advantage that results in more fish caught, period.”

“The Kick-Up Fins add peace of mind to anglers exploring waters with submerged objects such as rocks or tree stumps because the fins will automatically retract upon impacting an object. This greatly reduces any chance or damaging the propulsion system and allows anglers to explore with confidence—no more damaged props or bent fins.”

The new Hobie Pro Angler 360 Series can be purchased at your local authorized Hobie dealer. The Mirage Pro Angler 12 with 360 Technology is offered at an introductory MSRP of $4,649; the Hobie Pro Angler 14 360 has an introductory MSRP of $4,799 (excluding taxes and shipping). Available Fall 2019.


Learn More about the Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 360 Series at Hobie.com

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  1. O’nile Johnson

    hey looing at this new boat I’m wondering about my size I’m a big boy 300 plus would I have a problem in this boat wit a few accessories like the H/bar live well and the Bixby trolling motor just to name a few mainly offshore fishing

  2. Evan barnett

    You are looking at a lot of weight with the accessories.
    You would have to be a young strong bull to heft it for
    Transport. Heavier is not always better.

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