Get Started: Albie Addiction

One hit and you’ll be hooked. The first time one of these tiny tunas makes your drag sing as it takes a sizzling run, you’ll begin looking forward to the short albie season all year long. They bring a taste of offshore fishing to inshore, light-tackle fishermen, allowing kayak, surf, and small-boat anglers to experience the power and speed of a tuna.

Albie Gear

St. Croix Avid Inshore VIS70MF

St Croix Avid Inshore VIS70MF
The fast action of the Avid Inshore VIS70MF makes for long casts when albies pop up, and the rod is extremely light in hand, so you won’t mind blind-casting all day long when the fish aren’t showing. Rated for 3/8- to 3/4-ounce lures, you’ll have no trouble casting all the must-have albie lures.

Long Cast Plastics Albie Snax

Long Cast Plastics Albie Snax
Weightless soft-plastic lures are the secret weapons of albie addicts when the bite gets tough. The challenge is that these speedy fish tend to pop up outside the casting range of most soft plastics. Long Cast Plastics Albie Snax weigh ½ ounce when rigged weightless, and when worked by twitching the rod quick, dance across the surface, triggering savage strikes, even from finicky albies.

Fin Nor Lethal 25

Fin-Nor Lethal 25

Thanks to the Fin-Nor Magnum Drag carbon-fiber drag, the palm-sized Lethal 25 packs 20 pounds of drag pressure, making it a sweet match for the Avid Inshore and the perfect reel for feeding your albie addiction. Corrosion protection keeps it safe from saltwater spray, and the aluminum body and side plate keep the reel intact when a hooked false albacore takes off.

Deadly Dick #3/4L and #1L

Deadly Dick #3/4L-and #1L
This classic albie lure still draws bites from the speedsters. The slim profile mimics baitfish like spearing, sand eels, and anchovies, and a holographic decal catches the eyes of these predators. The most popular sizes for albies are the #3/4L and #1L, and both cast well to reach distant feeds.

Daddy Mac Bonito/Albie Jig

Daddy Mac Bonito Albie Jig
“I caught a false albacore on my first cast with the Daddy Mac Bonito/Albie Jig. I tossed it next to a school of peanut bunker with no albies showing, just to see how the lure swam. I never got the chance, as an albie hammered it immediately. The Bonito/Albie jig casts very well for its size and comes in four holographic colors that albies love. When tied directly and retrieved quickly, it frantically kicks, occasionally breaking the surface like a fleeing baitfish.”
-Jimmy Fee, editor

Spiderwire Stealth Blue Camo Braid

Spiderwire Stealth Blue Camo Braid

$18 (200-yard spool of 20-pound test);

The alternating blue/white/black color pattern breaks up the profile of the Spiderwire Stealth Blue Camo Braid in open water, making it difficult to detect by keen-eyed predators like false albacore. The thin diameter, strength, and lack of stretch make it a good line for long casts to fast-moving fish.

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  1. tim shaw

    gotta throw the loomis E6X on here for the alberts. awesome tip, throws a small plastic just as nicely as a bigger metal

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