Four Loop Knots You Need to Know

For surf, inshore, and bottom fishermen, try these four knots to make an endless variety of rigs.

Surgeon’s Loop

Uses: Creating a sinker loop at the terminal end of a bottom-fishing rig.

Surgeon’s Loop
The surgeon’s loop is an easy-to-tie knot for creating larger loops to attach sinkers to the end of a length of leader. It can also be used to create a longer, doubled length of line for rigs like the Belmar rig, but due to the bulkier nature of the knot, it is not intended to be reeled through the guides.

Perfection Loop

Uses: Creating a secure loop for pre-snelled hooks, adding small barrel swivels.

Perfection Loop
The perfection loop forms a small loop at the end of a leader. It can be used to finish off pre-snelled hooks or as a way to securely attach smaller barrel swivels to the ends of leaders used while surfcasting with lures.

Non-Slip Mono Loop

Uses: Attaching lures or flies to a leader.

Non-Slip Mono Loop
When tying lures and flies directly to the leader (without the aid of a split ring or snap), most offerings benefit from a connection that provides a larger range of motion, like the non-slip mono loop. Tied small, this loop knot creates a stealthy connection while allowing the lure or fly to swim freely and more naturally. Despite the name, this loop works equally well with monofilament and fluorocarbon.

Dropper Loop

Uses: Creating attachment points for hooks, jigs, or teasers in the middle of a leader. Essential to high-low and other bottom-fishing rigs.

Dropper Loop
When creating bottom-fishing rigs like the high-low rig, the dropper loop creates an offshoot of doubled line in the middle of a leader onto which hooks, jigs, or flies/teasers can be looped. The additional stiffness provided by this doubled line helps keep the hooks or lures away from the leader, reducing tangles.

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  1. William Statie

    Thanks for the opportunity to participate! I always look forward to reading “On the Water”….great work.

  2. Rev.

    Non-Slip Mono Loop, and perfection are favorites. also use the perfection either with a single hook, jig etc Sometimes it is a comparable split ring that then gets hook, jig or lure.

  3. Danny D Morales

    Always appreciate new knots to learn. Always been interesting and fun to try

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