Fluke Records

Doormat fluke fight as good as they taste. Have you ever caught a monster flatfish that rivals these world and state records?

World Record

World Record Fluke Charles Nappi
Bob Sansonetti from Freeport Bait and Tackle, a friend of Charlie Nappi’s, holds the mount of the Fluke Duke’s 22.44-pound world record doormat. Nappi caught the monster summer flattie at Montauk in 1975. Photo by Tom Schlichter. (outdoortom.com)

Captain Charles Nappi from Hicksville N.Y. holds the current fluke world record. Captain Nappi was fishing off of Montauk in 1975 when he landed his gigantic 22-pound, 4-ounce flatfish. Nappi’s record was almost dethroned in 2007 by Monica Oswald.

Monica landed a monster 24-pound fluke. However, the IGFA disqualified her catch after disclosing that she rested her rod on a railing during the fight. Oswald’s catch would have eclipsed the current record by just under 2 pounds. 


In 2013, Tobey Sweet reeled in a 14.85-pound fluke, measuring 31 inches in length. Sweet was fishing an incoming tide when he caught the record fluke while drifting a whole squid rigged with a white skirt.


Joseph Czapiga caught the Massachusetts state Record in 1980. Czapiga was fishing off Nomans island when he hooked into his monster fluke. The flatfish weighed 21 pounds and 8 ounces, only a pound shy of the 1975 world record. 

New Jersey

Walter Lubin caught the New Jersey state record fluke in 1953. Lubin was fishing off Cape May when he pulled his 19-pound 12-ounce doormat off the bottom and into his boat. 

Rhode Island 

G. Farmer holds the Rhode Island state record. Farmer was fishing the Narrow River in 1962 when he landed his doormat. The fluke weighed in at 17 pounds and 8 ounces. 

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