Long Island Fishing Report – June 30, 2022

  • Epic Worm Hatch with 50-Pound Bass on North shore.
  • Bunker schools arrived. There are some big striped bass working them.
  • Surfcasting has been outstanding around this moon.
  • Giant threshers being caught with regularity.
  • Swordfish in the Canyon.
  • Great bottom fishing all around the island.


Alex caught this beautiful fluke with Northport Charters

Jerry Ruff of Fish Your Way started this week with a bang, having an excellent fly-fishing session in the armpit where the jetty meets the beach. Fluke and stripers were all but blitzing, in a high energy session I’m certain he won’t soon forget.

He switched over to the freshwater mid-week to target bass. The bass weren’t exactly cooperating so he picked a bunch of panfish like bluegills and perch to use for catfishing cut baits. The fish were hungry, and he spent most of the afternoon with his rod bent on different catfish species.

Jerry got back to the salt the other day to target whatever might bite at the jetty. He used the fly rod to toss a pink half-and-half to a couple nice stripers and a good mix of fluke. Peanut bunker were coming in and out of casting distance, with some birds working them. 

Bay Park Fishing Station in Oceanside reports:

Team “Fighting Irish” won the Hooks for Heroes Point Lookout Shark Tournament this past weekend. Capt. Kenny Owens fought the 418-pound shark for the 40-minute fight. They fished 12 miles south of Jones Inlet.

The Capt Lou Fleet in Freeport reports:

Whale watching is going swimmingly. There must be lots of life around. Dana T. got some insanely crisp pictures of them and dolphins the other day. Check them out on our “Long Island Whale and Seal Watching” Facebook page.

Jeff from Capital Tackle won the pool on Tuesday with a 5.34-pound fluke from the ocean. We’re running ocean wreck trips for fluke and other trips for Black Sea bass. 

Any questions, give Captain Willie a call at 631-830-5251.

The author caught this slot-sized striper on a Holy Moley sand flea fly.

Point Lookout’s Superhawk put their clients on a plethora of fluke and sea bass this week. They are sailing every day for sea bass, fluke, ling, porgies and more. Call for info: (516) 607-3004

Captree’s Laura Lee reports:

Sea bass fishing has been absolute mayhem, with hundreds and hundreds of fish coming up each day. Friday’s tally came to almost 1,350 sea bass caught by the end of the day. Insane. Everything else you can imagine is coming up, from cod, ling, fluke, sea robin,s and porgies, to mackerel, tog, lobster, squid, stargazers and bluefish.

Wednesday morning saw 750 big sea bass, 25 porgies, and two sea robins on the 7am trip. 8am caught 66 fluke and 17 sea robins. 1pm caught 350 sea bass, 200 porgies, 10 ling, 2 cod, and 3 sea robins. 2pm had 15 fluke, 3 blues, 26 sea robins, and 69 dogfish. Nice. The 6pm trip caught 55 sea bass, 79 porgies and 1 sea robin. The 7pm trip caught 235 sea bass, 287 porgies, 4 codfish and 3 ling. Some mixed bags, huh?!

A fly-caught keeper fluke from the sand.

Mark at Cow Harbor Bait & Tackle in Northport reports:

We’ve got fresh clams and bunker bagged up and ready for fishing. They’re driving the fish crazy.

Fresh chunks are doing it for the bass, clams are doing it for the sea bass, porgies and other species. There are some seriously big bass being reported locally.

Cloudy, windy days are probably the highest potential days right now, cooling the water down and reintroducing some extra oxygen, riling the fish up. The back waters are going to be a little higher temperature-wise, but the fish are back there.

Dave Flanagan of “North Island Fly” in Northport reports:

The fishing this past week continued with the trend of big bluefish out in open water, a mix of medium sized blues and larger bass in the boulder fields, and plenty of schoolie action in the back bays. The new moon in June usually draws in some huge bass and excellent bluefishing; this year followed suit. On Tuesday we had nonstop action with gator blues to 15 pounds, and a few large bass following our offerings up from the deep.

Wednesday morning, we came upon the most epic worm hatch, maybe of all time. As far as the eye could see, there were giant swarms of cinder worms right on the surface, with XL stripers happily feeding. These bass all weight over 25 pounds, and some of the fish we saw had to be pushing the 50-pound mark. Usually we see some smaller fish during the worm hatch, but with the influx of big fish this spring, this bite was one to remember. Ricky used an 8-weight fly rod to bring a fish just under 30 pounds to hand.

The fishing hasn’t slowed any, and I still have dates in July, even around the full and new moon. I’m expecting to see more worm hatches. I’ll now be running trips on my Maverick skiff as well as my brand new Pair Customs 21 DV.

Check out Dave’s website to book him for a charter at www.northislandfly.com.

Captain Stu Paterson of “Northport Charters” reports: 

The fishing the past week has been good. Our fishing camp and our charters have both been picking away at fluke up there. They are still getting some nice porgies, and pretty darn consistently. Plenty of food to take home. There’s lots of life in the LI Sound still, and the aggressive 10 pound bluefish showed up, so they’re adding a little excitement to the mix.

Call/text Stu at 631-707-3266 or check out Stu’s website to book a trip: northportcharters.com.

The Celtic Quest Fishing Fleet of Port Jefferson reports:

Yesterday was a grind when we started around 5, but a couple of good drops and that was quickly forgotten! We had nice steady action with mixed sized porgies and small sea bass. Our morning trip was equally picky, but we picked a bunch of nice fish to take home for dinner.

The day prior, a few blackfish took the hook intended for porgies! We ended up releasing those togs. Weakfish have also made a guest appearance.

They’re running a special extended east end sea bass trip this Friday. 

Book today at www.celticquestfishing.com.

Capt. Phil of Fishy Business in Orient had an awesome week, catching limits of stripers, bluefish and more. There’s a good pick of slot stripers up there.. There have been loads of fat sea bass, with a ton of shorts to release. Fluke have mixed up the bag occasionally, but the main show is the striper bite. There are overs and under, as well as keepers. Last but not least was the scup, rounding out a nice catch. The perfect weather and great fishing made it a perfect week.

Fishing Vessel Whitewater picked their first swordfish of the season the other day out at the Canyon. The large sword was an awesome way to christen their new rig!

The Shinnecock Star in Hampton Bays reports:

There’s been a great bite in the skinny water, where the fluke are lying in wait. It’s not deep water either. One fluke ate a fish bite on a hook with a fluke ribbon in just 8 feet of water. The best bite of the season occurred just two days ago. It was all quality fish, with limits around the boat, and then some. Fish were caught on simple rigs with spearing, or swinging jigs with bait. John M. had five on a teaser tipped with spearing.

Call Capt. John for trip info and reservations: 631-728-4563.

The Hampton Lady of Hampton Bays reports:

Fluking has been awesome this week, with plenty of quality fish coming over the rail. Young Lucas was in for a surprise when a 45 inch striped bass swallowed his sea bass on the way up! The striper ended up hitting the deck, and the fish was literally bigger than the angler who caught it! Congrats Lucas!

Montauk’s Viking Fleet reports:

It was a good week of fishing for the fleet, with consistent sea bass and fluke action throughout. Limits of porgies were attained, and the rod was consistently bent on the moving tides. As is typical, the slack tides saw the least amount of action… but when it was on, it was on!

Call the office to book at 631-668-5700, or book online at vikingfleet.com.

Chris Albronda from Montauk reports:
It was another exceptional week with the striped bass. We had multiple fish over 50 pounds on light tackle. A light tackle fisherman’s dream. Gigantic bluefish are in the mix and a 20-pounder is definitely on the table every tide.
The Miss Montauk has had some monster doormat fluke this week. Monday is looking mint and they have availability call to reserve your spot for July 4
631-668-1545. Chris will be there!
Shark fishing is picking up; there’s a lot of big makos, and threshers tipped the scales at the marine basin tournament.
Black Sea bass and gigantic porgies are available.
Chris is booking twilight trips from 4:15pm-8:15 pm for striped bass or bottom fishing.

Long Island Fishing Forecast

The whole island is on fire! Fishing-wise, don’t panic. Rejoice!

With incredible worm hatches on the north shore, and a mix of fish on bunker schools along the south shore, there is no better time to go fishing than TODAY! Get out there.

Let me just tell you a bit about my week. It was the best fly-fishing week I’ve ever had. It’s all been in the ocean surf, and it’s all been on my Holy Moley crab fly. I put my technique (which you can read about in the June issue of On The Water) to the test every day in different conditions. It worked in the rain, in murky water, midday in the hot sun in gin clear water, while the sun rose and while it set, at high tide and low tide. The only time it didn’t work was on a moving tide. I was sight fishing the surf yesterday, and the stripers decided to hang out in the rip at that point. I casted to them, and killed the presentation, but all the fish did was sniff it. Those were the biggest fish I saw too. They followed it to the beach and never hit it.

The fish appeared curious, but maybe not hungry. I watched them a while, and their behavior changed entirely. They weren’t just chilling in the rip’s pit, they were riding the waves into the beach and then swimming back out. It looked like they were body surfing, and I have a good feeling that is EXACTLY what they were doing. Slack tide produces the least productive feeding segment of the day. Feed during the productive hours, and then take a break and ride some waves during the least productive time. Not a bad lifestyle.

I’ve seen videos of whales bodysurfing; I have bodysurfed with dolphins; seals do it, and I reckon fish do it as well. They actually incorporate the method into their feeding routine, but I now believe that sometimes they just do it purely for fun.

So THAT was cool.

Even cooler was sight-casting to these fish and watching them come in to investigate, then feeling the hit. I had fish to the upper teens this week, all on the fly. I caught three keeper fluke, and a couple of shorts. I recorded it all on GoPro and will be putting those videos up on my youtube. I also got some sweet drone footage of the endeavor, and I created a video which utilizes both the GoPro footage and the drone footage simultaneously. You can get a very good idea of how to do my technique if you watch these videos and pay close attention. Like I said, I fished in a bunch of different conditions this week, using the same method successfully every time. I’ll post footage of all that. It helped people catch more fish this week, and I’m sure it will help YOU get more next week, especially if you’re gonna try your hand at fly fishing the surf. No fishing is better than proper surf fly fishing. Keep your eye out for those videos, and enjoy the first one for now:

Surf Fly Fish – Nymphing Stripers/Fluke on a Crab Fly

Moving forward, we’ve got some consistency in the weather forecast. The surf has been calm and it should remain that way. It should also remain fishy. I actually think it’s going to get much fishier. I’ve seen my first signs of bunker on the beach. I expect their numbers to multiply exponentially. Keep an eye out. I’ll have some crazy summer footage coming your way in no time.

Go get ‘em y’all. Tight lines.

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  1. Hank Arkin

    How can you include Laura Lee as a reliable source. Everyone at caterer know their numbers are exaggerated beyond any stretch of the imagination. I am a witness to their vivid imagination and lies

    1. peter okeefe

      thats sad Hank..and you are right. Captree is taking a bad hit too as I had a bad trip on the pride long ago.

  2. peter okeefe

    Great report and thanx. I have found the Captain of the Superhawk Steve to be a generous Captain who will put in the time for his customers. I fish only his boat.

  3. Paul

    WHERE on the N.shore can I connect with Porgies from the Shore? Taking the kids tomorrw, So a Quick reply would really be appreciated.

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