Long Island Fishing Report- June 2, 2022

The action is everywhere this week, from quality fluke fishing reports to gator bluefish on the fly.

(Above) Dual keeper fluke coming over the rail aboard Point Lookout’s Superhawk! 

Long Island Fishing Report

  • Montauk striper fishing is reaching a climax, with some of the best jigging anglers have seen in years. Big bass chewed along the south shore all through the moon. 
  • Piles of jumbo scup on the north shore. 
  • Weakfish bite remains strong. Plenty of tiderunners being caught this year.

Jerry Ruff of Fish Your Way found himself running up and down the jetty, chasing blitzing bluefish this week. That man can move! When he’d see a flock of birds, he’d sprint at em and try to get his tin under them. The 5-8 pound choppers couldn’t refuse his diamond jig. The fish would spit up bay anchovies when he got them in. Tim joined Jerry at the pier one day early in the week to target fluke and bluefish.  The guys ended up coining the term “Bluke,” which described Tim’s double header of a bluefish and a fluke!

Josh at Gypsea Charters in Howard Beach reports:

“We saw a solid week of fluke fishing, with plenty of keepers hitting the deck. Jeff culled a nine pound doormat this week. It seems a new wave of fish moved into the bay, greeting happy anglers. It seems more bait has moved in as well, and we’re poised to experience some great fishing as the summer approaches. We’re sailing daily from 6:30am -1:30pm out of Queens, with reservations a must.” Call/text 516-659-3814 for details.

Bay Park Fishing Station in Oceanside reports:

“Lloyd Malsin of Nansea II put two of the biggest bass he’s ever caught on the boat this Sunday. They were quickly released to fight another day. Jim Mooney of Miss Bev got out on Sunday too, but to target fluke. He fished the outgoing on the west side of AB bridge and brought home a 3.65 pound fluke.”

The Capt Lou Fleet in Freeport has been targeting a tough fluke bite in the bay. It finally turned around this MDW, and anglers did very well on the flatfish. There were shorts galore and a good amount of keepers; some anglers caught their limit.

Lindenhurst Bait & Tackle reports:

“Quality stripers are hanging at the bridges, the mouths of canals on the bay’s north side, inside Democrat Point, off Sore Thumb, and just outside both inlets. Another body of huge stripers (50-60 pounds) is headed this way from out west.”

Captree’s Laura Lee got into some solid fishing this whole week. Day 1 saw 39 fluke, 17 bluefish and 1 croaker. Friday morning’s anglers boated 43 fluke and 6 sea robins. The night trip caught 18 stripers (keeping 13), 4 bluefish and 1 fluke. Saturday the weakfish began coming up. Bluefish, fluke and striper fishing remained strong all throughout the day. Stripers started to come in a little larger on Sunday night, with the biggest going 35 inches. The bluefish remained ever present, and fluking was consistent. Monday saw a good amount of fluke to 4.5 pounds. 1 mackerel came up, and just two striped bass fro the day. They did catch 41 sea bass though. Tuesday afternoon produced 10 weakfish, 4 fluke and 1 bluefish. 35 fluke were caught that morning. Wednesday’s 6am trip had 21 anglers; they caught 190 red hake, 210 sea bass, 2 tog, 10 ocean pout and 4 cunner. The 1pm trip caught 2 fluke, 13 weakfish, 2 bluefish and 4 sea robins.

Bill at Chasing Tails Bait and Tackle in Oakdale reports:

“Bluefish action is the talk of the town, with busted gear and lost lures being the main focus! There are lots of large yellow-eyed demons perusing the bay and demolishing everything in their path. Fish in the double digits are common, and there are plenty of them in the 5-8 pound range. Despite the influx of monster blues, the bass action continues to be some of the best in many springs. Slot and over-slot fish are common during the day, especially in the early morning and late evening, and well into dark. Most anglers are reporting the same thing: bluefish blitzes mid-tide, then more bass as the tide settles out. I’ve been having incredible luck in the mornings, fishing through the flats and shallows with topwater presentations. The bass are big, and very healthy. The blues have such ferocious takes and thrashing jumps, plus their ability to make even the tightest drag scream, some of the larger ones can be harder to land. 

Fluke action has been great lately. Bucktails tipped with a Gulp or Fat Cow strip jigged through the channels and flats will have you hooked up all day. Word is  there are plenty of keepers around, and they’re loving bright colors like orange, pink, and chartreuse. Weakfish reports are holding steady, especially the folks heading out super early on those morning tides. Target them with light rods, and small jigs. Anything in the pink, red, and purple spectrum will get smashed up. Porgy reports on the north shore are widespread, and the south shore jetties are loaded up with solid pork chops as well. 

Freshwater action is consistent with the usual spring fishing. Yellow perch and sunfish are schooled up and eating like crazy. They’ll take small in-line spinners and jigs, and of course the time tested worm and bobber rig. They’re a ton of fun for everyone, especially on light tackle. Crappie action is very good this year, with reports of plenty of fish and some over 12 inches. Pickerel are roaming the banks looking to crush baitfish and will eat anything shiny or swimmy. Bass season is still closed, so leave them be for now. The season opens on the 15th of this month.”

Bill Falco with a nice striper caught earlier this week.

Surfcasting guide Bernie Bass had himself some fun with the bluefish during Memorial Day weekend. He found stripers at night while throwing chartreuse lures, and the blues couldn’t say no to his bucktails during the day. He even had some fluke take a big SP minnow! The bite was consistent throughout the week. He’s going to be targeting some larger bass this week.

The Celtic Quest Fishing Fleet of Port Jefferson found heaps of large porgies this week, along with some slot stripers for their anglers to take home. A huge pod of dolphins greeted us as we travelled home from Jamesport one day. Hard-pulling bluefish kept anglers heart rates up when the scup fishing slowed down. Our last day in Jamesport was earlier this week. Book today at www.celticquestfishing.com.

Big porgies coming over the rail on the Celtic Quest.

Mark at Cow Harbor Bait & Tackle in Northport reports:

“This MDW bite was excellent! There were bluefish galore, taking topwater plugs. Huge bass have been getting caught out in the Sound on the reg. Make sure you get out there ASAP! Guys on the north shore are saying it’s the best striper season we’ve seen in some time. We’re fully stocked with Magictail mojos and kill shot jig heads, which are perfect tools with which you can target these trophy bass.”

Dave Flanagan of “North Island Fly” in Northport reports:

‘This week I took a little break from the inshore fishing to target larger fish on the bunker schools, and my clients were rewarded handsomely. The amount of gator bluefish is on par with what we saw last year, if not better. We’ve already had fish to 16 pounds on topwater spin and fly gear. There are some giant bass in the Sound as well.

Saturday morning I took out Andrew Desimone from the Patriots Fishing Club, along with his mother Kristen and sister Abby. Our goal was to connect with some large stripers and bluefish on light tackle. Andrew was first on the board with a 28 pound bass, but his 13 year old sister had to show him up with a 46 inch striper! The big girl took a super strike little neck popper. They tallied a few more stripers and bluefish to 16 pounds before calling it a trip. On my other trips, we continued to chase the bunker schools, landing numerous bass to thirty pounds and blues to 15 pounds. June should provide some awesome fishing and probably July too. Water temps are just hovering above 60 in the Sound. Get your dates booked now for July before it’s too late.” Check out Dave’s website to book him for a charter at www.northislandfly.com.

This healthy striper was caught caught today! (@northislandfly)

The Shinnecock Star in Hampton Bays reports:

“Good porgy and weakfish fishing met us in the peconics this weekend, and we expect the fluking in shinnecock to be great this week. We will be targeting fluke until this Friday. Bluefish have been keeping us busy through any lulls.” Call Capt. John for trip info and reservations: 631-728-4563.

Montauk’s Viking Fleet reports:

“Monday’s half-day trip boated a variety of species, including fluke, stripers, bluefish porgies and sea bass. Action was a bit on the slower side though. Jamie Showers from Rye took the pool with a beautiful 12 pound striper. Porgy fishing was awesome that day. The biggest one weighed in at 3.5 pounds. We also landed a couple keeper fluke. We caught stripers from 24 inches to 35 pounds this Sunday, from the first drift to the last. Some big bruiser blues were in the mix. This is some of the best jigging we’ve seen in years. The Fivestar got out on Sunday for a half day trip. We caught an over-slot bass, some cod and sea bass. Some other fish came up that were out of season.”

Chris Albronda from Montauk reports:

“I’ve been fishing Montauk for 32 years, and never before have I experienced such awesome striped bass fishing. They are eating everything from metals to flies to bucktails. I lost count how many slot-sized fish I caught this weekend, not to mention the handful of over-slots. Bottom fishing has finally picked up. The fluke have invaded the rips and plenty of fish are getting caught. Codfish have been plentiful as well, and black sea bass are of the jumbo variety. I’ve got Sunday open for light tackle striped bass and fluke fishing.” Reach out on Instagram to @montauk_fishing.

Bill Wetzel of the Surf Rats Ball fished last Thursday night with Brad M. They ventured to the south side after striking out on a hope that blues would be thick on the north side. The rocks didn’t disappoint. A gold super strike darter pulled two solid fish to about 20+ pounds for Brad. Bill got a slot fish on a black/gold darter. Brad ended up getting two more fish before calling it a night. Bill reckons this bite was catalyzed by porgies. Bobby fished the peconics a few days before the new moon. He smacked a bunch of solid stripers to 42 inches, and a few gator blues in the mix. The fish were keyed in on super strike darters. Subscribe today at www.longislandsurffishing.com.

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Long Island Fishing Forecast

I’m just so happy MDW is over. That’s the toughest week of the year for me. Work is nonstop, everybody is in panic mode, and huge fish are being caught while I’m slaving away.

Like I said last week, such is life.

For someone who regularly fishes 7 days a week, it’s remarkable how just taking a single day off can ruin my mojo. I pulled a 5am-midnight work shift one day, so there was no chance for fishing. The next 2 days I got skunked. It took some time to shake the rust off, but I finally got me a bass and some sea robins on the third day. Another remarkable thing is how whenever I want to target bluefish, they refuse to show up; then, whenever I want to target bass specifically, I’m getting all my paddle tails ripped to bits by gators. I just couldn’t win this week.

I’m feeling good about the week ahead though. My guys have been staying on them strong, so I just need to get out there at the right time and place.

Jimmy with a 25 pounder.
Andrew with a gator on the fly.

One very positive note is that there are quite a few “right places” right now. Montauk has been hot, the peconics are alive, the north shore is producing, and anywhere west of me is certainly seeing the same success. It seems to me that the lion’s share of fish have moved to the outer boundaries of the bays, i.e. the inlets.

One of my favorite things going on right now is the weakfish bite. I’ve seen them in both the surf and the bays, although the bay is definitely the play. I’m going to be targeting them this week on the night tides. Where they hold, there’s a good chance there are some big stripers holding too. A bunch of sharps are suggesting that this big bass bite is primarily porgy-fueled, so whip out your gold and dark-backed plugs for a chance at a screamer.

Bunker are beginning to move into the beaches by me. I haven’t seen much on them besides dolphins, but I’ve been seeing some awesome whale breach videos coming from the Jones Beach area this week. I am expecting this year to be epic, in terms of the coastal wildlife… last year was nothing short of that, and this year is shaping up well. We shall see.

Besides that, I don’t have a ton to say for once! I did put a bunch of videos up on my Youtube and Instagram this week, so I’ll let those talk for me. There’s some good info in those videos, so definitely check them out! 

Most importantly, get out and fish! Have fun, and tight lines.

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