Pennsylvania Fishing Report – January 6, 2022

Rainbow trout

Northwest Region

Mandatory Cold Weather Life Jacket Wear
Mandatory cold weather life jacket wear began on November 1st. This means that a person must wear a US Coast Guard approved personal flotation device (PFD or life jacket) while underway or at anchor on boats less than 16 feet in length or any canoe or kayak from November 1st through April 30th.

Crawford County

Woodcock Creek Lake

Anglers are catching Smallmouth Bass, panfish, and Walleye.

Woodcock Creek

Anglers are catching Muskellunge, Walleye, and panfish below the dam.

French Creek

Anglers are catching Smallmouth Bass, Walleye, and panfish. Reminder to boaters using the PFBC access to the creek- boats must be properly registered before using any PFBC access. Also, be sure to have all required safety equipment on board prior to the start of your float.

Canadohta Lake

Anglers are catching Muskellunge, Walleye, and panfish. The lake is drawn down for winter.

Sugar Lake

Anglers are catching panfish, Chain Pickerel, Bowfin, and Largemouth Bass.

Tamarack Lake

The lake is open to hunters, boaters, and anglers. A reminder to anglers that the lake is still listed as Catch and Release Only. Anglers are catching Largemouth Bass and panfish from the docks.

Venango County

Allegheny River

Anglers are catching Walleye throughout the Venango County stretches of the Allegheny River, especially between Oil City and Franklin.

French Creek

Anglers are catching Walleye in the Franklin area of French Creek using shiners and jigs.

Oil Creek

Walleye anglers are targeting the stream’s lower reaches, particularly between Cherry Run and its confluence with the Allegheny River.

Justus Lake

Anglers are catching Rainbow Trout, in the 16” range, around the southern boat launch.

Watercraft operators should be aware that the ice control device spanning the Allegheny River, upstream of the State Street (Veteran’s) Bridge, in the city of Oil City, is in place. Boaters are urged to use caution when operating in this area!

Northcentral Region

NOTE – The main parking area at Fisherman’s Paradise will be closed between 6 PM Sunday evening until 4 PM Friday afternoon from Jan 2nd thru June 24th, 2022 to accommodate the ongoing Waterways Conservation Officer Cadet Training. Although the facility will be open to the public, parking will be limited to auxiliary lots outside the gated area.

Tioga County

Nessmuk Lake

Nessmuk Lake is ** OPEN TO HARVEST** under special regulations which include Panfish enhancement for Sunfish and Crappie, and Big Bass for Largemouth and Smallmouth. Regulation signs have been posted around access points to the lake and anglers are encouraged to become familiar with the regulations before their fishing trip to the lake.

Tioga River

Anglers are currently having success targeting Walleye and Perch throughout the river. Most success is coming in the vicinity of the spillway using a live fathead minnow fished under a bobber. A break in the cold is the best time to find success for the Walleye. Anglers are also reminded to please dispose of all fish parts, including entrails, into an appropriate disposal container. Do not dump carcasses onto the riverbank or into the river.

Cameron and Clinton Counties

Kettle Creek Reservoir (Clinton County) and George B. Stevenson Reservoir (Cameron County)

Kettle Creek Reservoir (Clinton County) and George B. Stevenson Reservoir (Cameron County) are typically good ice fishing destinations, when they get ice. The ice season is seemingly not going to arrive this year with the oddly warm weather we’ve had in the area, however, if/when we do get ice it is good practice to make sure the ice is safe. Typically, four inches of ice is considered safe ice. It is also good practice to bring your ice awls and float coat or float suit if you have one. If we do get good ice this season and you go out to get some fishing in, stay safe, and take the proper safety precautions before heading out.

Northeastern Region

Wayne County

The district is cooling down. The water is not frozen, so trout fishing is still popular at Upper Woods Pond. With some of these warmer days fly fishing has been a great way to enjoy the weather at the Upper Delaware River. Many anglers are getting ready for the water to freeze over, excited for the famous ice fishing in the region

Carbon County

Although the colder weather has arrived, a few anglers are continuing to take advantage fishing in the Class A and Stocked Trout waters in the district. Anglers are reminded that as of January 1st, anglers 16 years of age or older are required to possess their 2022 PA Fishing License and Trout permit (if required). A few of the lakes in the district are starting to develop skim ice. With some down time prior to the fishable hard water arriving now is a good time to check and prepare your ice fishing equipment and gear.

Pohopoco Creek

Anglers fishing the Pohopoco Creek, downstream from the outlet of Beltzville Lake to the bridge at Harrity Rd. & Rt. 209, continue to report good success catching trout. Anglers are reminded that the Pohopoco Creek from the outlet of Beltzville Lake downstream to the cable across the creek at the Hideaway Hunting & Fishing Club is designated as both a Class A Wild Trout Stream and Stocked Trout Water. The Extended Trout Season on this section of water is No Harvest-Catch and Immediate Release Only.

Anglers have also reported doing well catching trout at the confluence of the Pohopoco Creek, and the Lehigh River in Parryville. Anglers are also reminded that the Extended Trout Season on other trout stocked waters and all waters downstream the daily limit is reduced to three (combined species) trout.

Mauch Chunk Lake

Mauch Chunk Lake has been providing good fishing on most parts of the lake. Anglers reported doing well catching pickerel, perch using live minnows. Anglers are reminded that Mauch Chunk Lake is governed by the Big Bass Special Regulations and bass must measure the minimum size of 15 inches before being harvested. Posters are posted at the lake detailing the Big Bass Special Regulations.

Anglers fishing Beltzville reported doing well catching Striped Bass from the shore or a boat. Live bait, large bucktail jigs (red/white) and even chicken livers continue to work well. The striped bass have been active near the upper reaches of the Pine Run bay and along the northern shore of the picnic woods section of the park including the upper reaches of the Pohopoco Creek bay near the Trachsville Bridge. A few boat anglers have reported catching walleye during evenings near the swimming beach area of the lake. Perch action continues to be good in most coves areas of the lake. Live minnow appeared to be the bait of choice.

The regulatory buoys (Slow No Wake, Ski Zone, etc.) at the lake have been removed for the winter season. Although the buoys have been removed, the regulations pertaining to the Slow No Wake, Ski Zone are still in effect and being enforced. If you are unsure of the regulations pertaining to the lake there are maps posted at each boat launch indicating the regulated areas.

Boaters are reminded that beginning November 1st through April 30th, boaters must wear a personal flotation device (life jacket) on boats measuring less than 16 feet in length including on all canoes.

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