Pennsylvania Fishing Report – October 7, 2021

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Northwest Region

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Butler County

Lake Arthur

Anglers are catching catfish off the bottom using worms on chartreuse worm harnesses and using shrimp dipped in a garlic bait juice.

Crawford County

Conneaut Lake

Recreational boating pressure has dropped off and fishing pressure is picking up.

Geneva Swamp

As Goose and Duck season comes in, be sure to have your life jackets on board.
REMINDER: To all hunters using boats, you must have all required safety equipment onboard even though your intention is hunting and not boating.

Woodcock Creek Lake

Anglers are catching Smallmouth Bass, panfish, and Walleye. The lake is scheduled for stocking this fall. Reminder, all people on a boat less than 16 feet and all canoes and kayaks must always wear a wearable personal floatation device.

Woodcock Creek

Anglers are catching Muskellunge, Walleye, and panfish below the dam.

French Creek

Anglers are catching Smallmouth Bass, Walleye, and panfish. Reminder to boaters using the PFBC access to the creek, boats must be properly registered before using PFBC accesses. Also, be sure to have all required safety equipment on board prior to start of your float.

Canadohta Lake

Anglers are catching Muskellunge, Walleye, and panfish. Reminder to all boaters launching from the PFBC access, boats must possess the correct and current registration or launch permit.

Sugar Lake

Anglers are catching panfish, Chain Pickerel, Bowfin, and Largemouth Bass.

Tamarack Lake

The lake is open to hunters, boaters, and anglers. Remember to have all required safety equipment and proper registration if going out on a boat, canoe, or kayak. Reminder to anglers, the lake is still listed as catch and release only. Anglers are catching Largemouth Bass and panfish from the docks.

Mercer County

French Creek

Water levels are good for a fall float trip! Please, be sure to have your life jacket and launch permit where required. Anglers are catching Smallmouth Bass and Walleye throughout the entire stretch of the creek.

Lake Wilhelm

Anglers are catching a variety of fish species in 8-12 foot of water. The water temperature has dropped about 15 degrees in the last two weeks.

Erie County

Lake Erie

Walleye fishing has been very slow due to the time of year. Anglers are catching Yellow Perch off Shades Beach, but it still very spotty. Anglers are catching Steelhead at the mouths of the streams.

Area Steelhead Tributaries

Steelhead have arrived a little earlier than normal, but the weather changed, and the streams haven’t received any rain to move them up the streams.

Northcentral Region

Lycoming County

Rose Valley Lake

Anglers are having luck catching Yellow Perch utilizing walleye rigs while trolling around the lake near the shoreline. Nightcrawlers are currently working well when trolled at slow speeds. Anglers are also having success fishing for Panfish from the shoreline. Small jigs with artificial twister tails in natural colors are currently working well. Reeling in slowly with a bobber can keep your jig in the strike zone and produce some great action.

Clinton County

Little Pine Lake and Little Pine Creek

Little Pine Lake and the Keystone Select Section of Little Pine Creek were stocked with healthy Trout on 10/4/21. If you are looking to get out and experience some prime Fall fishing opportunities, head out to the lake or stream. There are several trophy trout waiting to be caught!

Centre County

Sayers Lake

Anglers are reporting large size crappies in the Marina area using jigs tipped with minnows. Additionally, the causeway is also good producing crappie and sunfish for anglers. Recent rain events and changing water conditions have slowed the bite this week.

Lower Bald Eagle Creek (Milesburg – Sayers Lake )

Anglers are currently doing well targeting Trout. Fishing with nymphs and other wet fly patterns have been most successful in the cloudy water. Water conditions have been high and off color the past week making for great angling conditions.

Colyer Lake

Anglers are currently catching Bass, Sunfish, and Bullheads from the access areas using a variety of spinner baits, and live bait.

Black Moshannon Lake

Anglers are currently doing well for Sunfish around the 504 bridge on live bait.

Northeastern Region

Public Notice:

Winter dock removals are being scheduled currently. Please see the up-to-date schedule below:

Lake Wallenpaupack: October 18-20
Harveys Lake: November 1-5
Lake Winola: November 1-5

Wyoming County and Southwest Susquehanna Counties

Some nice sized crappie have been caught at Lake Winola on jigs. Fish are schooling up in deeper water and once found, anglers are catching decent numbers with some nice sized ones mixed in. A few trout have been caught on both Bowmans Creek and South Branch Tunkhannock Creek on flies. These are holdover fish that are being caught which are typically 12-17 inch fish. The Susquehanna River has been fishing better for Smallmouth Bass, but recent rains are expected to have the river up and muddy for the remainder of the week making for tougher conditions.

Southern Pike and Northeastern Monroe Counties

The cooler weather has triggered some fish to begin feeding and anglers are having good success catching Smallmouth Bass in the Delaware River using a variety of artificial and natural baits.

Wayne County

The weather is cooling down but the fishing certainly is not. Anglers on the Upper Delaware River are still enjoying fly fishing for wild trout. Bass fishermen are getting a few last trips in before the lakes become a target for ice fishing. Bass anglers are having the best luck with swimbaits and stick baits. Crappie have also been hitting bread and worms hard on many of the small lakes scattering the county. Trout at Upper Woods have been responding well to the cooling temperatures.

Southeastern Region

Lancaster County

The Muddy Run Recreational Lake will be stocked on Thursday, October 7th. The Extended Trout Season regulations still apply, and the daily creel limits are reduced from 5 to 3.

Please visit our website for the 2021 Pennsylvania Summary of Fishing Laws and Regulations

The regulations on Muddy Run Lake changed on January 1st, 2012 to “Stocked Trout Waters Open to Year-Round Fishing”. The intent of this regulation was to allow anglers to fish for species other than trout during the traditional closed season. Under this regulation, anglers are not required to possess a trout stamp to fish in the lake as they would otherwise require in any other Stocked Trout Water. Anglers should not be targeting trout in lieu of possessing a trout stamp. Anglers can be cited if a trout is landed and they are unable to immediately release it unharmed as is required.

It is unlawful to fish in rivers and streams designated as Stocked Trout Waters Open to Year-Round Fishing without a current trout/salmon permit (or Combination Trout/Salmon/Lake Erie permit).

A trout/salmon permit is not required to fish in lakes and ponds that have been designated as stocked trout waters open to year-round fishing unless the person takes, kills, or possesses, while in the act of fishing, a trout or salmon on or in these waters.

The 100-acre lake provides an ideal recreational venue for novice paddlers to gain flat-water paddling experience. Honing their skills as they learn how their kayak or canoe tracks and moreover the inherent stability of their watercraft.

Please, remember that the Mandatory PFD Wear Regulation returns on November 1st through April 30, 2022. Boaters in violation of this regulation can be cited. LEARN MORE

Northern Bucks County

Trout will be stocked in the East Branch Perkiomen Creek later this month. Be sure to check the stocking schedules to find out when your favorite streams will be stocked. Also, take a moment and brush up on the current rules and regulations for Extended Trout Season.

November 1st is the start of mandatory cold weather PFD wear. This is in effect until April 30th, 2022. All boaters MUST wear a PFD on all boats less than 16 feet in length and all paddle craft (canoes and kayaks).

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