Pennsylvania Fishing Report – September 2, 2021

West Marine

Northwest Region

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Butler County

Lake Arthur

Anglers are catching bass by fishing heavy cover, such as lily pads and hydrilla. Anglers are catching catfish all day by finding some deeper water. As for boating, many boaters are off the water with kids back to school. This leaves many with the opportunity to get out on the water and relax. Just remember, all unpowered boats such as canoes, kayaks, and stand up paddleboards need a personal floatation device (PFD) and a sound producing device (whistle).

Erie County

Lake Erie

Anglers are catching Walleye anywhere between 55 and 80 feet of water. Some anglers are also fishing shallow in about 20 feet of water and finding Walleye.

Mercer County

Shenango Reservoir

The water temperatures are high, and the rain is constant. Fish are hanging out in the cooler, deeper water. As the temperature cools off, look for fish to head to shallow water to fatten up for the winter. A reminder that Shenango Reservoir is designated as a Panfish Enhancement Lake. Crappie must be nine inches to harvest and the creel limit is 20.

Shenango River

The Shenango fish consumption advisory is still in effect until further notice.

Trout Stocked Waters

The delayed harvest areas and other deeper trout streams are still producing trout. A fall stocking of trout will occur at the Shenango River. Click here for more information on fall trout stockings!

Northcentral Region

Lycoming County

West Branch Susquehanna River

Anglers are currently catching Smallmouth Bass utilizing various types of spinner bait and crank baits. The best success is coming from targeting the near shore grassy areas. Many of the fish are trophy sized!

Rose Valley Lake

Anglers are having success targeting both Largemouth Bass and Panfish. Targeting vegetation and structure has proven to be key in finding fish. Many of the Bluegill in the lake are of impressive size! Small jigs and soft plastics in natural colors are working well currently.

Jefferson County

Anglers are currently having luck catching Bass at Cloe Lake with garlic worms. Kyle Lake is deemed Catch and Release until further notice to repopulate the lake. Kayakers have been floating the Clarion River. This is a great scenic river in Pennsylvania to get out there and paddle! Remember to always have your PFD and to have sound producing device on board with you.

McKean County

Labor Day weekend is coming up and things get crowded on Kinzua during the boating season holidays. Remember that all persons on boats under 16 feet needs to wear life jackets/personal floatation devices (PFD’s) year-round, this includes canoes, kayaks, and paddleboards. Sunset will be at 7:42 PM, at which time, navigation lights need to be utilized. There is absolutely no tubing or water skiing allowed after sunset. Operation of a jet ski/personal watercraft (PWC) after sunset is also prohibited. This sunrise and sunset chart can be found on page 45 in your Fishing Summary/Boating Handbook. There is a lot of useful information in this handbook, even if you were born before 1982. Knowing these “rules of the road” and regulations can save yourself the inconvenience and possibly a life. Anyone operating a PWC, regardless of being grandfathered in, must have a Boating Education Safety Certificate on their persons. While you’re at it, bring your identification along as well. Let’s continue to be safe this boating season.

If you have a slip at Wolf Run Marina, boats need to be pulled and trailered by September 15, 2021. House boats usually take up most of the parking area in the parking lot. Do not wait until the last minute if your boat is large and you’re going to need some time to prep for travel.

Northeastern Region

Columbia & Southern Luzerne Counties

Water levels were returning to normal across the district, with fishing and boating activity picking up on the Susquehanna River, but the remnants of Hurricane Ida have pushed the river levels high once again. The best fishing has typically been morning and evenings due to high water temperatures, the mouths of feeder creeks have also produced, but to a lesser extent.

The panfish bite has really started to heat up on the local impoundments such as FEW Reservoir, the Ice Lakes and smaller ponds. Most anglers have found the best bait to be fathead minnows. Also, with the upcoming annual drawdown of FEW Reservoir and the additional rain, anglers should have little to no problems fishing the Lehigh River as the whitewater releases begin to wind down for the year. Again, early morning and evenings will be the key times.

Briar Creek Lake, Lily Lake and Lake Irena are all scheduled to receive fall stockings in October. Check the website for more details.

Northern Luzerne County

The Susquehanna River has been fishing poorly the last few weeks. Levels are often high, and the water has been muddy. That has not stopped a few anglers from bringing in an occasional catfish and a rare Smallmouth Bass or two. Many smaller lakes and ponds have been struggling with algae growth. One of note has been the lake at Frances Slocum State Park. Often during these times of algal bloom fishing slows to a stop. Lake Jean has been providing some action for anglers who have been regularly catching some decent bass and more pickerel than they probably want to mess with. Harveys Lake has been slowing down on panfish activity, but some lucky anglers have been working schools of Yellow Perch moving around the lake in depths of twenty to thirty feet. Sonar is a must in tracking them down. Some Smallmouth Bass anglers have been targeting balls of alewife on their fish finders and have been rewarded for their efforts.

Pike & Wayne Counties

Lake Wallenpaupack fishing conditions are good this time of year due to the recent rainstorms keeping the algae at bay; just remember to be cautious boating with the possibility of debris washed into the lake during a storm event. Walleye and Smallmouth Bass are reported being caught around Burns Island and Paupack Glen. Stripers have been seen feeding around sunrise near the dyke and around sunset near Cairns Island and Burns Island. There has also been some successful catfishing occurring on the Delaware River near Matamoras.

Fishing is still in full force for both panfish and bass at the many lakes and ponds in the district. Trout anglers have also been having success on the Upper Delaware River while enjoying the beautiful views while fly fishing. Paddlers are still in full force as well, even with the cooler temperatures.

Southeastern Region

Southern Bucks County

Extended trout season will begin on September 7, 2021 until February 28, 2022.

Lake Luxembourg and Levittown Lake will still be stocked this year with trout in October. All stocking event dates and times are subject to change without notice due to weather conditions.

Note: During the Extended Season for Trout, the minimum size remains at 7 inches, but the daily limit is reduced to 3 trout. Learn More

As boating season starts to wind down for most, be sure to inspect all safety equipment for wear, tear, and damage that may have occurred throughout the season. Store flotation devices in a safe manner to prevent the growth of mold or mildew.

Fire extinguishers should be checked and replaced if necessary. Proper maintenance early on will provide for a smooth transition into next year’s season.

Due to recent storm activity, water levels are still high and there is plenty of debris, both floating and submerged, in the water. Ensure to keep a proper lookout to avoid Breaking Out Another Thousand for those repairs.

There has been an increase in Personal Watercraft (PWC) operators boating without first obtaining a Boater Safety Education Certificate (BSE). All PWC operators of all ages are required to first obtain a BSE prior to operating a watercraft. If you are going to allow someone to operate your PWC, it is your responsibility to ensure they have first obtained a BSE. To learn more, visit the PFBC website at

Boaters be advised that the ENTIRE length of the Neshaminy Creek is a Slow No Wake Zone. It is up to you as the operator to recognize conditions that require you to operate at a Slow No Wake Speed. One of the many examples includes operating a boat at slow, no-wake speed within 100 feet of the shoreline, docks, launch ramps, swimmers or downed skiers, persons wading in the water, anchored, moored or drifting boats and floats.

Slow, no-wake speed is the slowest possible speed of a motorboat required to maintain maneuverability so that the wake or wash created by the motorboat on the surface is minimal.

Berks County

The U.S. Army Corps Engineers Philadelphia District has announced it will draw down the reservoirs at Blue Marsh Lake in preparation for significant forecasted rainfall associated with Hurricane Ida. Blue Marsh Lake is located on the Tulpehocken Creek, a tributary of the Schuylkill River, about four miles northwest of Reading, Pa.

Reservoir drawdowns are being conducted to create additional flood control capacity in the reservoir.

At Blue Marsh Lake, the reservoir will be lowered to elevation 285 ft NGVD (its normal winter elevation) down from the normal summer pool level of elevation 290 ft NGVD.

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