Pennsylvania Fishing Report – May 20, 2021

West Marine

Northwest Region

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REMINDER: Mandatory Cold Weather Life Jacket Wear began on November 1, 2020 and runs through April 30, 2021 for anyone on boats less than 16 feet and in all canoes and kayaks.  Learn more here…

Mercer County

Shenango Reservoir

Shenango Reservoir levels are fluctuating. The water levels started at the beginning of the month below summer pool but rose to above summer pool. The pool is leveling out and should be good for the upcoming holiday weekend. Anglers are catching panfish. A reminder that Shenango River Lake is now designated as a Panfish Enhancement Lake. Crappie must be nine inches to harvest, and the creel limit is 20. Check the regulations for new laws.

Shenango River

The Shenango fish consumption advisory is still in effect until further notice.

Trout Stocked Waters

Most Trout Stocked Waters have been restocked after opening day. There will be plenty of trout fishing opportunities until the streams warm up.

Warren County

Allegheny Reservoir

Walleye season is open, and anglers can find success using crawler harnesses, spoons, and spinners. Reminder that boaters must wear a life jacket on all boats less than 16 feet in length and on any canoe or kayak while boating on an US Army Corp of Engineer Project. Before heading out on the water, be sure that your boat has all the required safety equipment and that it is all in serviceable condition.

Allegheny River

Anglers are catching large trout throughout the special regulation section of the rivers. Anglers are catching them off boats and from shore. Bass season will be closed from April 17th through June 11th. Canoes and kayaks should avoid stringing out across the river channel as it makes it difficult for jet boats to navigate the channel, due to their limited ability to maneuver in shallow water. Please be courteous and dispose of refuse properly.

Chapman Dam Reservoir

The fish population in the reservoir is still recovering from the drawdown, but anglers are catching trout in good numbers. Be sure that all boats are properly registered and have all the required safety equipment.

Northeastern Region

Reminder: The PFBC does not monitor ice thickness.  Ice thickness and conditions can vary greatly across the lake. Use caution as you head out onto the ice. A life jacket and a set of ice awls can be extremely important if you fall through the ice.
Remember – SAFETY FIRST:

Columbia and Southern Luzerne Counties

Monroe County

The weather in the region is getting warmer, which means a transition from trout season to boating season, especially on Lake Wallenpaupack. With that said, there is still many fantastic fishing opportunities to be found throughout the northeast. Tobyhanna Lake has been regularly busy, and typically with good results as people are having success catching stocked Brook Trout as well as good sized pickerel. Much of the success on Tobyhanna Lake is being found offshore and farther out into the lake. Another good fishing spot recently has been Gouldsboro Lake.  Being a Panfish Enhancement lake, many individuals are catching close to the 20 panfish limit, and the ones they are pulling out are well over the legal-size limit for each particular species. The activity at Brady’s Lake has picked up recently, and not only because of turkey season. The crappies and pickerel have been biting like crazy, drawing many people to the lake to attempt to catch them. Meanwhile, many individuals have taken their canoes and kayaks to Brady’s lake to enjoy a wonderful day on the water.

Pike & Wayne Counties

Promised Land Lower Lake has seen steady action with anglers attempting to catch the remaining trout that were stocked earlier this spring. Many at the lake are using spinners as well as live bait, which they say has been working for them so far this spring. The bass will soon be hitting hard as their season is creeping up on us beginning on June 12, 2021.

The boating season has already begun on Lake Wallenpaupack as boaters have got their boats shined up, cleaned up and ready to hit the open water. Memorial Day weekend is fast approaching, which is when the lake will really see an influx of boaters for the first time this year. As a reminder, before you hit the water this summer, please take time to review boating laws in Pennsylvania. This includes all the required equipment that your boat must have as well as reviewing the rules of the road (water) and navigational requirements. Summer on the lake is supposed to be an enjoyable and relaxing time, so please take it upon yourselves to take these extra steps for the safety of you and everyone else on the water. The goal is for everyone to have a fun, but safe summer out on the water.

Northern Luzerne County

Anglers at Harveys Lake targeting bass have been having great success working in around the docks and structure in the shallows with some real nice fish being caught. Largemouth are still staging a little deeper waiting for the water to warm up before they come in for the spawn. Some real nice Brown Trout are being brought to hand as well. The Perch bite has been hit or miss and the Crappie have not really gone off yet.

Harris Pond has been fishing really well for pickerel. Having a boat is key as the vegetation increases but for the adventurous angler that doesn’t mind the walk there are some out of the way holes in the pads that you can walk to. Some nice perch had been being caught a few weeks ago but that seems to be slowing now. Hopefully, the Bluegill bite will pick up.

There are still a lot of trout to fish over in Harveys Creek and the water is still cool enough that you wouldn’t have to worry about stressing the fish out too much.

The Susquehanna River is still high, but the color is about spot on. With a drop of a few feet it should turn on in the next two weeks.

Remember to check out all your safety equipment before taking the boat out. PFD’s, Fire Extinguishers and Sound Producing Devices should be inspected and ensure that they get put on the boat. Check you Registration and REMEMBER that is runs out at the end of MARCH in the year that is displayed. So, if your sticker has a big 21 on it, it has expired!

Please operate your boat safely and observe all special regulations and Aids to Navigation.

Northcentral Region

Jefferson County

Cloe Lake

The recent warmer temperatures and beautiful weather have a lot of anglers and boaters venturing out. Anglers are having success close to the shoreline fishing for Panfish. Small plastics and live minnows are currently working well!

Mahoning Creek

Kayakers are taking advantage of the nice weather and floating the creek. It is currently a great time of year to head out onto the water.

Toby Creek and Redbank Creek

Anglers continue to catch Trout in these waterways. Currently, a variety of techniques are working to entice fish. Many anglers are using nymphs to imitate the aquatic insects beneath the surface.

Lycoming County

Muncy Creek (Delayed Harvest Section

Anglers are currently doing well catching numerous Trout using Perdigon Nymph’s close to the bottom. Those targeting the deeper pockets and seams are finding Trout opportunistically feeding in these areas.

West Branch Susquehanna River

With the water still high from the recent rainfall, it is suggested that boaters take caution while out on the river. Please be cautious of the swift moving water and obstacles such as trees, that may have made their way into the river. Please remember to do your best to stay safe and to file a float plan with a family member or friend!

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