Pennsylvania Fishing Report – March 11, 2021

West Marine rainbow trout

Northwest Region

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REMINDER: Mandatory Cold Weather Life Jacket Wear began on November 1, 2020 and runs through April 30, 2021 for anyone on boats less than 16 feet and in all canoes and kayaks.  Learn more here…

Clarion County

Kahle Lake

Anglers are catching a few nice Yellow Perch and some Bluegills and Largemouth Bass. With the recent rain and warmer temperatures, the ice conditions are deteriorating.

Piney Dam and the Upper Clarion River

With the recent rain, warmer temperatures, and heavy snow melt off, the water levels are rising. Most of the ice has moved out and much of the upper Clarion River is open now.

Lower Clarion River

With the recent rain, warmer temperatures, and heavy snow melt off, the water levels are rising. Most of the ice has moved out and much of the lower Clarion River is open now.

Allegheny River

With the recent rain, warmer temperatures, and heavy snow melt off, the water levels are rising. Most of the ice has moved out and much of the Allegheny River is open now.

Trout Stockings

The Piney Creek Delayed Harvest Artificial Only Area was stocked on 3/2/2021. Anglers are catching nice trout there. Anglers are reminded that artificial lures only are permitted for use in the project waters. The use or possession of bait in the project waters is prohibited. No trout may be kept or possessed at this time while fishing in the project waters.

Erie County

Area Steelhead Streams

Steelhead smolts will be going into the streams this month. Be careful with them. They are the future. Anglers are doing very well fishing for adult Steelhead in upper Elk Creek, Crooked Creek, and Walnut Creek. The West Brach of the Conneaut Creek has been producing a lot of Steelhead as well near the Albion Fairgrounds.

Trout Stocking on Lake Erie Steelhead Tributaries

Stocking trout for the statewide trout season in Erie County begins on April 2nd so remember the tributaries close at 12:01 a.m. on April 2nd and reopen at 8:00 a.m. on opening day which is April 3rd this year.

Lake Pleasant

Lake Pleasant is catch and release for trout and is open to fishing. Statewide trout season opens Saturday April 3rd at 8 a.m.

Northeastern Region

Reminder: The PFBC does not monitor ice thickness.  Ice thickness and conditions can vary greatly across the lake. Use caution as you head out onto the ice. A life jacket and a set of ice awls can be extremely important if you fall through the ice.
Remember – SAFETY FIRST:

Wyoming and Southwest Susquehanna Counties

Anglers fishing the Keystone Select section of the South Branch Tunkhannock Creek have been catching nice sized Rainbow Trout on a variety of flies as well as jigs. The water is very cold, so fishermen are finding an especially slow presentation to be effective.

Anglers fishing the Susquehanna River have had success early in the day and in the evenings catching walleye. The best baits have been jigs and swimbaits, fished slowly. As weather warms in the coming weeks fishing, throughout the Susquehanna River, should begin to heat up.

Carbon and Southwest Monroe Counties

The preseason trout stockings are now officially underway in the district and hopefully it’s a sign that spring is shortly around the corner. Anglers are reminded that as of February 15th that all stocked trout streams are closed to fishing in the district.

The exception is the Lehigh River in the district ( 0.33 miles upriver from the railroad bridge at Glenn Onoko and downriver to Mauch Chunk Creek) which is a Stocked Trout Water Open to Year – Round Fishing.  During the period from March 1st to the Opening Day of trout, April 3rd, no trout maybe taken or possessed on this water during this period.  In addition to your valid PA Fishing License (persons 16 years of age or older) a person is also required to possess a current trout / salmon permit to fish this regulated section of the river.

Ice anglers fishing Mauch Chunk Lake were successful catching perch between 12 – 13 inches just east of boat launch B including nice size panfish and a few crappies.  Anglers that were successful were jigging spoons or jigs heads tipped with wax worms, meal worms and small minnows.  Anglers using tip-ups with minnows were successful catching bass and pickerel.

Ice fishing activity was slower on Beltzville Lake at Preachers Camp access.  A few anglers had reported catching panfish, perch and some Striped Bass near the confluence of Wild Creek Bay and Pohopoco Creek Bay.

The ice at both Mauch Chunk Lake and Beltzville Lake is deteriorating along most of the shoreline areas including the main body of Beltzville Lake.  Remember, the ice conditions are not monitored at most lakes including Mauch Chunk Lake and Beltzville Lake.

Northcentral Region

Ice fishing is here!.  Check out PA Fish and Boat Commission’s Ice/Winter Fishing Page for Ice Safety tips, Ice Fishing tips and more!

Tioga County

Hills Creek Lake

Even with the recent weather, anglers are still able to get out on the ice. Rain scheduled in the coming forecast may put a damper on this. Please be cautious when heading out on the ice. Anglers targeting Panfish are having success with small tungsten jigs and wax worms.

Tioga River

Anglers are reporting success fishing for Walleye in the river. 1/8-ounce jigs with artificial plastics or minnows are working well. Fishing slowly near the bottom is proving to be the most effective technique. Please remember that Walleye season closes on March 14th.

Jefferson County

Cloe or Kyle Lake

The ice conditions are changing quickly with the warm weather this week. Ice fishing is starting to slow as Spring is fast approaching.

Anglers are fishing the fly project in Brookville. The fishing has been slow here recently. Mentored Youth Day is scheduled to occur on March 27th. April 3rd marks the Statewide Opening Day for Trout this year.

Southeastern Region

Reminder: Mandatory cold weather personal flotation device wear remains in effect.  Visit our website at for more details.

W. Schuylkill/N. Berks County District

Despite inclement weather, some stocking points had to be skipped and we were unable to do some of the float stocking we normally due, but all the trout stocking for the district has been completed.

Some good news – the Luo and Pope properties downstream of the bridge over Bear Creek on Stony Lane in South Manheim Township have been opened to public fishing.  These areas have been stocked and will be open for fishing on March 27th for Mentored Youth Trout Day and the Opening Day of Trout Season will be April 3rd.

Please respect the property, especially regarding parking and littering, so these areas will remain open.

Some not-so-good news – the Shadle family has asked that it be made known that they are no longer allowing public fishing on their properties on Pine Creek in Hegins Township. Their properties are located along Pine Drive.  While some trout were stocked along Pine Drive pre-season, this increased amount of posted property will cause stocking along Pine Drive to be discontinued in the future.  Please respect the property owner’s decision to prohibit public access.

Please remember that all persons on all boats less than 16 feet and all canoes and kayaks are required to wear a life jacket at all times until April 30th.  As the weather gets warmer don’t forget to put that life jacket on!

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