Cape Cod Fishing Report – February 18, 2021

A beautiful pike pulled through some Cape Cod ice by Lucas Hennessy.

On Saturday, I was fishing on 6 inches of good ice on one pond, and by Tuesday, I was casting into open water on another pond 10 minutes away – but there’s more cold nights ahead.

It’s been a tricky winter to try to “forecast” what the fishing is going to look like each coming weekend. I think, for fishable ice, you’ll probably have to head off Cape from here on out. Locally, there are ponds with open water, and not just the larger trout ponds.

Kevin Nydam took advantage of some fishable ice on Martha’s Vineyard, and found bass, pickerel, and perch feeding well.

On Tuesday, when temperatures flirted with 50 degrees, and rain chewed up our ice, I joined Anthony DeiCicchi and Andrew Burke for a fishing lunch break. The bass were biting well, and Anthony and Andrew put a combined 8 to 10 bass on the bank, along with a couple pickerel and perch. My excuse for not catching was that I was taking pictures – though I did spend a lot of time fishing as well. The best presentations were a suspending jerk bait slowly retrieved and a float-and-fly rig fished with long pauses.

The crew at Red Top tells me there’s been good fishing for trout in the open ponds, and that there was quite a bit of ice fishing happening over the weekend. Derrick from the shop got on the ice and landed a 26-inch pickerel. That was the second massive pickerel I’d heard of from the weekend. The first was caught by Bob Belekewicz at the pond I was fishing Saturday, and measured 28 inches. And those weren’t the only big esox. There were reports of a couple Cape Cod pike taken as well.

The ice fishing was good over the weekend, though by Monday, the ice was getting questionable in some places, and for me at least, the fishing had tapered off.

Fishing Forecast for Cape Cod

With snow falling as I write this, it’s tough to say what’s looking good for the weekend fishing. The trout ponds should remain open, and fishermen using bait or slowly retrieved spoons, jigs, or stickbaits should find hungry rainbows and perhaps even a big brown.

I’m not putting my tip-ups away just yet, but for now, I’ve put my bass rods back in the car. Super slow presentations will be best, such as suspending jerkbaits, the Ned Rig, or, my current favorite, the float ‘n fly. Also, the shops are well stocked with shiners to meet the demand from ice fishermen, and you’ll find they work just as well under a float in open water as they do under a tip up. When I asked Andy Nabreski if he thought there would be more ice fishing in our future this winter, he said that it’s time to start thinking about “bobbers and beers,” our office tradition of greeting the open-water fishing season by, as you might have guessed, watching bobbers and drinking beers. There’s probably another month before the trout stocking begins, so, if this is your least favorite part of the fishing season, fear not, it’s coming to an end soon.

But, if you’d like to extend you ice fishing season, I suggest you read Ron Powers’ reports, as he’ll have the rundown on the hardwater action within day trip distance of the Cape.

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