Pennsylvania Fishing Report – December 3, 2020

Northwest Region

Mandatory Life Jacket Requirement

Mandatory Cold Weather Life Jacket Wear began on November 1, 2020 and runs through April 30, 2021 for anyone on boats less than 16 feet and in all canoes and kayaks. Learn more

Crawford County

Hunters using boats, canoes, and kayaks for the purpose of hunting are still required to have all the proper safety equipment on board that meets the specific requirements for the vessel being used.

Woodcock Creek Lake

A few walleyes, catfish, and panfish are being caught.

Woodcock Creek (Below the dam)

A few walleye, bowfin, bass, panfish, and Muskellunge are being caught.

French Creek

The driveway at the PFBC access in Cambridge Springs has been repaired. Please KEEP OFF THE GRASS.

Canadohta Lake

Anglers are catching nice sized muskellunge, walleye, and panfish. The lake is drawn down for the winter

Sugar Lake

Anglers are catching panfish, bowfin, bass, and northern pike.

Tamarack Lake

The lake is open to hunters, boaters, and anglers. Remember to have all required safety equipment and proper registration if going out on a boat, canoe, or kayak. Anglers are reminded that the lake is still listed as Catch and Release Only.

Southcentral Crawford County and Eastern Mercer County

On all boating waters, remember that if on a boat less than 16 feet and on all canoes and kayaks you are required to wear a life jacket at ALL times, even while at anchor. This law is enforced from November 1st thru April 30th.

French Creek

There are some smallmouth bass and walleyes being caught at French Creek.

Geneva Swamp is being used by waterfowl hunters.

Central Erie County

Lake Erie

Lake Trout are in shallow waters (20’s) off of Harbor Creek and North East. If you’re going to target these fish this time of year please use caution due to water conditions. The lake can be unforgiving this time of year.

South Pier

Burbot have been caught off the south pier at night.

Presque Isle Bay

Panfish, Yellow perch and Steelhead are being caught from shore in the bay.


Steelhead are in all the tributaries in good numbers and all the way up the streams. Rain and snow melt have been keeping the water levels high and cloudy, making for perfect conditions.

Eastern Erie County and Western Warren County

Steelhead are in the streams. We recently received some rain. Eggs and nymphs seem to be the “go-to” lures.

The docks are out at Northeast Marina and Shades Beach. Lake trout can be caught using spoons. Lake Erie is currently in the lower 40s for temperature.

Lake Pleasant will be receiving stocked trout this month.

Its mandatory cold weather wear for personal floatation devices. Any boat under 16 feet in length, canoes and kayaks passengers must wear a personal floatation device. This goes for fisherman, boaters and hunters.

Northeastern Region

Thinking of giving a special gift this Holiday season? Consider purchasing a fishing license voucher for that person on your gift list. Fishing License vouchers can be purchased as a gift for another individual that can be redeemed by that individual for a fishing license and /or trout stamp or privilege. The 2021 Fishing Licenses will be available for purchase on December 1st. Don’t forget to purchase your new fishing license for 2021!

Carbon County

Although, we have been experiencing some warmer weather, and with the firearms deer season now underway fishing activity has been light on most of the district’s waterways.  Both bait and fly anglers fishing the Pohopoco Creek have been reporting good success catching trout.  Anglers are reminded that the section of the Pohopoco Creek from the spillway at Beltzville Dam approximately 2.90 miles downstream to the cable across the creek at the Hideaway Hunting & Fishing Club is designated as both a Class A Wild Trout Stream and Stocked Trout Water.  The Extended Trout Season does not apply to this section of the stream and is limited to NO Harvest –Catch and Immediate Release Only.

Anglers fishing the Lehigh River at Glen Onoko and downriver at the Bowmanstown Pool of the river have reported catching trout using spinners, stick baits.

Anglers reported good success catching perch some measuring 16 inches at Beltzville Lake.  Perch activity has been good from the boat or along the shore area near Preachers Camp boat launch and just off the Pine Run boat launch.  Minnow appears to be the most effective while fishing weeded areas of the lake.  Anglers have also reported good striped bass action of the lake using live bait or chicken liver.

Nathan Kurcz
Nathan Kurcz, Fogelsville PA, displaying a 44 ½ inch Striped Bass with a 12 inch girth from Beltzville Lake.  He was also successful to catch a 30-inch Striped Bass as well which in not in the photo. He was using live bait.

Mauch Chunk Lake

Mauch Chunk Lake has been providing good pickerel action off boat launch A and near the dam breast area of the lake

Although, the regulatory buoys (Slow No Wake, Water Ski Area) have been removed from Beltzville Lake for the winter season all of the regulations pertaining to those areas still remain in effect and are enforced. Boaters are encouraged to consult the map of the lake posted at each boat launch indicating the regulated areas.

As we are approaching the winter months now is a good time to check and or repair your ice fishing equipment. By taking a little time now to prepare your equipment you will be ready when the ice season begins.

Northern Luzerne County

Fishing activity across the District has slowed considerably. In the first 2 weeks of the month unseasonably warm temperatures brought anglers out on their boats at Harveys Lake. While most anglers were targeting bass (tournaments or just for fun) a few folks were out there chasing the big Brown Trout. Bass anglers were having mixed success early on this month. Water temperatures kind of hit a stall in their cool down and seemed to put the fish off a bit but anglers were still finding them with soft plastics and working dropoffs, piles and structure between 16 and 26 feet. Brown trout anglers were having some decent luck off Sunset point and Hanson’s. The usual mix of trolling trees and spoons/stickbaits when you find the depth where they are hanging out and drift fishing live minnows can work when you find the fish.

Western Bradford & Sullivan County

North Branch Susquehanna bass anglers are reporting increased top water action. Anglers targeting musky are reporting some catches but are catching more smaller fish.

Lackawanna, Wayne, Susquehanna County

Anglers have been having success at Merli Sarnoski Park for trout on a variety of baits. Fishing has been good from the beach and fishing pier. Anglers have also been having success for trout at the main boat launch at Lackawanna State Park.

Northern Pike & Southern Wayne County

Lily Pond has provided good fishing for anglers with pickerel being brought to hand fairly consistently.

Northcentral Region

REMINDER: Mandatory Cold Weather Life Jacket wear begins November 1, 2019 and ends on April 30, 2020 for all canoes, kayaks and boats under 16 feet in length. Learn more here –

Tioga County

Tioga Spillway

Anglers are currently having success fishing for walleye in the spillway. White jig heads in ¼ or 1/8-ounce weights tipped with a nightcrawler or twister tail is currently producing hook-ups. Fishing slowly just off of the bottom is the most effective technique. Stick baits are also working well when fished slowly.

Centre County

Spring Creek

Currently, the creek is in the high 40’s to low 50’s. There are several fish still actively spawning throughout the waterway. Anglers are currently having success using nymphs and streamers. Some dry fly action can be found as there are some blue-winged olives still making an appearance. Best to try a dry fly in size 20-24 as the bugs that are around are fairly small. With the current water conditions, it is best to use a long leader with a light tippet for a “sneakier” approach.

Clinton County

Fishing Creek

The water temperature is currently in the low 50’s. The water level is starting to reach prime fishing conditions. More rain forecasted for later this week should help to bring the levels up a bit more. Anglers having consistent success are currently using both nymphs and streamers. When nymphing, long leaders and light tippet are essential. Small nymphs have been producing a lot of fish. Hot patterns right now include Zebra Midges in sizes 18-20 and Hares Ear Dirty Bird Caddis in sizes 14-16.

Southeastern Region

Southern Bucks County

Anglers are still having luck at both Levittown Lake and Lake Luxembourg catching beautiful Rainbow Trout using a variety of spoons and paste baits.  Anglers are also catching large Yellow Perch and Crappies in the Delaware River.

For those that are looking to get out for some ice fishing, whether here in Bucks County when conditions exist or you plan on traveling elsewhere, please review our websites safety tips at

Beginning in December, you will be able to purchase your annual or multi-year fishing license for the 2021 season.  Be sure to check our website or the summary guide for any changes to the rules and regulations.

Another reminder that the mandatory cold weather PFD wear took effect on November 1st and will continue throughout the remainder of this year and until April 30, 2021.  Boaters must wear a life jacket on ALL boats less than 16 feet in length and on any paddle craft to include canoes, kayaks, and paddleboards. Always plan ahead and make sure your mandatory safety gear is on board and in serviceable condition.  Check your United States Coast Guard approved PFD, ensuring it is in good, serviceable condition as well.  Visit our site at for more details.

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