Pennsylvania Fishing Report – October 29, 2020

Northwest Region

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Erie County

Walnut Creek Marina

The Walnut Creek Marina is tentatively scheduled to be open for fishing at 9am on Wednesday October 28, 2020.

Area Steelhead Tributaries

Fishing in Western Erie County is picking up especially with the recent rain helping to open the mouth of Elk Creek. Anglers are having good luck at Walnut Creek from the mouth to the falls.

All tributaries have steelhead in them and in good numbers and size. Keep a watch on the Walnut Creek water gage for conditions and rain events. When low and clear smaller presentations work best. Steelhead can also be found in Lake Erie at the mouth of each stream but please use caution with a boat this time of year due to the windy conditions. Lake Trout can be found in the lake down of off North East and Harbor Creek.
Please check the summary book for Erie Regulations or download the PFBC App – FishBoatPA.

Northeastern Region

Northern Pike & Southern Wayne County

The Lackawaxen River was recently stocked and fly fisherman are reporting catching Rainbow Trout on wet flies; however, water levels are low.

Northcentral Region

REMINDER: Mandatory Cold Weather Life Jacket wear begins November 1, 2019 and ends on April 30, 2020 for all canoes, kayaks and boats under 16 feet in length. Learn more here –

REMINDER Anglers are reminded that fall is the time of year when Brook and Brown Trout spawn. When fishing, make sure you are mindful of where you step to avoid stepping on trout egg nests, also known as trout redds. The gravel in a trout redd will appear light in color/clean gravel. Most look like oval or round areas of clean gravel. Some are not much bigger than a frying pan size, others may be larger.

Centre County

Spring Creek

Water levels are low and clear. The water temperature is in the 50s. Anglers are catching trout using nymphs and small streamers. Anglers using long leaders and light tippet with small nymphs are having the best luck.

Nymphs that are currently working include: Black Zebra Midge (#18-22); Walt’s Worm (#12-16); Iron Lotus (#16-18).

Streamers that are currently working include: Galloup’s Boogieman/Mini Dungeon Black/Olive (2-6); Olive or black Slumpbusters (#6-10).

Dry flies that are currently working include: Blue Wing Olives (#20-24); Tan/Black Caddis (#14-18); Midges (#22-26)

Clinton County

As the temperatures begin to dip and with recent precipitation, the waters in the district are finally starting to come back from the low warm levels. The fish are getting active and so are the dedicated fall anglers. Anglers are fishing for walleye, musky, and trout. With waters rising back to a more conducive levels kayaks, boats, and canoes are heading back out to the waters. Just remember mandatory PFD wear begins on November 1.

Bald Eagle Creek

Anglers are catching Chain Pickerel using lures and streamer patterns on lower Bald Eagle Creek. A few anglers are catching Smallmouth Bass using streamers.

chain pickerel
Anglers are catching a few chain pickerel on lower Bald Eagle Creek using streamers. (Photo by Amidea Daniel)

Fishing Creek

Water conditions are low and clear. Anglers are catching trout using nymphs and small streamers. A few anglers are catching trout using dry flies.

Nymphs that are working include: Iron Lotus (#18-20); Hares Ear Dirty Bird Caddis (#14-16); Zebra Midge (#18-20).

Dry flies that are working include: Tan/Brown Caddis (#14-16); Blue Wing Olive (#18-22); Midges (#20-24).

Streamers that are working include: Black or Olive Slumpbusters (#6-10).

McKean County

Allegheny Reservoir (Kinzua Dam)

The County has had some rain and more is in the forecast; however, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will continue to lower the water level about 6 inches each day over the next 5 days. At this time, Elijah Run Boat Launch is recommended to launch your boat. The waterline is just below the end of the launch at Willow Bay Boat Launch. Willow Bay boat launch is still suitable due to the rock bottom compared to the mud bottom conditions you find at Kiasutha Boat Launch.

Remember, it is mandatory for all boats less than 16 feet, canoes, & kayaks to wear a life jacket on the Allegheny Reservoir, and it is even more imperative to wear a life jacket once we get to the Cold Weather Wear months starting November 1st. Cold water emersion is very serious and life-threatening. Be safe out there and enjoy your time out on the water.

Southeastern Region

Chester County

While District Officers were patrolling the West Branch Brandywine Creek Stocked Trout Waters, they met a young lady fly-fishing who mentioned catching several trout on Elk Hair Caddis and Parachute Adams flies. She also observed fish rising to naturals as well.

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