New Hampshire and Maine Fishing Report – September 4, 2020

Mateo's first striper
Mateo picked Diamond Pass Outfitters to catch his first striped bass!

While still technically summer, the fishing certainly has the feel of fall! Striper fishing is fantastic in the rivers with small-profiled lures working well during the day while bigger bass fall for bigger offerings come dark.

New Hampshire Fishing Report

The wait is on for what many regard as the hardest charging groundfish in the GOM – pollock!
Captain Andy from Adventure & Catch Charters is a pollock specialist and expects them to move into his Jeffrey’s Ledge honey holes in force any tide now! Meahwhile the haddock and other gadoids he’s hauling onto his boat are a nice consolation prize! The big news is that in less than a week, the skipper will be able to put patrons onto cod as regulations loosen for about a month and charters on for-hire boats will be able to keep one cod per person of a minimum of 21”! Regarding stripers, the fun/fall run is on as the Piscataqua River watershed is bubbling with bass up to 30” and in fact Andy’s has been catching them right from his marina in Great Bay! The fish are loading up on small forage such as herring fry and possibly peanut bunker.

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Southern Maine Fishng Report

Pete from Saco Bay Tackle Company said that the tuna bite is awesome with a lot of sub-80” bluefin being caught. Tantas Ledge has been terrific as has the area by the Nubile Lighthouse. Peter also gave a special mention to the bite at Boothbay Harbor. The 10 degree drop in inshore water temperatures has definitely lit a feeding fire under resident striped bass! The Goose Fare Brook area has been good as has been the Kennebunk area. Boaters can find plenty of mackerel by the Richmond Island area and they obviously make pretty good bait for both bass and bluefin.

Scott from Webhannet Bait and Tackle gave me a window into how cool folks in that area have it. On a recent morning in the Saco River, Scott observed a Great Blue heron pluck a herring from the water, only to be besieged by a bald eagle trying to steal it’s breakfast! Oh, and the striper fishing is pretty good! There are some schools of pogies still hanging in there and they are often the key to catching a fall-run cow! Tube-and-wormers are accounting for 50 fish outings from the York area! Other hot spots are the previously mentioned Saco River as well as the Mousam River. Find your mackerel by Bibb Rock, the “1 Mile Hump” as well as Boone Island. Big pollock are expected to move into Jeffrey’s Ledge any day now to spice up the haddock fishing.

Captain Lou from Diamond Pass Outfitters said that young-of-the-year alewives and blueback herring are “running for their lives” in the rivers right now. The onslaught of fish from 20-35” is impressive. Larger fish are still being landed live lining mackerel off the ledges. The night bite is nothing short of spectacular right now in the Casco Bay Area with needlefish plugs and eels accounting for fish of 36” and up! Even with the recent full moon, the fish were hunting in shallow water.

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New Hampshire And Southern Maine Fishing Forecast

Plummeting water temperatures have been the trigger for tremendous striped bass fishing in Great Bay and throughout the Piscataqua River. Herring fry and other small forage is a hint as to what offerings you should bring. The tube-and-worm has delivered 50 fish outings for anglers in the York area! Night waders have been killing the Casco Bay cows with needles and eels proving too much for the fish to resist! Regarding groundfish, haddock should soon have company off Jeffrey’s Ledge from big pollock!

7 on “New Hampshire and Maine Fishing Report – September 4, 2020

  1. Ryan

    Do you need a new person to give you information? Every report from this year has been from the Pissatiscqua and from this guy Scott. Like how about some useful information not how this guy is catching fish from a private marina

    1. Greg

      For NH – there is a current rip in Little Bay near the marina that is great for action given the movement. Open for all including grumpy internet fisherman.

    2. Ben Coombs

      Some mid coast reporting would be welcome. No report has ever talked about anything north of Portland… That I can remember. And a noob, I need the info.

  2. Logic1

    Caught a mess of mini-Atlantic Bonito of the coast of NH whilst fishing for macks.

    1. Polar Huskie

      I didn’t have any luck finding macks at 2KR can in Portsmouth on Monday. Lots of boats there, but I didn’t notice anyone pulling them up. Where did you find them?

  3. Alex

    Is there any reports from farther north, Muscongus Bay, Penobscot?

  4. leo mazerall

    Penobscot bay mackerel fishing has been dismal this year. First time in my memory I did not hook even one in Stockton Springs harbor. Blue hill even worse if that is possible. Pogies a plenty but who or what eats them? Good lobster bait but that’s the only positive I can see.

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