Pennsylvania Fishing Report – August 27, 2020

Northwest Region

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Warren County

Allegheny Reservoir

Anglers are catching smallmouth bass using rubber worms and crankbaits. Anglers are catching Northern Pike in the bays around the reservoir using spinners and stickbaits. Anglers are catching Walleye in depths of 6 to 40 feet of water using crawler harnesses, spoons, and spinners. Reminder to all that a Boating Safety Education Certificate is required for anyone who operates a Personal Watercraft (PWC) on all commonwealth waters and PWC’s shall not be operated after sunset.

Allegheny River

Anglers are catching muskellunge below the Kinzua outflow using live bait and large lures. Anglers are catching Smallmouth Bass using tubes and jigs in pockets throughout the river. Anglers are catching Northern Pike around structure and weed beds using spinners and stickbaits. With more water being released from the dam, the river’s water level is more easily navigable by jetboat. Canoes and kayaks should avoid stringing out across the river channel as it makes it difficult for jet boats to navigate the channel, due to their limited ability to maneuver in shallow water.

Northeastern Region

Tioga County

Tioga River Spillway

Anglers are currently catching hybrid striped bass using crayfish as bait. As a reminder, when using crayfish as bait the head must be removed behind the eyes unless being used in the waterway which captured. Anglers and boaters are also reminded to not venture into the restricted areas between the concrete walls at the Dam.

Clinton County

Lower Bald Eagle Creek

Anglers are currently having success fishing for chain pickerel using streamers. It is also a great time of year to target Carp in this section of the creek as they can provide a great experience and hard fight.

chain pickerel
It doesn’t matter the year class, these aggressive chain pickerel both took streamers on a recent trip in Lower Bald Eagle. The larger of the two was caught using a sparkle minnow and the “next generation” pickerel took a mini Kreelex streamer. (Photos provided by Amidea Daniel.)

Centre County

Spring Creek

Water flows are currently the best from Houserville to Milesburg. Most success has been with many various fly patterns, spinners and live bait. Anglers are having success using terrestrial patterns. Tricos have been making a strong appearance in the early morning hours and anglers are taking advantage of rising fish.

Sayers Lake

Anglers are currently having success fishing for bass using rubber worms, crankbaits, and minnows. Additionally, anglers have been having success with crappies from shore in the areas of the Lower Greens fishing pier and under the causeway. Rubber twisters and minnows have been the most successful options.

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