New Hampshire and Maine Fishing Report – August 27, 2020

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You don’t need a temperature gauge to tell you fall is around the corner, frenzied/feeding fish are proof of that! Regarding the toothier side of things bluefish have been making an appearance in Maine while offshore blue sharks are proving big game thrills.

New Hampshire Fishing Report

Captain Jon Tregea of Sea Run Charters has been focusing on the “shark bite” with excellent results primarily with blue sharks! His technique could be described as diverse, since he’s having success with everything from 15 wt fly rods to a heavy spinning combo and bucket of chum!

Eric Smith
Eric Smith battles a big blue shark while aboard Sea Run Charters.

Joe from Granite State Rod and Reel Repair told me that the rivers are holding big fish but not numbers. Smallies are predominate in the Merrimack with anglers catching from Lawrence to Nashua. The Nashua has been promising for largemouth. As waters cool, top water action is once again working but for consistency small crayfish/perch pattern crankbaits are working as are tube baits. Will from Dover Marine said that patrons have been catching well near Pierce Island in Portsmouth. Schoolie feeds have been prevalent upstream of the Piscataqua River by George’s Marina.

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Southern Maine Fishng Report

Captain Lou Tirado of Diamond Pass Outfitters said that cooler waters are putting the fish in a pre-fall feeding mode. Young of the year alewives and herring are staging in the rivers. Mackerel are plentiful out front in Casco Bay. Plenty of schoolies are still being caught around the smaller bait, and larger fish are being taken with mackerel during the day and eels at night. Walk the dog type lures like Jumpin’ Minnows and Hydro Pencils are producing great first light bites. Albie Snax and EvoBass Lances have been his bait of choice when the sun comes up. Mush mouth flies have been the go-to fly selection. The cooler mornings certainly have the feel of fall and it’s setting up as a promising run.

Ben Whitehead
Ben Whitehead with a nice topwater striper caught while fishing with Captain Paul Fallon.

Andy from Saco Bay Tackle Company said that dropping water temperatures are resulting in striped bass feeding with purpose. Forage is primarily small and composed of sand eels, river herring fry and possibly peanut bunker. Small offerings matter greatly, just be sure you’re easy on the drag; should a cow take your offering you don’t want hook/split ring failure! One of the more effective baits has been Al Gag’s Whip-it-Fish. What many are finding is that there’s a real mixed bag of classes out there now with every hook-up an adventure. Rivers such as the Nonesuch, Spurwink and Saco are holding a lot of blitzes with early risers catching the best. There have even been some bluefish reports from the railroad trestles in the Nonesuch River.

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New Hampshire And Southern Maine Fishing Forecast

Little Bay in the Piscataqua River watershed has been featuring schoolie surface feeds as bass focus in on small forage. Pierce Island in Portsmouth is another good option in that area. The rivers of Maine such as the Saco, Spurwink and Nonesuch are holding river herring fry and as a result striped bass are feeding there with urgency. The latter river has even had some bluefish action. For a bigger sort of blue, blue sharks have put on the feeding bag by Southern Jeffrey’s Ledge!

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