Long Island – New York Fishing Report – September 7, 2017

These happy anglers ended summer on a high note with Northport Charters.

Heavy rains and strong winds made it tough for many anglers to put their time in on the water this week. However, for those who were able to find a few sunny patches, there were still fish to be had. Fluke continue to hit well as their season winds down and the beaches are starting to become a little more consistent for bass and blues. If you mix in the sea bass, scup and snappers, the Long Island fishing scene is still showing plenty of life.


At Hudson Park Bait and Tackle, John reports that there has some decent bluefish crashed through the New Rochelle waters but it the weather has slowed it down a bit. Fluke fishing continues to yield good results for the last few remaining anglers looking to target them. The Hudson Park Pier, which has been under reconstruction since Hurricane Sandy, has finally reopened a section to anglers, who have been finding a pick of short fluke lately. As the weather settles back down, blues and bass should make their way back into chasing the schools of bunker as there are still plenty of baitfish around.

In Brooklyn, at Stella Maris, Stretch reports that porgy fishing has been great this week. The Floyd Bennett Field and Far Rockaway area have been the hot spots but the scup can be found just about anywhere with a rocky bottom. False albacore have been working the waters around Coney Island and have been in decent numbers. We’ve all been waiting for the albie run to get going so this is a great sign of days to come. A couple weakfish have also been sprinkled in but they have been tough to target consistently. Offshore, tuna have been popping up here and there but again seem to be scattered. It may take some time to locate them but could be well worth the time put in.

South Shore

At Bay Park Fishing Station, the bite off the local reefs has been fantastic. The annual Hooks for Hero’s fluke tournament went on this week and led to a couple 7-8-pound flatties being hauled in. There were also plenty of fish in the 4-6-pound range and of course, lots of shorts. The Atlantic Beach Reef is the place to be for anyone looking to fill the boat with porgies and sea bass. Fishing here has been dependable with plenty of big fish of both species. Rockaway Reef is another great area to work for sea bass as this week a couple 4 pounders were taken off the structure on bottom. Gulp grubs have worked well for for all but especially it seems for the big fluke. This time of year, grubs and live snappers are always among the top choice of baits.

Over in Wantagh, at Causeway Bait and Tackle, fluke have been biting well in the State Channel this week as well as Cholera, when the weather allows you to reach there. There hasn’t been a ton of action on the striper front, but there are some fish around on the local bridges with a few decent ones mixed in. However, we all know that as the summer begins to fade, these schoolies can give way to bigger fish quickly. The snapper action has been red hot off the local piers and docks and as they continue to grow in length, it just keeps adding to the fun.

Paul from River Bay Outfitters reports that there is a solid amount of schoolie bass working their way across the North Shore. His son was working a few favorite areas and pulled in plenty of shorts on the fly rod. There were a couple bigger fish that took the bait as well but managed to spit the hook. The western back bays are a good area to hit if you’re looking for these bass. Jones Beach Inlet has also been giving up some action on the fly. Tons of monster sea robins have taken most of the attention but on a fly rod, every fight is a good one. On the freshwater scene, the Long Island Fly-Rodders ran another trip with the Healing Waters veterans on Connetquot River. Although they didn’t hammer the trout like in trips past, there were still about 3 fish to each angler which makes for a day unworthy of turning tryout nose at.

North Shore

Captain Stu of Northport Charter reports that he continues to find late season fluke in the 3-4-pound range on a consistent basis. Tons of porgies are also around with some sea bass still mixed in. The amount of bait in the harbors suggest that the fishing in these waters is going to hold its solid action for plenty longer. If the weather allows for it, Capt. Stu will be on the fish for weeks to come.

In Kings Park, at Terminal Tackle, John Sr. has been seeing some nice sized bass working in tight against the rocks off the local beaches at night. Eels have been the best bait as the bite has stayed consistent. Cocktail blues are also patrolling these same waters and in the after hours, some bigger blues can be found with the bass off Cranes Neck. Fluke fishing is still holding on as a few 3-4-pound keepers have found their way into the coolers over the last few days for a few last-minute fillets the best action has been along the drop offs using live snappers of grubs. As in most other waters, snappers and porgies are red hot in just about any waters you can cast to.

Jim from Miller Place Bait and Tackle hasn’t seen much action with the tough weather lately. However, scup and snappers have been located off the local piers and docks. Always resilient to weather, when all else fails, these two species a good bet for plenty of action.

East End

Out in Montauk, at Gone Fishing Marina, TJ reports that the striper action has been improving over the last couple nights as the full moon lends a hand. Eels have been working but the best fishing has come from the troll. Sea bass and porgies have been excellent on the south side in the ocean. A couple fluke may be picked here or there but it seems the main bite has passed. Offshore, it’s been tough to get out but there was one big blue shark brought back to the docks just days ago. Outside of that there’s been a couple tuna in the Canyons but they have been very tough to find.

Fishing Forecast for Long Island

As we continue to slip into fall, be ready to spring into action when the bass, blues and albies make their way up and down the beaches. It’s only a matter of time at this point till the fall run begins and makes for some exciting action.  In the meantime, look to either get someone out on a local pond or down to the docks for some snapper and porgy fun. It’s a great way to bide the time and before you know it, well all be running from the car with pole in hand as the top water boils over.


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