Striper Migration Map – June 23, 2017

With the June New Moon here, we can probably expect the last big movements of stripers coming up form the South. The fishing was slow for New Jersey anglers this week, after last week’s flurry of big fish. That doesn’t mean the run is over just yet. There may be another wave of stripers on the way, or some of the fish feeding around Long Island may slide over to the Jersey side to feed on bunker.


Long Island is still holding big stripers around the bunker schools, and large bass can be found throughout the entire island to Montauk.

In Connecticut, the striper fishing is still off to a slow start. Fishermen are catching at the Race and around the Connecticut River, but in the Eastern Sound, the fishing still seems to be lagging.

In Rhode Island, the bulk of the large stripers seem to have shifted over to Block Island, with the fishing in Upper Narragansett Bay slowing way down this week. Fishing is improving around the Watch Hill Reefs as well.

A fresh wave of keeper-sized stripers reached Cape Cod this week, loaded with sea lice and very hungry. The fish moved into the rips around Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket, and cooler than average temperatures on the other side of Monomoy seems to be keeping the bass from filling into the rips and the Chatham area just yet.

Some very large stripers are being caught around the North and South shores of Massachusetts, with fish larger than 50 pounds reported this week. The New Hampshire Seacoast up to Maine is seeing more consistent large fish as well.

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  1. Nate Logan

    Thanks i love these articles – what is going in the Chesapeake Bay around this time of year – headed out this weekend.

  2. Milo Ortiz

    How come you don’t mention anything of the West Coast California we get stripers over here too

    1. Myron Agee

      Huge difference in the size and numbers of stripers east coast vs west coast . Our west coast keepers start at 18″ . East coast is mostly 28″ . The east coast has 100 times more bass than we do . When east coast fisherman see the 20″ we pose with they think they are hybrid stripers or bait fish . Our fishery was once as good as the east coast before the 1980’s .

      1. John

        20″ stripers with light gear puts a very big smile on my face when I fish.

        Have a great day!

      2. Eric

        West Coast fishery is transplanted from the east. They never historically had a striper run and the introduction probably didn’t help the Pacific salmon struggle.

  3. Col. Musty

    Cant wait to get some big bass on my friends boat. Will be walking docks early.

  4. Rafael

    Moved from west coast to east coast . Been striper fishing from the surf for 1 month no bites …. are stripers still around ?

    1. jerry

      Have you tried fishing the south shore (long Island) in lets at atlantic, rockaway,shinnicock, etc. I remember fishing at Atlantic beach inlet and 50% of time caught #20 stripers and blue fish. Good luck

  5. Keith

    Gator bluefish being caught in providence river . Caught a 48 inch using chucks of pogie

  6. Tim

    Anyone know if they still catching stripers by Tappan zee bridge area on the Hudson River

  7. Crappieman

    I agree with John. Freshwater bass rods and dual rigged soft plastic fluke jigs kill ’em.

  8. Ronald Washington

    We’re are the Striper’s For North & South Of New JERSEY .

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