Northeast Opening Trout Days 2017

Spring is here, and that means, the return of longer days, warmer weather, blooming flowers, and the opening of trout season. Check below for the date of Opening Trout Day in your state.

NJ – April 8 (see a list of which waters will be stocked before and during the season HERE)

PA – 18 Southeastern Counties: April ; Entire State: April 15 (find more information on the Pennsylvania trout season HERE)

NY – April 1

CT – April 8

RI – April 8

MA – No Closed Season (see an up-to-date list of the ponds being stocked HERE)

NH – Trout Ponds: April 22

VT – April 8

ME – Streams, Rivers, and Brooks: April 1; Lakes and Ponds: April 1 (Northern and Western Counties), No closed season (Southern and Eastern Counties)

15 on “Northeast Opening Trout Days 2017

  1. seth pianka

    The state DEEP has decided not to stock 67 fishing areas (entire brooks, rivers, ponds) this year. Their claim is that they have reduced numbers of fish due to the low water levels, which is true, but in no way prevents them from stocking fewer fish in all the areas. Anyone who fishes one of these streams will be outraged, and they may not even know that the reason they aren’t catching fish is because the DEEP didn’t bother to stock. The released information on this decision was only posted on the website on March 29th, 2017.
    Fishing is a tradition that is passed down from generation to generation, families fish the same areas every year. Many towns in the state will be heavily impacted. Here is the full list. People have a right to know about this, and the public was given NO input to this decsion. It is heartbreaking for many of us.

    Allyus Brook, Durham
    Bantam River, litchfield
    Beaver Brook, Barkhamsted
    Belcher Brook, Berlin
    Birdseye Brook, Cornwall
    Bladens Brook, Seymour
    Buck Brook, Portland
    Burlington Brook, Burlington
    Candle wood Hill Brook, Haddam
    Corse Brook, Sharon
    Copper mine Brook, Bristol
    Cory Brook, Canterbury
    Cox Brook, Portland
    Crystal Lake Brook, Strafford
    Deep River, Deep River
    Dodge Pond, East Lyme
    East River, Guilford
    Ekonk Brook, Plainfield
    Fawn Brook, Hebron
    Flat Brook, East Hampton
    Gardner Brook, Bozrah
    Giffords Brook, Columbia
    Great Brook, Chester
    Great Meadow Brook, Voluntown
    Gulf Stream, Somersault
    Horse Brook, Plainfield
    Howells Pond Brook,Hartland
    Hyde Mill Pond, Ledyard/Stonington
    Indian Hole Brook, Shelton
    Indian River, Clinton
    Keach Pond, Thompson
    Lake Waramaug Brook, Warren
    Lantern Hill Pond, Ledyard/Stonington
    Lathrop Brook, Plainfield
    Little Pond, Thompson
    Little River, Putnam
    Long Meadow Pond Brook, Naugatuck
    Long Swamp Brook, Middlebury
    Lower Storrs Pumping Station, Mansfield
    Marshepaug River, Goshen
    Mattabesset River, Berlin
    McIntrye Brook, Stafford
    Mill Brook, Cornwall
    Mohawk Brook, Cornwall
    Neck River, Madison/Guilford
    Norwich Pond, Lyme
    Paine Pond, Ashford
    Pattaconk Brook, Chester
    Peas Brook, Lebanon
    Pendleton Hill Brook, North Stonington
    Pine Brook, East Hampton
    Pootatuck River, Monroe
    Race Brook, Orange
    Raymond Brook, Hebron
    Roaring Brook, Lyme
    Roseland Lake, Woodstock
    Safestrom Brook, east Hampton
    Saw Mill Pond, Ledyard
    Shaw (Hayward)Lake, east haddam
    Silver mine Brook, Norwalk/New Canaan
    Sprain Brook, Washington/Woodbury
    Stratton Brook, Simsbury
    Taftville Res, Norwich
    Ten Mile Brook, Cheshire/Southington
    Willow Brook, Cheshire
    Wood River, Voluntown

    1. Ethan Edwards

      What is the REAL REASON & will the list be expanded? How much does the campaign of Aerial spraying of toxic materials over upstate NY just about 24/7 affect the water &weather?
      It definitely altered this spring’s weather.The extremely heavy spraying over the Hudson Valley/ Catskills caused many miserble cold overcast days&the abnormal, cold,wet weather far into May was the direct result.
      What was looking like weather that was on track for a nice, early warm Spring was deliberately altered by this Aerial spraying of toxic compounds. Before any “foil hat” comments start take a GOOD LONG LOOK at:
      THEN make comments, it’s real, it’s HERE, and it affects EVERYONE of us. It’s time it was stopped

  2. seth pianka

    This information was released from the Connecticut DEEP on March 29th, check the website for their more detailed description. Feel free to write them and complain, they are receptive to answer you emails and phone calls. Who knows, maybe we can make a difference with this decision.

    1. Matthew

      You’re reaction and response to these conservational Efforts is pretty ignorant. These people are informed and experienced professionals who’s focus is the sustainability and longevity of not only fish species but their ecosystems as well. Overpopulating a habitat which lacks the needs of a that species can lead to a myriad of issues. Educate yourself and think less selfishly. (The only point you make which resonates with me is that the information should have probably been released sooner)

  3. Doc

    You can’t lambaste someone with so many grammar errors. Seth has a right to be upset. Some of us have fished these waters year after year with our families. I have not read where the watercourses were removed from the stocking list based on any biological studies. I do know there was no public discussion made so it appears that someone made a desk top determination to strike these watercourses to meet the 90,000 fish shortfall made as a result of cutbacks. Supplemental stocking is important in that it provides relief from fishing pressure on native populations. Most of these small watercourses you see listed go through areas that are reachable by kids on bikes which is what got me hooked and allows me to focus on native fish. We don’t need to be taking away fishing opportunities. We need to be making more.

  4. joe

    I’ll be honest, fishing for freshly stocked trout doesn’t do much for me. They don’t fight, aren’t very delicious and not all that smart. I’d much rather fish northern lakes with less fishing pressure for laker’s or trout and salmon that don’t get much pressure and have a few years to become “street smart” and time to grow big. The colors are also so much more vibrant.

    1. R.S. West

      Right on point Joe. If one wants sum mushy trout, save some money and go to S&S …

  5. Joe GaNun

    I think Doc said, it’s about encouraging kids, and replensishing stocks, not about clinary delight or bad ass fighting fish. Hope I read that right. But everyone is entitled to their opinion.

  6. Mark

    I catch crazy trout opening week. After that, forget about it. Slows way down. Love to take my boys. Something to talk about and get them interested. Makes them think. Makes them hunt

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