Striper Migration Map – April 8, 2016


Striper Cup Catch Release2016 Striper Migration Map

The striper migration has begun! A mild winter has water temperatures much warmer than the same time last year, and striped bass are on the move. A cold start to April has slowed the action and limited the number of anglers getting out to make reports, but we’re still seeing some progress as spawning activity increases in the Chesapeake tributaries and some larger bass are being caught in New Jersey.

Chesapeake Rockfish fishing
Luke Muldoon landed and released this near 50-inch striped bass in Chesapeake Bay aboard Capt. Walleye Pete’s boat. The bass appears to be a post-spawn fish that has already dropped its eggs and will soon exit the bay to head up the coast.

Chesapeake Bay Striper Report

The Maryland DNR reports that even though cold temperatures have knocked back spawning activity this week, water temperatures in the Chesapeake remain at about 50° and spawning populations of striped bass are now in all of the major spawning rivers. Last weekend, noticeable spawning began to occur in the Nanticoke, Patuxent, Potomac and Choptank rivers. Anyone near these spawning reaches cannot mistake the smell of fish in the air which is due to fish oils and spawn on the surface of the water. Most often the spawning takes off during an ebbing tide and splashing fish can be seen at the surface. The cold nights that are predicted are not a good situation for striped bass eggs and newly hatched larvae, and many will have a hard time surviving the drop in surface water temperatures. Fortunately there are more striped bass waiting in the rivers and bay for optimum spawning water temperatures of 60° to 64.5°.

Fishermen are reminded that however tempting it might be, to not attempt to practice catch and release for striped bass in the closed spawning reaches. Violations carry stiff fines and license suspensions for recreational fishermen. There are areas such as the Susquehanna Flats, areas in the main stem of the bay and the Potomac River where catch and release is allowed. The Maryland DNR has striped bass recreational fishing maps online showing the different striped bass areas and dates as described in regulations.


Delaware River Striped Bass
Capt. Skip Jastremski holds up proof that stripers are making their way into Delaware Bay and toward the Delaware River spawning grounds.

New Jersey Striper Report

Striped bass are migrating into Delaware Bay and heading toward their spawning grounds on the Delaware River.

Schoolie striped bass and small keepers are hitting in South Jersey. Fish a moving tide with either bloodworm, soft plastics, or plugs reeled very slowly.

In North Jersey, high winds have been making for some nasty conditions, but bigger bass in greater numbers are showing in Raritan Bay. Up until last week, most fish were taken from shore, but now the boats are getting in on the action.

Don Derrick with a 31-pound bass weighed in at the Tackle Box in Hazlet.
Don Derrick of Chester got the biggest fish to be weighed in so far this year at the Tackle Box, a 31-bass caught from a Raritan Bay beach on a bunker chunk on April 2.

New York – Long Island Striper Report

Small striped bass are being caught in western Long Island Sound locations including Eastchester Bay, Turtle Cove, and Little Neck Bay. Jamaica Bay also has schoolie stripers. Read more int he Long Island Fishing Report.

Connecticut/Rhode Island

Holdover striper fishing has been good in the tidal rivers. The Housatonic remains a hot bed for schoolies, but there have been reports of poachers in the area.  Keep an eye out and dial DEEP Law Enforcement at 860-424-3333 or leave a message on the Turn In Poachers (TIP) line: 800-842-4357. View the Connecticut Fishing Report.

Anglers were predicting that the first sea-lice covered schoolies would have shown up along the Rhode Island coast by now, but the cold weather seems to have set things back. We expect to hear a report of numbers of schoolies at the West Wall in Galilee any day between now and April 15th. View the Rhode Island Fishing Report.

The Connecticut State Environmental Conservation Police! EnCon Police officers arrested four fishermen last night on the Housatonic River with 38 illegal striped bass. In the photo is Officer Logiodice and his K-9 Ruger, who assisted in locating the illegal fish.
The Connecticut State Environmental Conservation Police arrested four fishermen on the Housatonic River with 38 illegal striped bass. In the photo is Officer Logiodice and his K-9 Ruger, who assisted in locating the illegal fish.

Cape Cod/ Massachusetts

Holdover striped bass have been reported in tidal waters on and off the Cape, along with waves of river herring. Anglers are predicting that the first sea-lice covered schoolies will likely show up in the third or fourth week of April. Cape Cod Fishing Report

Boston Harbor, and particularly the Mystic River, have also given up holdover schoolie stripers and some larger fish are stirring now that river herring are entering the rivers.  Massachusetts Fishing Report

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  1. Welby

    38 illegal Stripers! Not only should they confiscate all their gear. If their boat was involved they should take that too.

      1. kaydee

        yes its a crock of shit … i been fishing 11 yrs for a big striper to have this DB take it away from me … make an example out of him !!!

      2. Lou

        Come on it’s only fish getting butt hurt over fish

      3. StriperEric

        Its the fishery we are butt hurt over, you douche.

      4. KickLousAss

        Only Fish guy? You mess with one ecosystem you mess with them all. read a fahkin book chief.

      5. Erik


        You are a prime example of why this dirtbag needs to go to jail. Scumbag.

    1. Joseph Haley

      They should even do prison time and consider the violation a feloney!

      1. james magee

        what about all the stripers that are killed ever day by the netters,and the netters south of us that take thousands every day because the gov. allows them to,the last time the gov.allowed this they just about wiped them out wake up.You shoud be allowed to keep the smaller ones 18″to 26″ and throw the large breeders back. Every stupid fisherman wonts to catch a big one wish kills millions of eggs that could become future fish.

      2. seymour lebowitz

        I have to agree with this posting…

      3. Guy E. Franklin

        For a 1st time offense jail is a bit harsh but, a heavy fine of about 5K should get their attention. Having stated that, if they get popped again with illegal fish of any kind jail time would be warranted.

    2. Tom R

      I’d give them the maximum fines plus lengthy and difficult public service time.

  2. Peter Richenburg

    While fishing in Barnstable harbor last Spring, a friend and I observed two “fishermen” loading up a cooler with schoolies – one fish after another. We motored over and confronted them. After exchanging “pleasantries”, we were told to mind our own business. We phoned conservation with the boat’s number and detailed descriptions of our new “friends”. We seriously doubt that anything was done about it. We need more enforcement.

    1. Welby

      We don’t necessarily need more enforcement. We need enforcement that will do their job…and kudos to you and your buddy for doing the right thing!

    2. Mark

      It blows my mind every year I watch the “out of country folk” filling there fn scup buckets with 12 inch stripers. I have even witnessed green police do absolutely nothing about it. Time to take matters into our own hands people put a stop to these scum bags and give the fish a fighting chance.

    3. robert trout

      maybe you should go to work for fish &game and show them how them how its done.jackass.

    4. Paul

      Anyone who breaks fishing code should be given the max penalty. They are total scumbags. That’s what ruins the fisheries for all. Anything they own should be taken. I know a few EPO’s. I wish I had that job. I wouldn’t sleep because I would be out to get them. In their defense, there are only 75 for the state total. It makes it hard for them to be everywhere. Like at the canal last year when people were keeping more than one. I love letting 36 inch stripers go as the ones who keep everything watch!! Losers. You’ll get what’s coming to you. There are many caliber of punishment

    5. Gsry

      More good people like yourself keep calling in poachers and the bastards will get caught. Good work my friend

    6. Mark Kubicki

      Taking illegal fish for “sport” is not sportsmanlike for sure, but sometimes carma comes to the rescue. Years ago a friend of mine Duke, who got me into stripper fishing, were out on the waters around Chatham. While we were out there we observed some assholes filling their coolers with schoolies. Out for a relaxing day of fishing we were’nt about to get into a confrontation so we just shook our heads and let it go. Shortly after a friend of ours, who we got to know because he owned a local bait and tackle shop that we frequent, pulled up along side with his boat and said that those same guys flue by him and cut his lines. Well, on our way home later that day we stopped at that bait and tackle shop and the owner told us that those same idiots, not knowing who he was, stopped in to buy a few things. He immediately called in their license plate number, and sure enough when we drove down the road a ways, there was their truck pulled over by the EPO! Hope they got screwed.

  3. Matt Haramut

    Thank you Environmental Police., I love you guys… Just imagine how many more illegal fish these guys would have taken in the future .

    1. fish finder

      No just thinking of how many times that they did this before being caught!?

      1. mark

        off with their heads!
        the poachers that is – not the fish….

  4. Bob in Philly

    Great job nabbing those guys , maybe you can teach the Penna. Fish commission in Philly how to catch poachers on the Delaware river . I’ve seen so many of them at Linden Ave. Boat ramp,and then arsenal fishing area , but when I call to report them , nobody comes out. Once I went to a deputies house and was told ( I just woke up in didn’t even have my coffee yet , I can’t go running down there every time something happens ) and he gets paid .

    1. Jay

      Hey Bob I live in bridesburg and I fish under betsyross and there’s a lot. Of shortys being kept and they don’t even have a fishing license

  5. Kevin S

    It’s not just under size bass it’s togs scup sea bass fluke in the upper parts of Narr bay that are taken by the buckets day and night that get over looked

  6. Jason

    Hey guys my cousin and I are taking the first weekend of may off to stripper fish. We would be leaving Vermont and headed where ever the best fishing might be . Although we only have a long weekend we are willing to travel a decent distance to have good sufecasting . Just wondering where I could anticipate going during that first week in May and what beach might be our best bet. Thanks for any info Jason!

  7. Jesse barstow

    Got a lot of nice stripers here in Virginia on the Potomac river 5-30 pounders

  8. Paul G

    Great when the bad guys get caught. Kudos to the Environmental Police, great job…!

    1. Mike

      Guys catching 40 in. Strippers at mouth of Westfield river into the Ct. River this past week their catching them at night with sand worms floating orange power under the hook.

  9. Bostonfishermen

    All you ass boys act like you never took a fish illegally

    1. poacherpuncher

      Let me catch you poaching pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    2. Mfish

      Your an ass clown, those fish are future striper stocks, if you want to keep a 12 ” fish ……go trout fishing. Your a f…coin disgrace to sportsmen everywhere.

  10. SCstriperchasers

    I do a lot of freashwater Striper fishing wanting to come North to a 50 lb ware should I go and I will be glad to exchange real good intonation for fishing here .

  11. C-dog

    I have ABSOLUTELY NEVER taken a fish illegally.
    I believe in catch and release.
    It is rare that I EVER keep a fish – only when I do not believe they will survive release – maybe once a year, maybe less.
    I have just put EPO on speed dial.
    Will be taking pictures/videos of any and all violations I see in the future. Including following them back to record their license plate number.
    If they want to get physical, that’s fine, my camera will be rolling and I will win a nice monetary civil settlement.


  12. TC

    Hudson River 4-18-16 PM: Herring and Bass are up to the Stockport Creek. Jigging was good and the fish cooperated. One 26″ keeper one 32″ throw back, three couldn’t stay stuck!
    Outgoing tide in 20′ of water. Live BIG herring.

  13. Jim

    Throw the book at them. Unfortunately they are not the only people doing this. If it weren’t for guys like these, there would be plenty of fish for everyone like there was when I was a kid. It’s not the nitrogen in the water killing fish. It’s low life’s like these. Make an example of them. Thanks for doing you job!

    1. America

      Before anybody jumps the gun, some of these people taking shorts might have a certain amount of % of Indian blood, people who are part Indian have different rules in Massachusetts

  14. chris

    Yes we do need more enforcement! There’s too much poaching going on and no consequence. We get these stories trickling in from fishing media – sometimes region if the bust if big enough, but much of the problem is people feeling like they can get away with anything – because they so often do

    1. rod

      you probably going to vote for the racist Trump. You forgot to put your white sheet on Thomas.

  15. Dave

    On Cape, called in on some immigrants because they were filling a 5 gallon buckets with schoolies. Stayed until the beach was closed. Nobody showed up. Saw same group again, confronted them. No English was reply. Went to call Natural Resources, they left. They understood then. Why poach small fish? This is why we have such restrictive fishing. Sorry for rant.

  16. Henry

    It’s wrong, I hear that. We need to inform and allow the proper authorities do their jobs. We get evolved and come out loosing if we hurt someone. Trust me not worth it. Some people are just plain Hungry…

  17. John Alexander

    If a law violation occurs, then the response should be within the limits of the law. Violating in-place laws intended to benefit the target species is just ignorant and irresponsible.

    Yes, we need more enforcement personnel, and we need individuals like the Peter and his fishing buddy who reported the violation in Barnstable harbor. Getting a picture of the boat’s registration might help, you might be able to email it to enforcement officials with time, date, and suspected offense.

    We also need people who can have productive and mature conversations concerning our problems with intentional violations of our fish and game laws in the United States.

  18. B E A

    They should revoke there fishing license ,and community service (in a aquarium cleaning up crap)

  19. burger

    I would of confiscated all their equipment fined them as much as I could and shoved a blowfish right up their blowhole scumbags

  20. Jeff

    I get upset when peps don’t cut hooks on smalls..
    Prison for striper thieves!!!
    There destroying our sport..
    Throw the book at them..
    Take there gear,car and boat.

  21. john lemmo

    i think it might be better to catch stripers 12 t0 23 an leave the big ones to lay eggs.a big one lays more eggs than a small one.

  22. Matt

    Naw, taking the the small striper is whats killing the numbers. The larger striper might lay more eggs but, how many of those eggs will have strong genes… The smaller striper are the ones who have the stronger genes.

  23. Matthew Neary

    Everyone’s talking bout stopping people keeping the small ones I also tried to stop someone then I almost got staged he chased me with a fan knife

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