Unusual Catch in Hudson Canyon

Whitewater Outfitters reported this 233-pound bigeye caught aboard Reel Lucky in Hudson Canyon last weekend.
Whitewater Outfitters reported bigeye tuna, like this 233-pounder caught aboard Reel Lucky, were still biting in Hudson Canyon last weekend.

Fishing in the canyons has held up through November and into December this year, with White Water Outfitters reporting that boats making the run are still catching bigeye tuna, albacore, and the occasional giant bluefin tuna.

While 200-pound-plus bigeye and giant bluefin are certainly impressive, the most noteworthy catch from this extended canyon season was a good deal smaller. White Water Outfitters reported that Marcel Israel was fishing through the night at Hudson Canyon when a bigscale pomfret grabbed one of his swordfish baits set at 200 feet.

bigscale pomfret, taractichthys longipinnis
Marcel Israel with a bigscale pomfret that ate a swordfish bait in Hudson Canyon last week.

Pomfret are a deepwater fish that occur on both sides of the Atlantic and in the Gulf of Mexico. Not much is known about their diet or habits, though the occasionally turn up on pelagic long lines intended for swordfish, and are reported to be great eating. The IGFA World Record bigscale pomfret weighed 20 pounds, 10 ounces, and was caught off Florida in October 2004.


12 on “Unusual Catch in Hudson Canyon

  1. Chris mc

    Weird fish for the deep, forked tail, crazy eyes. Sweet catch!

  2. Mike Hayes

    Very interesting catch. I caught one of these fishing in Venezuela in the early 90s, 1500 feet deep in the daytime, sword dropping. It made a fabulous mount, by New wave taxidermy. Best guess for fish functionality: Interesting design. The fish probably focuses on squid. large scales to prevent beak damage. Lots of tiny pin type teeth to hold slippery prey. Short, narrowly forked tail, tall thin dorsal and long thin anal fins and corresponding pictorial fin all for turning on a dime, plus giant eye for collecting light at depth. Well designed!

  3. robert santo

    We have our company fishing trip every year for the past 30 years. A yearly trip which we look forward to. Motel prices (Mom & Pop type ) were $100-$150 PER NIGHT, This year they want $1,200 for Fri & Sat….What happened? we have about 16-17guys.

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