Long Island – New York Fishing Report 6-27-2013

North Shore Long Island Fishing Report

The consensus from area North Shore bait and tackle shops is that the bass bite dropped off a bit this week, due possibly to recent warmer temps and extreme tides brought on by the Super Moon. Cow Harbor Bait and Tackle in Northport Harbor reported that it seems as though the larger bass have moved to deeper water. Areas such as the triangle have been producing fish for those anglers trolling umbrella rigs or parachutes.

Anglers targeting fluke have been seeing a lot of action, unfortunately shorts far outnumber keepers. John from Terminal Tackle in Kings Park reported the area inside the Nissiquogue River is especially thick with fluke. Again, the action is mostly in the way of shorts, but the sheer numbers of fish are allowing people to come home with a few fish for dinner. Carmen at Camp-site Sport Shop said other area such as Smithtown and Huntington Bays are also holding a good amount of fluke, with one out of five being a keeper. Quite a few of the keepers have been very respectable. Robert at High Hook Bait and Tackle has weighed in several fluke to 8 pounds.

Porgies are still going strong in the area. Local rock piles and mussel beds all seem to be holding fish. John at Terminal Tackle mentioned that the fish seem to move to deeper water during the peak of the day, and then return to the shallows of the beach in the late afternoon. Clam or worms along with chum is key to putting some scup in the cooler.

Metro NY Fishing Report

Porgies are thick in the western Sound. John at Jack’s Bait and Tackle in the Bronx reported solid action from his skiff rental customers. With the fish being so close, anglers do not have to go very far to fill their limits. Louie at Island Bait and Tackle had a very similar report, mentioning areas such as Section 1 at Orchid Beach and Rye Playland are also producing limits of scup for anglers.

John at Hudson Park Bait and Tackle in New Rochelle said fluke bite in the western Sound is very good right now, but as many other locations around the Island, shorts out number keepers. Louie at Island Bait and Tackle mentioned that the City Island Bridge, Buoy 46 and the east side of Heart’s Island in 20-30’ of water have been some of the local hot spots for fluke.

Along the south side of Metro NY, the story is about the same with fluke. Bernie’s Fishing Tackle in Brooklyn said action has been very good, but again you have to weed through a lot of short fish to bring home some keepers.

South Shore Long Island Fishing Report

Before I get into the south shore reports, I want to congratulate Burnett’s Marina Bait and Tackle in Bayshore for re-opening on June 26 after the shop was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy this past fall. They are fully stocked with all you fishing needs for both inshore and offshore anglers. Stop on by and check out their new shop.

Shark fishing on Long Island's South Shore is in full swing. Saturday saw many makos and threshers being taken. Here is Captain Paul of the charter boat "Provider" with 191 lb Mako that fell for a bluefish fillet. Photo courtesy of
Shark fishing on Long Island’s South Shore is in full swing. Saturday saw many makos and threshers being taken. Here is Captain Paul of the charter boat “Provider” with 191 lb Mako that fell for a bluefish fillet. Photo courtesy of Whitewater Outfitter’s Facebook page.

Shark fishing has heated up along the south shore of Long Island. With cooler waters, Trophy Tackle in West Babylon mentioned that blue sharks were making up a majority of the catches, but more makos and threshers are showing up every day. Last week, I went out of Shinnecock Inlet with my friend Greg Metzger for a shark trip. In about 150 feet of water, we had one small blue shark, which was quickly followed by a big mako that came ripping through the slick. After circling the boat a few minutes, it picked up a fresh bluefish bait and the fight was on. After jumping several times, we got the big male boat side where we safely released it to fight another day. Measuring 9 feet, it was the biggest mako either of us had caught to date.

On the inshore scene, bass are still in the area, but you need to work a little harder to find them. Robert at Long Island Outdoorsman in Rockville Center reported that if you can locate the bunker schools in the ocean, you could find bass to 40 pounds with them. For anglers unable to find the bunker schools, trolling bunker spoons has worked well. Anglers out of Bay Park Fishing Station have been doing very with bass to 36 pounds while trolling in 50 to 55 feet of water south of Debs Inlet. If you are looking to stay in the bay, Causeway Bait and Tackle said anglers have been catching bass while chumming and drifting out clam bellies around the local bridges.

The fluke action along the south shore is consistent with the north shore, lots of action but mostly shorts. Robert at Long Island Outdoorsman mentioned there were some nice size fluke caught on the Atlantic Beach Reef, with large baits such as Peruvian spearing working well.

South Fork Fishing Report

Ken at Tight Lines Tackle in Sag Harbor reported that bass fishing was great just before the super moon, but the strong tides of the full moon seemed to slow the bite. Anglers were catching fish to 33 pounds while trolling wire and bucktails around Cedar Point. Ken also mentioned that there was a very good weakfish bite occurring west of Buoy 16 and in Noyak Bay. The fish have been averaging between 19-28” and weighing up to 9 pounds.

White Water Outfitters in Hampton Bays reported that Shinnecock Inlet is hot right now when it comes to bass. Anglers drifting spot by day and eels by night are scoring with some nice fish. There has also been a good bite on the open beach as bunkers schools have been moving along the shore. Fluking in the bay is still really good, but lots of shorts. And the first of the triggerfish have arrived on local rock piles.

Montauk Fishing Report

Bill Jakob with a 48.7lb striper.
Bill Jakob with a 48.7lb striper. Photo courtesey of Paulie’s Tackle of Montauk Facebook page.

Montauk bass action is phenomenal right now with many large cows being caught by both boat and beach anglers. Paulie’s Tackle of Montauk weighed in several bass this week that broke the 40-pound mark this past week. Bucktails and needlefish from the surf have been working really well. And anglers out of Star Island Marina have been catching large bass while tossing eels under he light. Bluefish are still pretty thick along the north side of the point, and porgies and fluke are being caught off the sand beaches on the south side.

North Fork Fishing Report

Bill at Jamesport Bait and Tackle in Mattituck reported that anglers are catching fluke around Gardiner’s Island, while deeper in the bay near Jesup’s they are doing very well with bluefish. As for porgies, all the local rock piles are holding fish and there has been a good amount of blowfish rounding out the catch.

Capt. Mike from the Prime Time III out of Orient said the time for big bass is right now. Fish in the 30 -pound range were very common this week, with several fish in the 40s. On one drift they landed a 46- and a 56-pounder at the same time!

Best Bets for the Weekend

The best bet over all is fluke. Fishing is very good from New York City to Montauk. The catch has been made up mostly of shorts, but there is a lot of action, and plenty of keepers mixing in to keep things interesting. As water temps rise, I would look to deeper locations and step up the size of the bait to target some bigger fish.

If you want consistent bass action I would head to Orient or Montauk Points. As we come off the super moon, those locations should still be read hot and full of big fish.

Porgies have settled in well, and solid catches are being reported from around the island. And with the arrival of triggerfish along the south shore, they make for a welcome addition to the catch.

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