Fish Poachers Busted by Mass. Environmental Police

Three anglers were charged with illegal possession of fish following a marine fisheries inspection.

Massachusetts Fish Poachers
Photo Credit: Mass. Environmental Police

On Saturday, October 2, 2021, Massachusetts Environmental Police Officers in New Bedford received information regarding a vessel that may have been involved in the poaching of fish. Officers subsequently conducted a marine fisheries inspection of the vessel upon its return to port.

The inspection found 220 tautog, 196 of which were undersized and 70 black sea bass, 44 of which were undersized. The owner of the vessel was placed under arrest and the two passengers aboard were issued criminal summonses.
All three suspects were charged with possession of 211 tautog over the legal limit, possession of undersized tautog, possession of black sea bass out of season, and possession of undersized black sea bass.

The daily recreational limit for tautog is 3 per person or a maximum of 10 per vessel, with a minimum length of 16 inches. Black sea bass are currently closed for recreational fishing.

Massachusetts Fish Poachers
Photo Credit: Massachusetts Environmental Police

30 on “Fish Poachers Busted by Mass. Environmental Police

  1. racron

    absolutely disgusting i hope they do time and forfeit the boat and vehicles

  2. Vince

    By the looks of it, those illegals immigrants are back at it again. First taking our jobs then our women, and now our fish! Build the wall! #MAGA

    1. Scott

      If an illegal immigrant who can hardly speak english is taking your job is it fair to say you are exceptionally uneducated? Just sayin’.

    2. Dan Berewski

      Only 61% of working age Americans hold jobs- yet some complain about people who leave their families, trek thousands of dangerous miles to work 2-3 jobs, often for less than minimum wage- gimme a break

    3. Zak

      Vince, by the sounds of it, you are the issue not the solution. Go get an education and find some class. Learn about your own history and don’t lump people together. Your family once immigrated. It doesn’t mean the all did it the wrong way.

    4. chris

      was it illegal immigrants that buy $800 dollar coolers, or ppl that think environmental laws are by and for libs?

  3. Jon Kass

    Looking back, how come I don’t see many stories of NYSDEC officers busting any poachers? Are NY’s EnCon officers less competent or are there just too few of them. I’ll bet my bottom dollar there is plenty of poaching going on here.

  4. Cape

    The person or people who do the poaching are not scared of the consequences for the actions
    They have no fear of the poaching laws.
    They do it cause the can.
    Slap on the wrist by a judge.
    Then the cycle repeats itself.
    No brainer here.
    Need to increase Officers in the field and stricter laws with no slapping on the wrist for punishment.
    Until then stop complaining stop whining and enjoy the fisheries until it’s gone.
    State does not want to spend money in the department.
    The scum bags who I did not vote for to run this state lines their pockets with money!
    It’s not illegal immigrant problem , it’s everyone who votes for these scum bags who runs the state, that’s the problem. Scum bags who hire the judge that takes this crime not serious enough. Or the governor who won’t lobby for stricter poaching law punishment. As they say in Law school it’s not a perfect legal system but it’s the best in the world. Same as our Country best in the World
    but it’s not perfect. aWhy do you think everyone wants to come into our Country. I would. Who wants to live in France Mexico Afghanistan England China Mid East
    If I didn’t live here I would do everything and anything to come into America to live in this beautiful country state weather I am poor or rich. I would get in!

    1. Vince

      To have more officers, we would need to raise taxes. No more taxes!

  5. Zak

    Vince, by the sounds of it, you are the issue not the solution. Go get an education and find some class. Learn about your own history and don’t lump people together. Your family once immigrated. It doesn’t mean the all did it the wrong way.

  6. Ken

    Wow, lots of hate here from people who seem to know it all. Its the immigrants and those “Scum bag” politicians I must have voted for. You are all very sad Americans.

    1. Cape

      So you voted for the rhino scum bag charley faker or scum bag dems. They appoint these state officials to up higher taxes to give themselves raises
      And not higher more EPOs
      Nice who’s smart now
      Or how about scum bag warren or your fake president

  7. Kevin

    they will claim they are broke,obtain a court-appointed liberal lawyer,appear before a Dukakis-era liberal judge,prosecuted by Ms.Healey,and punishment will be forfeiture of their coolers.

  8. Charles Lathrop

    Weather you reside in mass, CT, Rhode Island or Newyork. This shit has to stop. Enough is enough!!! Poachers are ruining our fisheries

  9. Steve Marrano

    Make sure you take of their watch so when you slap these idiots you won’t hurt your hand??

  10. Russ

    Take the boat, take the trailer, take all of the fishing gear and especially that damn Yeti cooler. I have a decent boat but I cannot afford a damn Yeti cooler because I follow the limits and give any excess catch to my friends or older folks at Church, not selling it like these $#(*&% ^. Keep dropping the dime on folks like this!

  11. kayaker kev

    The poachers will claim they’re broke,get a court-appointed attorney,appear before a judge,found guilty and punishment will be forfeiture of there now-empty coolers.I wonder if those tautog carcasses were filled with cocaine bricks.

  12. EH

    Not sure if I would agree with Vince on illegals and taking women part of his speech. I do agree on it is disgusting. No need for that. For us shore fishers it keeps getting harder and harder to get fish to the point some of us like myself doesnt want to fish any more

  13. Barryola

    Hopefully, with the increase of Freshwater license, there will be more Environmental Police!

    1. Cape

      No it won’t.
      I used to think like that. Use common sense, but they give an excuse like electronic expense boat ramp expense
      Paper work expense
      But it’s really state employee pay raise or federal tax to state increase
      The little guy never makes out
      Used to be they work for us
      Not any more

  14. James R Paul

    Take the boat , take the car that towed the boat ( if one ) , take the gear , give ’em a hefty fine , and check their immigrant status . Then boot ’em out.

  15. Vince

    Somali Pirates! They’re using the sale of tautogs to fund their terrorist activities! No way an honest white man would ever steal.

  16. RozzieBo

    If the EPOs can’t keep up with these low lives then I think some vigilantism is in order. If you see it confront and stop them if you can safely do so. We need to start policing ourselves.

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