First Look: Native Watercraft Slayer Propel Max 12.5 – The Official Kayak of the 2020 Striper Cup

On The Water is proud to announce the official kayak of the 2020 Striper Cup, the Native Watercraft Slayer Max Propel 12.5!

This Slayer Max 12.5 was first introduced in September 2019. To design it, Native took their most popular model, the Slayer Propel 13, and worked with anglers across the country to update and upgrade it into an offshore, inshore, and freshwater fishing machine.

The kayak itself measures 12’6″ with a 34″ width that allows for comfortable stand-up fishing. The fitted weight clocks in at 95 pounds, while fully rigged, the Slayer Max 12.5 weighs 125.

12’6″ Length, 34″ Width, 95 pounds Unrigged Weight

While many anglers will use it as a pedal kayak, it has mounts for bow- or stern-mounted motors.

The Slayer Max is ready for a full suite of electronics with a transducer-protecting recess in the hull and a panel to facilitate installation. A rotomolded hatch provides battery storage and transducer access.

An extended rudder provides responsive steering and tight turns, in both forward and reverse. A rockered bow further improves the Slayer Propel Max’s maneuverability.

The seat in the Slayer Propel Max 12.5 is elevated and easily adjustable to help anglers of all sizes find the perfect position to allow for efficient pedaling and comfortable fishing.

Propel Pedal Drive Crank Arm and Pedal with Hex Traction Pins

The Slayer Max comes equipped with the 701 series Propel pedal drive. It’s constructed of marine grade anodized aluminum meant to ensure it lasts for many seasons – and a 5-year warranty backs that up. The 701 Series has been upgraded for 2020 to include non-slip pedals with hex traction pins to keep feet in place, even when wet. The pedal cranks are more streamlined for a sleeker appearance and to take up less space, and an integrated weed guard helps carve through vegetation.

Propel Pedal Drive Weed Guard

Horizontal rod holders keep rods within easy reach while protecting tips, and a cavernous back well provides plenty of space for tackle.

The Slayer Max 12.5 is available in four colors.

4 on “First Look: Native Watercraft Slayer Propel Max 12.5 – The Official Kayak of the 2020 Striper Cup

  1. Chris K.

    AWESOME !!
    I have been fishing out of my Slayer Propel 10 since 2015 ! And still love it !!
    The Slayer Max with all the upgrades will be a great fishing platform, whether
    fresh or salt !!

  2. Joe

    Best option for a two seater? She wants me to do the propulsion, but she’s a hell of a fisherwomen.

  3. Rich

    @Joe- I have a Feel Free Lure 2 it is a sit on top tandem fishing kayak that we’ve been using to fish. You can buy a peddle drive system alone for $1,200…. or the combination peddle and electric motor for $2,300….. or just get an electric trolling motor and a battery for $200

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