Field Test Favorites: Humminbird Solix 12

They say the average human only utilizes 10 percent of their brain, and I’d be lying if I said I utilized more than 10 percent of the capabilities my Humminbird Solix 12 last season. Yet, even without unlocking the unit’s full potential, I was very impressed at how this unit helped me be more effective on my time-limited before-work trips this season. Using the Mega Side and Down Imaging, I would pull up alongside a Vineyard Sound rip and quickly see if fish were set up along the rip line. At the New England Fishing Expo this January, I attended a seminar by Humminbird’s Tyson Alvanos on Understanding your Sonar and Electronics. It really opened my eyes to the capabilities and the power of today’s marine electronics, and I’m ready to utilize more of my Solix 12—and my brain—in 2019.

Jonah Olsen

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