Featured Lure: FishLab Mack Attack Hard Swimbait

Suited for strong current, the wider-profile body creates a tighter swimming motion that looks enticing during super-slow retrieves.

FishLab Mack Atttack hard swimbait

Pictured above: A dressed, inline single hook with plenty of flash adds action and attraction to the FishLab MAck Attack Hard Swimbait.

FishLab Tackle, based in Ontario, California, is a long way from the Northeast striper scene, yet several of their offerings are clearly made with striped-bass fishing in mind.
Mike Bennett, who works in the company’s product development, explained that for FishLab’s initial offerings, he wanted to focus on the two species he’s passionate about—largemouth bass and Northeast stripers.

Bennett visited the Cape Cod Canal while working with another lure company and loved the fishery. He also saw how he could better craft lures to handle the Canal’s heavy currents.

Realistic flourishes, like the finlets, make the bait a close match to mackerel and with heavy-duty hardware out of the package, the Mack Attack is a go-to for fast water stripers.

The Mack Attack Hard Swimbait is a double-jointed lure with realistic flourishes to make it look like the Northeast’s most potent blitz fuel, the Atlantic mackerel. The bait is larger-bodied and has a tight swimming action that Bennett explained is better suited for strong current. Swimbaits with a wider action will “blow out” and not swim effectively during the strongest parts of the tide, which is when the stripers feed the heaviest.

fishLab Mack Atttack colors

The Mack Attack Hard Swimbait is offered in five different mackerel patterns: Blue Mack, Purple Mack, Green Mack, Ghost Mack, Whacky Mack; and two attractor patterns: Bone and Red Head/White Body

There are four models of the Mack Attack Hard Swimbait to match the forage size and current speed/depth of the location, the slow-sinking 7-inch, 2.5 ounce and 9-inch, 5.33 ounce; and the Fast Sinking 7-inch, 3 ounce and 9-inch, 6 ounce.

Some of FishLab’s other striper-focused baits include the Mad Eel, slim profile soft-plastic swimbait and the Mack Attack Soft Swimbait.

• For more information check out the FishLab Mack Attack Hard Swimbait at fishlabtackle.com

4 on “Featured Lure: FishLab Mack Attack Hard Swimbait

    1. Aaron

      I don’t know, but it looks cool enough to try. I just picked up a blue mack…worth a shot

  1. Bob

    I was ready to buy until I saw the shipping cost was > 50% of the lure. price. Absurd! For that I want a money back guarantee of a catch.

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